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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

No, I'm not dead.......

just fallen off the web planet for a bit ;-)

What can I say? RWIII was awesome - had a good turnout and a great weekend.

Conrad has had a concussion a few weeks ago (is okay now) playing soccer and got a ride in the ambulance - yesterday put his teeth through his lips and got a bleeding nose, playing soccer. I don't know what these boys are doing but it isn't the soccer I know! LOL He authorised as a Combat Archer at RWIII too!

Wolfstanus is his usual comedic self ;-)

Gryffen is also plodding along well :-)

Work is unbelievably busy but I am enjoying it!

We now have the four computers networked onto the internet so we can play WoW together! Yay!

Daniel and Kristie (Guy de la Rivierre and Arabella) finally got married last weekend - it was a beautiful day and a lovely wedding! Congratulations to the happy couple :-)

There is probably a whole heap I could write but honestly, I'm too brain dead to think of it at the moment! LOL

Oh, we finally got Candy Bear home too - she is an amazing, cheeky kitty!