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Thursday, September 27, 2007

One more day and I get a weeks holiday - huzzah!

One more day and I get a week off work - I'm looking forward to hanging out with the boys next week and hopefully working on a few projects (including updating my Dress Diary)! I have a whole heap of thoughts rattling around my head at the moment that I need to sort out and get organised. I also need to get the next edition of the Red River Runes published this weekend.

Hayfever season has hit with a vengeance - I have dutifully received my injection and take my medication daily . I just love spring! (Actually I so love spring - I love the flowers despite the hayfever and I love the weather.) I hate summer with the heat, but T loves it. I know I'm living in the wrong spot if I want cooler weather but what can you do?

What's your favourite weather? I love cool nights and warm days but no hotter than about 25 degrees celsius. I also love the fog - my favourite times to go for a walk through our forest is in the fog - you can imagine you are anywhere in any time period! I actually don't like the beach in summer - too crowded and I get too sunburnt. I love going for walks on the beach in winter, no one around and rugged up with a fresh breeze *sigh*. It must be my Dutch blood ;-)

At the moment I feel like I have a plug in my creative part of the brain that is struggling to be released - I just don't have the time! I think I need to start making time though - I'd really like to get back into writing and learn to do it properly. I have so many things I want to do but just never seem to get the time to do them! I want to travel to Europe but will probably need to wait until the boys finish school (only another nine years *sigh*).

Life is an interesting journey and you never seem to know where you will end up on the path you have chosen. It's funny, when you are younger you think you have all the time in the world to figure out what you want to do with your life, but as you travel life's roads you realise just how short a time you have and how easy it is to just let it pass you by. I believe we should live every day to the full and enjoy life as it is over far too quickly. I intend to to try and do just that. I'm going to start planning my dreams for the future in the hope that I can make them happen. Even if they don't come to fruition, at least I know I have given it my best shot.

Look out world!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Life Colours

Your Life Colors

You scored mainly in the Water-Earth quadrant. This 'Green' quadrant highlights the 'down-to-earth' aspect of your personality and your enjoyment of everyday life. You like to 'go with the flow', enjoying all sorts of practical experiences. Your life is like a river which flows across the ground, meandering towards the sea. When obstacles arise you will adapt and flow around them, without too much worry or concern. An 'earth' person will very much live life in the present, rather than worrying too much about the future.

People who map into this quadrant will often seek a variety of everyday experiences and base their decisions on what they have personally experienced, rather than what someone has told them or what they have read about. Therefore, sometimes you may delay making a decision because you have no 'real world' data to tell you what to do. You like to be totally happy with any decision before taking action.

You are likely to be good observer and take in a lot of visual data. Details are important to you and you will often take time to find out how something works. You usually like the 'best' in everything you do and therefore your standards and expectation of others may be too high. Remember that no-one is perfect!

Quality in everything you do is important to you. However, realize that you may sometimes have to compromise to meet the needs of others.

Copyright © Dick McCann 1996, 1999

Feeling crappy......

Afternoon went okay at the school - just waiting on some feedback. It brought back some memories though of High School I would rather forget. High School for me was not pleasant and I have no desire whatsoever to return to it. I certainly do not wish I was 'back at school'.

So, decided to do a personality test - rather amusing I might add.......not sure how accurate it is? Actually, when you read the full report, I hate to admit it but it is pretty darn accurate! LOL

My Personality
Openness To Experience
You are neither a subdued loner nor a jovial chatterbox. You enjoy time with others but also time alone. You are generally calm and composed, reacting moderately well to situations that most people would describe as stressful. A desire for tradition does not prevent you from trying new things. Your thinking is neither simple nor complex. To others you appear to be a well-educated person but not an intellectual. You have some concern with others' needs, and are generally pleasant, sympathetic, and cooperative. You are reasonably reliable, organized, and self-controlled.

Test Yourself Compare Yourself View Full Report

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Test 2 this evening

Well, the newer version worked well. Approximately 22 metre range and no breaking bits! Cyriac just needs to put a pulley and lock down system on it tomorrow evening and it will be right to go for inspection.

We launched the dog's tennis ball out of it too - works well! The dogs think it's great! Saves our throwing arm too!

Run for your life!

........which is pretty much what we said when the latest version of the catapault was tested! All Cyriac could say was 'Hee hee hee' in a deep voice! He got the desired launch in spectacular style - pity it was a one time only shot though - the arm snapped! Shot the squash ball 22 metres which is much better than the 9 metres we were getting previously. Just need to find something stronger to make the arm out of! It also needs to pass inspection at the school on Wednesday (we got an extra day extension). When I said to Wolfstanus 'not much point if it doesn't pass inspection', his response was 'so, it will still be fun to use at home'. There followed the suggestions on what it could be used for - including firing water bombs at their pop!

Cyriac is now working feverishly in the shed to get 'more power' whilst still managing to keep the catapault together - no easy task! After yesterday's 'damn, 7^%#@!!!*& catapault' - it is now excitement! It is rather endearing. It actually puts me to mind of 'you know you're in the SCA when' - the note that came home for the catapault competition said maximum height and length 1.5m - the winners last time built theirs out of cardboard, rubber bands etc (we only found this out today) - so what do we do? Build it out of timber, rope, research construction of actual catapaults and when we find out everyone else is using cardboard and other stuff cry in disbelief 'That's not a catapault!!' Gotta laugh really ;-) Wolfstanus said that a friend of his was going to use springs - Wolfstanus responded indignantly - 'That's not a catapault!' But we're not eccentric - really we're not!

Just been out to the shed - the arm now has some aluminium attached to it - if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! Should be able to make a test launch soon.......

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Brief update

No, I haven't gone into hiding or fallen off the face of the earth (although it feels that way sometimes!). Just busy.....

Wellington demo went well last weekend - had a lovely day for it and it was most enjoyable. The tavern feast was fun and we did our own version of 'What do you do with the drunken ????' sung boisterously to the tune of 'What do you do with the drunken sailor?'. Singing in tune was optional and most of us can't do it! We made up for our lack of skill with enthusiasm though!! Aminah put a lot of effort into the food and it was an enjoyable change. Some enjoyed the tastes more than other though but that is nothing unusual nor is it in anyway a slight on Aminah's skills!

Our next Tavern will be on the 20th October followed by our monthly gathering in the park. The last one for the year will be on the 17th November followed by the Tourney of the Yellow Rose on the 18th November.

This Thursday is Medieval Day at the High School which we are helping out with. Should be fun. T is building a scaled down catapult for the boys and is having all sorts of issues. If anyone can sort it out though he can!

Bought Guild Wars yesterday - boys like it but I think I still prefer World of Warcraft. I can see me playing both though - at least GW is free to play! WoW incurrs a fee (works out to about $5.50 AUS each week which isn't too bad really).

Anyhow, off to watch 'The Dark Ages' on the History channel........