Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Introducing Sylvester.........

This is Clinton's cat Sylvester (aka Skitty Kitty or Little Man). He is now about 6 months old and the funniest thing! He loves pouncing on anything that moves and regularly lives dangerously by attacking the 'big cat' PJ (who is known to be quite grumpy!). His favourite thing is to get up on the back of the lounge and jump on the other cats as they walk past!

He is also very affectionate and quite attached to Clinton. He makes the funniest noise when he is happy - can't really put it into words but something like 'bbbbbrrrrrrrrrrooooooooowwww). LOL

It's a cat's life!

Cleopatra taking a 'cat nap'! What more can I say?

Dylan turns 9!

Well, my baby turned 9 on Monday 5th February. We are having a BBQ/party for him this Sunday. His cousin had his first baby on Monday as well (Liam) so Dylan was very excited. His comment (in the silly voice) was "I shall call him Mini Me!" Blew everyone away! (And no he hasn't seen Austin Powers but he has seen Kangaroo Jack!)

Happy birthday Squishybug!

Unemployed (for a week LOL)

Well, I finished my job *sniff sniff* last Friday. It was only a temporary position so I needed to find a permanent job (you know the usual - family, mortgage etc). I start my new job next Monday with DADHC. Sad to leave the old one but nervous excitement about the new one!

Went to Canberra last weekend and saw the 'Dead Egyptians' - thoroughly enjoyed taking my in-laws (who had never seen anything like this before, nor had they been to Canberra before) and my 12 year old who wants to be an Egyptologist got very excited about the 'Book of the Dead' and read some of the heiroglyphs! My other two boys enjoyed it too - Dylan's favourite was the mummified cat! Clinton got a little 'antsy' in the end (can't blame him) cause it was so busy and the line moved at a snail's pace. Our timetable (for want of a better word) went as follows:
* Drove down Friday afternoon - checked into the White Ibis Holliday Park in Sutton (can recommend them - stayed with them twice now, it is now our home away from home when we are in Canberra);
* Saturday - went to the 'Dead Egyptians' at the Art Gallery, went to the National Zoo, went to the National Museum, went back to the park for a swim and dinner;
* Sunday - went to Cockington Green, went to the National Dinosaur Museum, went to the Reptile Park (Dylan now wants a pet snake!) and drove home. Got back to Dubbo about 7pm.

Phew! Exhausting but lots of fun! Hoping to go back to Canberra (or Politarchopolis) in May for Crown Tourney. Just have to convince T!