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Friday, October 31, 2008

Work is quiet.......

and I am avoiding typing up meeting minutes again *sigh*.

I have managed to cross a few things off my to do list for the next few days but the list is still long and there are things I want to add to it. I am only one person though and I am at the point I need to be careful I do not overload myself again!

On a happy note, I actually won first prize in a raffle! Can't remember what it was for *shug*. I usually buy the ticket, lose it and forget about it because I *never* win anything anway! LOL What was the prize you ask? A beautiful set of earrings and necklace from Swish Gallery (local) valued at $170.00. I guess I should take a photo so I can show y'all ;-) It was a lovely surprise out of the blue!

T got home last night, tired but in one piece. Feels weird when he is not home......

Have 126 photos to get printed tomorrow morning (from the wedding and last weekend) which is only a few of the 868 I took for both events! LOL Talk about a happy snapper! I want to get them done before I meet a friend for coffee at 11am - along with the rest of the long list of things to do!

Anyhow, off to the gym shortly.........

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back from the gym.........

and feeling good. I have to limit the rebound work I do at the moment though as the ankle has been playing up since the weekend. Because of the injury, I can't do as much energetic stuff as I would like which means it will take longer to achieve my goals. Oh well, a lesson in patience and persistence. I had planned on going for a 3km walk each evening but due to having so much to do at home and the ankle being uncooperative, I haven't been doing that. *sigh* Slow and steady I guess! LOL

Looking forward to the weekend although it will be another busy one - it will be nice to do a Radburne event again. We haven't got together since Radburne War back at the beginning of August! Only two more get togethers left for the year. Next year will be different too as Aminah is going overseas for two years. She has been offered a teaching position with an international organisation in Vietnam. I am really excited for her as it is an amazing opportunity and one which I think she will embrace with wide open arms, yet I will miss her dearly too! Aminah, if you are reading this, you know I expect you to keep your journal up to date and send me amazing photos don't you? LOL And I promise to keep you up to date with happenings at Radburne.

The other half is off to the other side of Bourke again with work this afternoon. Not sure if he will be back tomorrow night or Friday - will just have to wait and see. Conrad started work experience today, I can't wait to hear how he went! He should be home in about 20 minutes and I will ring him then. Wolfstanus has been ill since Sunday afternoon - mild dose of food poisoning we think from a pie he ate at lunch time Sunday. He seems to be on the improve now so hopefully back to school tomorrow. Poor bugger has had a hard time of it this year with illness!

I am starting to hatch a few minor plans and push a few things gently - will see how that goes. I'm going to try and update my LJ tonight too (if I remember to do it before they have their outage at 8:30pm).

Anyhow, better get back to work!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Glutton for punishment or reinvigorated?

Not sure on the answer to that one......

IKAC this Saturday, along with pizza and DVD night, followed by Tourney on Sunday. Only local household so not too much to organise (except that people are atrocious (sp?) at letting you know what they are doing! LOL).

Next month, target archery and pre christmas potluck tavern feast. Looking at a roman theme for the hotter weather but want to see if people want to 'play' first ;-) Again, local household and not too much to organise so should be okay. I'll be sending out some invites though to people who may want to attend but aren't actively involved at the moment. A few names spring to mind......

Set up activities for next year.....

Follow up some people that have been interested but haven't become involved. Target archery seems to be the key at the moment....

Need to get the Stock Clerk online store complete. Goal - get it done by Christmas!

Looking at attending Polit semi-regularly. Probably every 3 months at this stage. Had a great weekend there - the tourney was great and everyone treated us so well! Their Excellencies were perfect hosts as usual! Spent some time doing touristy things with the family which was great too.

Murmurings from a certain person that he may be interested in going heavy........plans are hatching!

Now back to work!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The weather is a fickle thing

It has turned very cool again today! Forecasting a top of 19. Then the forecast for next week is high 30s! No wonder we are struggling to climatise to the season. We are getting four seasons in a week at the moment! I have to admit I prefer the 19 to the 35 degrees! (Yes I know I am living in the wrong place for cooler weather, such is life.)

Got the paperwork for Conrad's work experience - it will go back tomorrow. They are hoping for him to meet the employer next Tuesday and start work experience ASAP after that. I think it will be really good for him. Without going into any detail, things are a bit unsteady at school and we need to look at other alternatives if things don't work out at the Senior Campus next year. We need to work with Conrad to find out the best thing for him. It may mean continuing at school, a school based apprenticeship or TAFE or maybe something we haven't thought of yet. I think the next 6 months are going to be about planning his future and helping him to understand the importance of the choices he is making. Can't say life is dull!

Two more sleeps until a weekend away..........

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Life is interesting at the moment

in good and bad ways. Families are an interesting dimension to life - that is all I am going to say here. Had some great stuff happen with family over the last week, had some hurtful stuff happen. Such is life. Had a fairly ordinary day yesterday (things had gotten on top of me) but got it all sorted last night. Feeling much more positive today.

Had to pick Conrad up from school at lunch time - kids can be such *&^%$#! He is getting picked on mercilessly again *sigh*. Even the ladies in the office feel sorry for him and can't understand why they just won't leave him alone. He has calmed down now, we had lunch together and he is at home watching a movie. On a positive note, it looks like the school has finally managed to organise work experience for him (this has only been ongoing for 12 months). The problem naturally is employers do not want to give him a go because he is a little different to the majority of kids - this then means his file goes in the too hard basket. (Yes I know he is not the only kid in the school, but he has the same rights as they do.) 'House of Ironbark' in Dubbo (who make the most amazing furniture) are giving him a go. We are all so excited! Conrad has a real talent for woodwork and enjoys it so this will be a positive thing for him I think. The careers advisor at the school has done really well to pull this rabbit out of the hat! It looks like being one to two mornings a week possibly for the rest of term which is fantastic! We just need to jump through the paperwork hoops and it will be a goer. Hopefully in the next week or two..........this could be such a good opportunity for him. He is really looking forward to it too.

Off to Canberra this weekend - going the the Polit Baronial Tourney on Saturday and probably to the zoo on Sunday (and whatever else we can squeeze in).

The first weekend in November is the Tourney of the Yellow Rose so I need to get that organised. Will just be the household I think (will be good to get together again - it has been ages).

I finally got my second last assignment sent off yesterday - only one more to go! Yippee!!

I have also made some personal decisions about some stuff I want to do for me. Some people probably aren't going to like those decicisions or understand them - quite frankly it is just too bad. They are not earth shattering, major or likely to change anyone's lives. It is totally personal and for personal effect only. My immediate family (i.e. my husband and my children) are aware of these things and are supportive and understanding - that is what matters the most to me. Yes, I know I am being cryptic, but I do not want to say anymore just yet. When people see some if it, they will probably go 'is that all!' but that is okay - it's a 'me' thing. One of the things I discussed with my immediate family last night was that we get so caught up with doing so many things and with so many different people we are forgetting to have time to ourselves. The weekend to Canberra is a family thing for us, and we will be making family weekends at least once a month where dare I say it? Visitors will not be welcome! LOL Even if it just means hanging out on the couch watching DVDs or working in the garden. We haven't been getting enough 'us' time and you can tell. Today is a new day and time for new plans! LOL

Monday, October 13, 2008

The wedding was awesome.........

and the couple are now happily married. The day went off really well and I survived playing photographer! I took 577 photos in all - some just need deleting (about 20), some need a touch up and for the most part, they are good. The main thing is Kristy and Pete love them. There was much happiness and a few tears (no I did not shed any tears - I was too busy! LOL). It was an awesome afternoon and evening. Conrad did a fantastic job of videoing everything and we watched it last night. Had to watch ours of course afterwards (the signing of the register and the reception is all we have) but the tape is nearly had it. (It was nearly 17 years ago after all). Kristy was our flowergirl - it was funny watching that after seeing her get married on Saturday but nice at the same time. The boys of course looked very handsome! I'll update my LJ tonight and facebook too.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Two hours and 55 minutes until.......

I am on leave for a week. Yay! But who's counting???

Just discovered I cannot post to my live journal from work - oh well, you get that.

Just a quick post whilst I am having some lunch.

I am proud of myself - I have consistently gone to the gym 3 days a week for the last week. I feel so much better for it too. I plan to keep going!

Only 8 days to go to my niece's wedding.......

Only 3 weeks to go and we go to Canberra for the weekend.....

Only 11 weeks and 6 days until Christmas - okay, I really didn't need to think about that one!

Had lovely lunch with Miss Aminah yesterday - have fun at Spring War lovey!!! Looking forward to all the goss when you get back. *sigh* Wish we were going too.......