Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday musings...........

On a lunch break at the moment so whilst I am eating my sandwich, thought I would muse a little on where I'm at in my life at the moment.....

* My Teeline Shorthand course - I'm really struggling with this one. I get so frustrated that it won't 'click' straight away (yes I am impatient when it comes to this stuff). I'm okay doing drills but as soon as I have to 'think' it on the spot, I draw a blank! I know I just need more practice but I find it sooooo hard to get motivated at the moment. *sigh*

* The family is going well - Wolf had a tick on the edge of his eye Monday but is going okay. Cyriac took him to the hospital to get it removed. Luckily there were no complications. Wolfstanus brought home a certificate for getting 9.5 out of 10 on his guitar exam school, Conradus wrote 2 sonnets for an assignment (with a bit of help - but hey, that is a huge achievement for him!) and Wolf has decided to continue learning the flute for the school band.

* We are puppy sitting for the neighbours across the road by default - their blue cattle pup escaped and came over to our place. We are looking after her until they get home on Sunday or Monday. She's a little cutie but boy does she need a bath!!!! Stinky puppy! She has fun playing with the boys after school and with our other dogs - warning - I suspect she will try and escape more often and come over and play!

* Work is good - I'm really lucky to have such a good job and great people to work with.

* SCA - disappointing news that Rowany will not support Radburne going out on our own yet. However, after much thought, they are right. Benefit of 25 years of playing the game I guess!! I have much to discuss with the other members of Radburne. The group is at a crossroads at the moment and needs to decide what it needs to do and where it wishes to go. I see us as having three options:

A. Become a fully fledged Shire - we cannot do that at the moment, the group needs to grow and prosper more first;

B. Continue as a Proposed Shire indefinately - I don't think this is really possible but should be for at least 12 months though;

C. Admit defeat - continue in the SCA as members of Rowany and run a few events out here a year as members of Rowany (need to discuss this option with Radburne and Rowany first). Continue meeting with interested people and keep going much the same as we have been but without being an official group and be members of a larger group.

To do list:

* make banners for Wolf and Conradus
* make pennons with latin motos
* make tabard for Wolfstanus in Oz's colours
* set up Archery Practice
* come up with discussion points for Radburne when we meet in Wello
* plan school demo
* learn a simple dance to teach
* sort out on-line store for Stock Clerk stuff
* RELAX!!!

Time to go back to work...........

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The War Weekend is declared a success!

The Radburne War Weekend was a resounding success! Thanks to all who assisted!

Everyone had lots of fun, the weather was perfect and we had the special treats of a 'Fire Breather' and fireworks on Saturday night - what more can you want? The food was excellent, the combats were fierce (and fun), lots of archery and everyone had a good time. Plans are under way for next year, including a permanent fort complete with archer towers and a bridge as well as a cleared area for tents! Can't wait! I'll try and get some photos up in the next few days.......

On the health front - the cough is still hanging on and being annoying but I think I'm over the worst of it now (famous last words!)

Anyhow, back to work - on my lunch break at the moment!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

It's official.......I'm plagued!

Well, in the modern sense anyway. Back to the doctors today - still have sinusitis and now have developed Bronchitis to go with it *sigh*. My list of medications are now:
* Nasal spray
* Sinutab
* Ceretide
* Ventolin (which I hate with a passion cause it gives me the shakes!)
* Strepsils Cough medicine (hate the taste of it but it does seem to help)
* Curam (875/125)1 tablet twice a day
* Prednisolone (25mg) two tablets once a day (for 5 days)

We have to take C to Parkes tomorrow for his 7 week check-up with the Dore program, then through to Wagga for a Christening on Saturday morning, back Sunday, back to work Monday, War Weekend starting next Friday and supposed to be resting to get better - what a laugh! And I have cooking to do for the war weekend, signs to make, people to organise etc! The group is fantastic and always help where they can but there is still a lot I need to do. Still haven't finished the stock clerk reports, I have to find out about getting an online store for stock clerk stuff, OZIBOD stuff to do etc etc *breath* Did I mention the newsletter is due out too? It's done except for one last thing so that is pretty much under control.

D's flute arrived today so need to get it organised - I really want to play it but I can't cause I'm sick :-(

Okay, now I'm exhausted by thinking about all this stuff! I think I need a nap!