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Monday, March 31, 2008

Post Rowany Festival 2008

Okay - someone stole the last week. Come on, I know you did! This last week has been extra busy - unpacking Festival stuff, drying tents, mountains of washing, work, organising the party for T's 40th and my parents 40th Wedding Anniversary, trips to the fracture clinic and Physio, my dad being not well........okay, now I know where the week went! Party went well on Saturday night - had a BBQ, fire buckets, about 50 friends and family - all in all a good night.

My foot is on the mend - have given up the crutches after 11 weeks - huzzah! - and now just have the cam boot. I can walk on it and start doing my physio exercises. Hopefully it will just keep getting better from here. Go back to the specialist on the 2nd May where I will hopefully get final clearance! I am going to have to be mindful of my ankle for some time though - the doctor did tell me this particular injury is notorious for being slow and painful to mend. Oh well, nothing quite like doing a job properly. It could have been worse though!

Festival was an interesting experience. Green, wet, VERY cosy (a little too cosy at times), no campfire and no shower. (We did go prepared but had not the room!) We saw both extremes - wonderfully helpful people and those that were very inconsiderate. I guess you get that in any group. Some aspects exceeded expectations and some were a little disappointing. All in all though, for the most part and for most of us, we had a great time. Will we go again next year if it is at Glenworth Valley? Not sure - a certain member of our household on arrival said 'Make the most of it - we will NEVER do this again!'. We now have that person down to a maybe IF certain things can be changed - like having room for a campfire and the shower, camping with Drakkar and having a little more space. *grin* The rain was also an issue - someone in particular hates camping in the wet (he gets too bored you see). With some help from Drakkar, still trying to get someone in armour! Slow and steady........LOL

Conrad authorised as a banner bearer and had an absolute blast on Friday afternoon and all day Sunday. He can't wait to do it again! Wolfstanus and Gryffen also had a load of fun and were very helpful water bearers on Sunday. A big thumbs up from the boys! Despite beaing on crutches which limited a fair bit of what I could do, I still had a pretty good Festival. I think we did pretty good with our preparation and our clothing (apart from pack up on Monday - long story - apologies to all but in the end it was just too hard. I had a t-tunic on over my mundanes but at final good byes when chasing up kids and doing the final see you later, I did not have it on. This was only over a very small area but I'm sure I still managed to offend someone - so my sincere aplogies). It will be an interesting road to see if we go again as it is a family decision. There are some who are not sure it is worth all the hassle. I guess it will be about how we can improve our experience next time - what can we do to make it better?

Where to from here with SCA stuff? I still have my short sleeve cotehardie and Wolf's cotehardie to do lacing holes on (before the feast next month). I have a play to learn with Wolf before the feast (the Radburne Anniversary Feast on the 19 April). Then it is into planning mode for the war weekend at Dragon Hill in August (8 - 10). Have the fort to build, facilities to look at, war scenarios, A & S and a whole host of other stuff to start thinking about! Target Archery is on this Saturday - will be interesting to see if we get anyone turn up this time! (Doesn't matter - I need to get started again myself anyway.) Speaking of archery - T and I bought beautiful leather quivers at Festival! Will have to take photos to put up here!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy 40th Birthday T!

Happy birthday from all of us to you!
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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Only 2 sleeps to Festival!

Aaaagggghhhh! Looking forward to it though! No time for chit chat - last minute sewing, cooking and packing to do!

Got a spiffy new camera that is brilliant! Can't wait to use it on the weekend! It has 8 megapixel, 18 x optical zoom and an 8GB memory stick. It will also record up to 6 hours worth of movie!

Off to do some more stuff - will post after Festival!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Only 6 more sleeps til Festival!

Yep, counting down! Still got lots to do but hope to take care of the vast majority this weekend. T has come around and isn't too bad about going now -something to do with camping on the river and being able to fish ;-) We are now hoping to leave Thursday morning instead of Thursday afternoon to save setting up in the dark.

Campsite looks very cosy - could be an issue for T but I'm hopeful! I keep pointing out all the positives and reminding it is only going to be as good as we make it. If you go in thinking you will have a bad time, then you will. I'm determined we are going to have a fantastic weekend dammit! That does not mean I am not nervous about the whole thing - far from it! We have never been to the site, we have never camped at Festival, I am still on crutches, we are camped next to the Royals and pretty much 'on the green'. It's either going to be a huge success or a huge failure - for now I am not going to speculate but keep an open mind and remain hopeful that it will be the former rather than the later!

The boys of course are as excited as I am ;-) Aminah, Johanna and I will have a last minute planning session on Sunday as well as have an excuse for morning tea and a chat ;-)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Only ten more sleeps til we go to Festival!

Yes, we are all getting excited (maybe not T so much but he is helping out). Had a good weekend.....

Went to Dunedoo on Friday night to see a Johnny Cash tribute show (performed by Dale Platz) - it was very, very good! Dale also does the most amazing Willie Nelson (if you closed your eyes you would swear it was Willie singing!). Boy could he play guitar, banjo and fiddle, as well as told some really good jokes. There were some great sing alongs too! All in all it was a good night out with the family (T's parents and sister as well as my parents went too).

Home Saturday morning to do the wasing etc. Johanna came over too and helped out with some more sewing (see Katrijn's Dress Diary for an update). I hope to have all my sewing done by this weekend. This weekend we will get all the camping gear together and purchase any last minute items. I also hope to get all the groceries bought so I can do any pre-cooking I need to do. T has made the boys some boffers (and is going to make them shields apparently), we need to get Conrad's armour finalised (have to put mesh on the helm and a plume). I also need to follow up with Miles if it will be possible for Conrad to get authorised as a banner bearer at Festival. At least I have next Wednesday off work to pack (clothes and food etc) - will need T to help pack the camping gear as being on crutches makes everything difficult!

Can't wait for Festival!!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Migraines suck!

Due to the fact I had a stoopid migraine on Wednesday evening and most of Thursday, the only thing I got done was the hemming on T's shirt. I'm back at work today although still a tad heavy in the head.
Off to Dunedoo this evening but back in the morning - hope to get more sewing done this weekend (need to go to Spotlight too). Johanna is coming over on Sunday for some more Festival planning!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Only 2 weeks until Festival

Quite literally! We leave for Festival 2 weeks from tomorrow! I have an update of my sewing over at Katrijn's Dress Diaries for those inclined to take a look. I got Wolfstanus' two shirts finished last night and all but one sleeve hem and the bottom hem on T's shirt done (and managed to get some short hand done too!).
Tonight I want to finish the two hoods I have started and T's shirt. That may be a little ambitious - so I want to get at least the outer of the hood sewn and maybe the lining tomorrow (but definately T's shirt done).
Going to Dunedoo on Friday night to see the Johnny Cash show - should be a fun night out - my parents, T's parents and T's sister are all going too. The boys are allowed in as well so will be a real family night out! Got lots of sewing planned for the weekend again and I need to sort out some of the camping gear.
A parcel has arrived today (thanks to my mum for picking it up from the post office!) and I suspect it is the archery gear I ordered from Canberra.
The other Jeff Dunham DVD has arrived too - can't wait to see it - he is soooooooo funny!
I'm still hopping along (I think I need a bunny tail and ears - OMG - that is not a good image to have in my head - albeit a funny one) and getting more frustrated every day. I can't wait to be back on both feet! *sigh* Hopefully at the end of the month!
Really, really looking forward to Festival although I am now officially starting to panic because I am not as organised as I want to be! I know things will be okay but I'm allowed my panic moments!