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Monday, December 07, 2009

I gots me an XR6 - Yay!!!

Yes, I am doing the happy, happy dance! The original plan was to get one in a couple of years but my poor car gave up the ghost last week - head gasket, back engine seal and possibly the head as well. Have managed to find someone that wants it for a couple of dollars who can fix it up for themselves to get them through the next 18 months or so. After much debating (me mainly trying to talk myself out of it) I came to the agreement that yes it was better to spend money on a newer car than pouring more money into the old one. Once I came to that conclusion - I was happy.

Sequence of events - car dies Wednesday, lots of discussions and decisions, apply for loan online Thursday and search car yards on the internet, Friday afternoon test drive a couple of cars and find 'the one', sign the contract at 5pm Friday, visit the bank Monday to sign paperwork and pick up car at 4:30pm Monday. Take for drive and show the relies!!

'Tis a very nice car - needs to get sports exhaust system though - doesn't quite have the rumble yet the old one had LOL. It is a 2004 Ford Falcon BA XR6 in Winter White. Will take photos and post soonish - this one is from the car dealer's ad.

Early Christmas pressie for me! LOL