Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Can music evoke certain feelings or memories?

Is the old cliche true? Can hearing a certain song stir memories or create a mood? Some of us are probably more sensitive to music than others, however I believe everyone is affected by music in some way. Take for instance my mum, a great way to get her 'agitated' is to play classical music, loud! Just ask my dad! LOL Some people find classical music soothing, it has the opposite effect on my mum.

Have you ever heard a song on the radio and thought 'Wow, that reminds me of when.........' or do you find your mood determines what type of music you listen too? I know when I'm stressed out I actually like listening to hard rock or heavy metal.....funny thing is it seems to calm me more! I guess I let my frustrations out in the music while i'm singing along very loudly (in private of course!!!!). I find AC/DC is fantastic after having a bad day! LOL If I'm feeling a bit down, I love listening to 'up beat' dance type music - seems to put me in a better frame of mind! I also seem to go through stages with my music - I have a huge variety and tend not to stick to a certain genre. I've just gotten over the country - rock stage (have all of Brad Paisley's CDs, some Dwight Yokham, Shania Twain, Lee Kernaghan, Alan Jackson to name a few) and am in the Nickelback stage at the moment! I have all their CDs but I'd have to say my favourites are their later stuff (All the Right Reasons, The Long Road and Silver Side up). I love All the Right Reasons and pretty much know all the songs - can't pick an absolute favourite because they are all great in their own way. I went and saw them at the Sydney Superdome a few weeks ago - totally amazing experience. If they ever tour here again I will definately be going!!

I'd love to hear what people are listening too and when.........what's your favourite band at the moment and why?

Sunday, May 14, 2006

This is Trent.......

This photo was taken last December when Trent was going to an end of year dance. Trent is 11.

More Photos........

Instead of creating a new post for each of my photos, I thought I'd create a single post and just keep adding to it!

So, here's a photo of my youngest son Dylan (who is 8) playing his new electric guitar. He can now play 'Baa Baa Black Sheep' and is very proud of himself!

Clinton turns 13!

This was taken yesterday at a party for my eldest son's 13th birthday (Clinton is on the right) with his dad Terry. Congratulations Clinton - there were times we didn't think you'd make it! LOL

Funny thing is I'm listening to 'Photograph' by Nickelback while I'm doing this!

Cleopatra the Cat

This is our other cat Cleopatra. She loves to sleep in a basket full of clean clothes!

PJ the Cat

This is one of our cats 'PJ' (Princess Jasmine). She regularly sleeps in 'odd' positions!

Learning Guitar - books versus 'live' teaching

I'm currently learning electric guitar. Due to time constraints and other stuff, I've decided to buy a book (including DVD) to learn. I already have a background in music including playing other instruments and I can read music. Which method is better - using a book/dvd in your own time or receiving lessons by a tutor spasmodically?
This is me - photo taken today by my 11 year old son.