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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yeah, I know it's been a long time again

between posts - what can I say? Warcrack has been more appealing of an evening than posting as I am too brain dead when I get home from work, cook tea, tidy up, organise kids etc to post.

So, I'm afraid all you are going to get is dot points on stuff. The worst part is I'll usually think of meaningful things to write as I am dozing off to sleep at night or when I am driving but by the time I get to post it's all gone ;-)
* Gryffen is recovering okay - he did have tummy issues from all the meds he has been on but that seems to be getting better. He is actually up and about today.
* Wolfstanus is over his tonsillitis too and back at school - I saw his Maths teacher yesterday who said he is doing really well in Maths and she has high expectations for his exam next week (no pressure or anything ;-))
* Conrad is tired of school again but has been doing quite well. He got an A- for work education and has impressed his employer for work experience. He also got a really good mark for Science and a 73 for PDHPE. These are the best marks he has ever received so the set up at the Senior Campus has been beneficial. We have had some 'social' issues with moron kids but you get that anywhere *sigh*
* Conrad dropped his phone at school last Friday (he had it so I could text him when Gryffen got out of surgery). He reported it to the deputy and his teachers but of course no one had seen it or handed it in. Luckily it was a pre-paid but we still had $30 worth of credit stolen from it. We have a lead and the DP has a name but that student has not been at school so to date she has not been able to interview him. The charmer also signed up to 'Pink Babes' which has meant large charges for that. Telstra as usual were most unhelpful and managed to stuff up the blocking of SIM cards etc - they managed to cut of Wolfstanus' instead of Conrad's, and then told us when we deactivated the old SIM and got the new SIM for the number the 'thief' could not use the number - that does not seem to be the case when I look at the number history *sigh*. I've managed to transfer most of the credit off now but we still lost an extra $6 last night. I am going to keep the number for now to track the calls whilst the school is investigating - we have told them that if the phone is not returned we will go to the police with the information and names we have. I don't hold high hopes. We are going to get a new phone and new number for Conrad today. I just find it a sad reflection on society that the 'norm' is finders keepers, losers weepers rather than people doing the right thing and handing in things they find that do not belong to them. I know there are some out there that do the right thing, it just seems that they are the minority now.
* Need to get Wolfstanus a new MP4 today (his got broken accidentally)
* Work is ridiculously busy but good
* I am road tripping next week to Orange and Bathurst for a couple of days
* Had to get new tyres for the ute today
* Have lots of sewing to do
* Have lots of organising for RWIII to do
* It has rained every weekend for about the last 4 weeks - not good for getting the site ready! LOL
* My chickens still bring a smile to my face and I love watching them when things are a little stressful

On the whole, life is good and I am content!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Flying update

Which is about all I have time for these days! On a short lunch break so thought I would post quickly.....
* Work is soooo busy, but really good
* Johanna made Radburne badges for everyone which is really cool
* Have lots of sewing to do as usual before the war weekend
* Raburne War III is on in 7 weeks - OMG!
* Wolfstanus still has Tonsillitis - on a stronger lot of meds now and on his second week home from school
* Gryffen is finally bouncing again and will be getting surgery to remove nasty tonsils in two more sleeps which means I have an overnight stay in hospital with him. Not looking forward to it but will be glad to have it done and get him on the mend - it is very necessary. He hasn't gone back to school though as we cannot risk him getting sick again - there is a confirmed case of Swine Flu at his school
* Conrad is well again although seems to be quite tired and 'down'. He says there is nothing wrong but I think I will need to keep an eye on him.......
* Having yummy beef stew in the slow cooker for dinner with smashed potatoes - drool!
* Terry has been unwell too - I think he has a touch of the flu
* I have a prickly throat and feeling run down too - yuck!
* Gauntlets have proved to be interesting - turns out I have odd shaped knuckles on my hand - the one for the middle finger sticks out further than the rest - once padding is in the gauntlets they don't fit properly. The half gauntlet is fine but the fingered one needs modifying.........
* Have fit the lining for Conrad's doublet - hope to get the velveteen cut out this weekend and sew it
* Need to go shopping with my mum this weekend to Spotlight - she is after material for a doublet for my dad (Mum has decided to go Tudorish with a McCalls (?) pattern I have but has enough material in her stash we think) - I also need to make dad a hat with a feather in it ;-)
* Had to have an ultrasound on my leg - I have a Lipoma (fatty tissue tumor - it is benign so all is good but it is rather large and can be annoying - may need to have it removed if it causes any issues with the surrounding blood vessels etc)
* Chickies are happy in their new home - I love going up there of a morning and letting the Silkies out of the hen house. They follow me everywhere! LOL Even the big chickens do! We have a broody hen but not sure she is sitting enough to get the eggs to hatch. She has four so we will see how she goes.........

And now I need to go for a quick walk to get some fresh air and get back to work!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Shiny gauntlets for me............

on my way to becoming a combat archer...........

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I blinked..........

and the last three weeks has disappeared! So what has been happening? A lot and then not a lot........
* One of our new chickens died but the rest are okay
* Gryffen still has tonsillitis and we have narrowly averted him being hospitalised. He will be having his nasty tonsils removed next Friday (16 June) providing we can get them to behave by then.
* Wolfstanus also has tonsillits
* Conrad has a virus but is much better and will be back at school tomorrow
* Terry and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary last Saturday
* I have moved positions at work - I am now the acting Injury Management and Rehabilitation Coordinator for twelve months, I didn't get to finish my project. It is a big change, it has been years since I have done return to work coordination and not on this scale. It is both frightening and exciting at the same time! I am so busy trying to get my head around everything I am brain fried when I get home and can manage Warcrack some evenings but that is about it ;-) (And yes, this is my news I couldn't tell until it was official!)
* Got the lining for Conrad's doublet cut out but with him being ill I haven't had a chance to do a fitting yet
* Terry has started making my armour - he has my half gauntlet made, is working on my full gauntlet and has started on my chest plate. It is so cool!!!! Will try and get a photo on the weekend

Can't think of much else at the moment, back to watching Scooby Doo the movie :-)