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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Catz are kool

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Happy 13th birthday Wolfstanus!

Wolfstanus turned 13 today - had a good day, went to Hog's Breath for dinner and he is having a couple of friend's stay over on Saturday evening. Boy time flies - it seems like only yesterday he was a tiny baby coming home, now he is nearly as tall as me! Wolfstanus - we are proud to have you as part of our family.

Brilliant weekend........

Had a brilliant weekend at my brothers last weekend - caught up with him, his wife and daughter and had Christmas dinner with them and our parents (they will be in Queensland this year for Christmas). Lots of fun, laughter, tennis and horse riding for Gryffen.

The boys didn't want to come home - looking forward to seeing them again in the new year!

Friday, December 07, 2007

What can one say really?

HRH Cleopatra

One sign that Christmas is creeping up.....

Our Christmas tree (which so far we have managed to keep the three cats out of!)

I have only one thing to say.........

there is nothing remotely 'cute' about 'a-cute' sinusitis!

Antibiotics etc here I come again!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

And we're into December............

Okay..........where has the year gone? Who hit the fast forward button? I know you did!

Well it has definately been an interesting year. I can honestly say I am happy with my life and where I am in it. And it has been a bed of roses - thorns and all!

Sad to see two of our closest friends move away but happy for them at the same time. Looking forward to catching up with them again in the future and possibly as early as Festival! Huzzah!

Met some amazing people through the year and got to build on relationships which has been really cool. I feel like there is a whole new layer there. I feel like I have grown too - I have certainly learnt to take a different attitude with some things.

I love the FISH philosophy that my boss lives by:
1. Choose your attitude
2. Make their day
3. Play
4. Be present

It's amazing what a difference this can make!

Boys are growing in leaps and bounds with all the challenges that brings. I'm pretty gosh darn proud of them though - they have made some impressive achievements through the year.

Radburne is in the process of winding down and taking a new path - I'm actually quite happy with this outcome. It has been quite a journey over the last few years - most of it has been good but there has been some crap too. Glad to put that behind me though. Looking forward to playing in the SCA from a different angle as are most of the other members of our small band at the Red River.

Looking forward to spending a quiet Christmas at home (although the lead up will be hectic) and then partying at Dunedoo for New Years Eve with the family. We always have fun!

Things I am thankful for:
* My life
* My husband (who puts up with my hair brain schemes and still loves me anyway)
* My children (ditto - and who provide me so much opportunity for learning)
* My extended family
* My good friends in the SCA who help keep me sane and remind me of all the good things when times get tough
* The opportunity I have received with my work
* The support I have received from 'strangers' who have never met me personally but know me through an online presence with the SCA
* The joy that learning gives
* The joy of giving freely whilst expecting nothing in return
* The nice surprises people give you when you least expect it!
* My dogs, cats and chickens who love me unconditionally and all they ask for in return is food, water, a place to sleep and the odd cuddle or pat

I could go on and on.........yes life can get you down and it can be tough sometimes (hey, it gets to me sometimes too). I truly believe though thinking of all the good things and being thankful for what you have rather than wishing for things you don't have makes life a lot more worthwhile!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Getting through the day...........

Which could be interesting given I have been up since 5am. I am so tired! Getting up at 5am is not something I would call fun or even reasonable - but I had to get Wolfstanus up and ready to be at school before 6am. What on earth for I hear you ask? He is off to Tea Gardens for 3 days on a school excursion. I knew if I went back to bed I'd have a hard time getting up again so decided to stay up. I have been looking for ways to keep myself awake - have done the coffee thing, played on facebook, now good playing Warcraft, I'd get too engrossed and forget to go to work! LOL

Gryffen is now up and has gone for a walk with his Pop - I'll need to get Conrad up soon too and probably have some breakfast. I need to wake up - the Daily Liberal are ringing me this morning for an interview. It's to go in their 'club page' - they want to talk about the SCA. It's a good opportunity for some publicity. So much for winding down! LOL I've emailed the webscribe to get some stuff changed on the webpage too.

Over the next week or so I need to get my proposals done for the stock clerk stuff - around postage increases and an online store. After that is done, I need to start planning for Festival!

Also need to get monthly archery practice organised - will probably officially start in Feb 08. I need to wait for my TAM authorisation paperwork to come back first.

Off to find some match sticks to keep my eyes open............

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tourney of the Yellow Rose

I have finally recovered enough (although I'm still tired)from the weekend to make a post. The A & S and Archery afternoon went really well - Sorle and I passed as Target Archery Marshals (TAMs) so I can start to organise regular archery activities. The banner making went down a treat as did the leatherworking. A huge thank you to Finn and MoG for coming to teach us - and to Caterina for assisting as well!

Friday night started with dinner at Hog's Breath and a few quiet drinks at home. Then a huge day Saturday with feeding people for lunch and the Tavern, not to mention the archery stuff! We had a most enjoyable evening with good food (even if I do say so myself), good company, much laughter and singing! It was great to hear Finn sing in person! I am so proud of Conrad and Gryffen - Conrad did a few verses of Amazing Grace (he is developing quite the voice!) and Gryffen did a small song in Dutch! We of course had to do the Radburne Drinking Song which caused fits of giggles. My mum and dad said they thoroughly enjoyed themselves too and it was the best event they had attended so far(they have been to 3 this year).

The Tourney on Sunday was nice too - although a tad disappointing from a fighter's perspective - we had 2 no shows and 2 out injured (not SCA related I might add!) so we had Lord Sorle and Baron Sir Guillame. A big thank you to those two who took the field! They did so with enthusiasm, pomp and ceremony which was most enjoyable and in keeping with the spirit of the Tourney of the Yellow Rose!

A photographer from the Daily Liberal turned up too so we should be in the paper sometime this week - will just have to keep an eye out!

We did our little speeches and gave gifts (I'm just sorry I didn't get a chance to take a photo of the banner - I was so busy on Saturday I forgot!) and got a bit misty eyed. We're hoping to catch up with Oz and Francesca at Festival, but if not then the Radburne War Weekend in August. We will stay in touch of course via email etc.

I got most of my jobs done before the weekend but some I just couldn't finish due to lack of hours in a day, like my new dress. Not to worry, that is something I can do over the summer break - sit in air conditioning and sew! The next big task is getting gear together for Festival because it is only ever 2 weeks away!

I also have to say a huge thanks to my family - to Johanna for helping out with last minute sewing together of the banner (which I ran out of time to do), my mum for making afternoon tea, my dad for being a sounding board and his words of wisdom, Conrad, Wolfstanus and Gryffen for helping out with all the little tasks I asked them to do, and a huge, huge, thank you to my husband who has put up with all the organising and time spent on it! He helped out wherever possible and even stayed home on Sunday to do all the housework so I wouldn't have to do it when I got home. You are and always will be my Knight in Shining Armour - I love you with all my heart! Thanks for putting up with my hobby! (I have to add he is slowly being drawn into this hobby too! LOL)

I'm looking forward to the summer break, to wind down a little and to work on some projects as well as for the group to have a think about direction for next year.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

More things to cross off!

* Make Cyriac a short sleeve cotehardie (done)
* Finish Cyriac's banner (applique needs sewing on)
* Finish Gryffen's banner (done)
* Make myself a short sleeve cotehardie (not started!)
* Buttons on Gryffen's shirt (done)
* buttons on Wolfstanus' shirt (done)
* Buttons on Conrad's shirt (done)
* Make some cushions (just need to add ties)
* Fix the shade pavilion (not looked at)
* Organise the Tourney of the Yellow Rose (happening)
* Cook for the Tourney weekend including Tavern Feast (will happen Friday/Saturday)
* Tabard for Gryffen (done)

I love being able to mark things off the list!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Getting there slowly.......

I am starting to work through 'the list' before this weekend:

* Make Cyriac a short sleeve cotehardie (done apart from hemming and buttons)
* Finish Cyriac's banner (applique needs sewing on)
* Finish Gryffen's banner (done - need to put fringe on though)
* Make myself a short sleeve cotehardie (not started!)
* Buttons on Gryffen's shirt (still to do)
* buttons on Wolfstanus' shirt (still to do)
* Buttons on Conrad's shirt (still to do)
* Make some cushions (almost done)
* Fix the shade pavilion (not looked at)
* Publish the Red River Runes newsletter (done)
* Organise the Tourney of the Yellow Rose (happening)
* Cook for the Tourney weekend including Tavern Feast (will happen Friday/Saturday)
* Quarterly report for Kingdom Seneschal and Kingdom Hospitaller (I almost forgot and I'm still waiting on Officers reports!) (done!)
* Tabard for Gryffen (done except for hemming)

Like I said, slow and steady! Only 3 more sleeps to go!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Slowly working my way through things......

Well, I can cross a few things off my list although I had to add several more!

Now finished:
* Red River Runes Newsletter
* Stock Clerk Reports (for the last 4 months)

Projects started:
* Applique in Gryffen's banner - until I got a blister from the hand sewing! I need to find a better needle!
* Cushion covers cut out, overlocked and pinned

Additional jobs:
* Quarterly report for Kingdom Seneschal and Kingdom Hospitaller (I almost forgot and I'm still waiting on Officers reports!)

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Too much to do and not enough time!

As usual I have a stack of things to do. I've had to reassess and drop some projects until a bit later. So, for the next two weeks my list is:
* Make Cyriac a short sleeve cotehardie
* Finish Cyriac's banner
* Finish Gryffen's banner
* Make myself a short sleeve cotehardie
* Buttons on Gryffen's shirt
* buttons on Wolfstanus' shirt
* Buttons on Conrad's shirt
* Make some cushions
* Fix the shade pavilion
* Publish the Red River Runes newsletter
* Organise the Tourney of the Yellow Rose
* Cook for the Tourney weekend including Tavern Feast

For the two weeks after that:
* Stock Clerk reports
* Proposal for an increase to postal charges for the Stock Clerk stuff
* Proposal for an online store for the stock clerk
* Visit my mother in law for her birthday
* Visit my brother!

For the next two months:
* After approval of the Stock clerk stuff, action it!
* Make clothing for Festival
* Start planning for Festival and get gear together
* Make a better shade pavilion

That should do for starters!! In between all that, I need to work fulltime, do T's bookwork, look after the kids and stay sane!!!

Oh well, one thing at a time.............

Thursday, October 25, 2007


It's Thursday, it's actually raining (very lightly I might add) and I'm on a lunch break so thought I would 'jot' down some thoughts rambling around my head.

It seems funny writing things here on the blog - it's like writing into a void - the thoughts and ideas are put out there - but nothing comes back. It's kind of like talking to yourself. This can be good sometimes but at other times it is quite frustrating.

Speaking of frustrating - one of my pet peeves is drivers who sit 20 to 30 km per hour under the speed limit on a highway in ordinary (i.e. dry and daylight conditions - no they are not L or P platers - they have a legal reason for driving slower)! In my opinion, slow drivers can be just as dangerous as fast drivers on the open road! Copped two of those on the way to work this morning - didn't help the blood pressure as I was running a tad late anyway! Murphy's Law states the slow drivers will be out and about when you are running late!

I've been feeling a bit 'blah' latelty too - no energy and don't feel like doing too much, even though I have so much to do it isn't funny!!!

Getting things together for the Tourney and Tavern Feast next month. I've got a stack of things to do for that too - made a list last night so will just have to get through them one by one.......

Anyhow, off to get something to eat and back to work.......

Monday, October 15, 2007

Abercrombie House, Bathurst NSW

These are a few of the photos I took yesterday when we visited Abercrombie House in Bathurst NSW - it is a most amazing place. This was our third visit and my parents first - they were totally blown away by it all as well! If you ever get the chance, you should go and see it, it is truly amazing. The family that own Abercrombie House are very passionate about its restoration and a wealth of information. They are kind people that open up their home to the public to share it's wonder and it truly is an amazing thing.

It was great to take the boys back there now they are older and can really appreciate all Abercrombie House has to show.

I hope to upload the rest of the photos in the next few days - I took some of the plasterwork and original wallpaper - it is really beautiful!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Saturday was a sad day...........

Saturday was not a very good day. We went from the 'Great Chook Escape' to the 'Great Chook Massacre'. Wolfstanus had gone to feed the chooks and came running back saying 'Mum, mum, the gate is open and the chooks are gone!' We went from disbelief to 'I think we need to search for bodies - there is no way they could have survived'.

I sent the boys to start looking for the missing chooks whilst I got my shoes on. It wasn't long before we found them - they hadn't gotten too far - they were all dead. All that is, except for one hiding under a bush. The boys managed to catch her and we put her back in the pen - she was very shaken but I am happy to report she has bounced back. A little black chook we call 'Lady Luck'. It was sad to lose them all and they will be missed, especially the Silkie Rooster and Hen (Henry and Henrietta).

We were worried about the sole survivor being lonely so we went chook shopping yesterday. We bought some young grey bantam hens (4 in total - Poppet, Sylvanus, Violet and Katherine) and two white Silkie Hens (Elizabeth and Fergie) and two white Silkie roosters (Cap'n Jack and George). We have re-done the gate to the chook pen and now have a gate on the chook house as well so they are completely safe of an evening. Our new chookies are only young so it will be some time before they are laying - but that's okay. We hope to get some older Silkies soon - we have put our order in.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Another week is drawing to a close........

My how time flies when you are having fun! My week off work has just about come to an end. I've done some of the stuff I wanted to do, but certainly not all of it! Doesn't help that I've got tonsilitis - it sux! Had to go to the doctors today and I'm back on antibiotics *sigh*

Took the boys to see 'Ratatouille' on Tuesday - funny movie! We all enjoyed it. Got some banner sorting out done, tidied up the house, caught up on my washing, played WoW yesterday and today. Haven't done too much research for garb though - who knows, if I can't sleep again tonight I might get up and do the research then ;-)

Got my first bookings this evening for the Tourney of the Yellow Rose in November - at least it's a start! Got some more organising to do. Cyriac said he may even come to fighter practice on Sunday - depends on how he is feeling. Hopefully better than tonight! He has been on the shovel and crowbar (digging up concrete) all day today so is very sore! Cut his arm open, cut his hands, has a huge blood blister on his finger from where he got it caught between the hammer and the chisel.........what can I say? He has to work again tomorrow too!

Conrad spent the day at a mate's today and had a great time. Wolfstanus and Gryffen got stuck going to the doctor with me and having to do jobs ;-) They were good though!

It's my mum's birthday next Friday so I need to find a gift for her. She is always happy with 'something for the garden' ;-) I will have to have a think about it - not good at the moment with my head being so fuzzy!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

On holidays - yay!

Well, I officially have a week off work starting today - huzzah! Today has so far been spent washing, I need to do some baking, I have got the Red River Runes ready for publication - just waiting on two last minute items from people, I have updated my dress diary (and this blog ;-)) and I hope to do some research this afternoon for my next projects (which will be more garb for the whole family). I also want to research making a shade pavillion. Cyriac has been busily making banner stands that I also need to paint.

I think I may even watch Vanity Fair whilst sorting out the washing this afternoon ;-) I hope to take the boys to the movies tomorrow.

Went to a first birthday party on Saturday in Warren and spent the day at Mudgee yesterday. It was great spending some together with Cyriac and the boys.

The weekend prior we went to the Western Plains Zoo - spent a lovely day there. The otters and the meerkats are my favourite to watch!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

One more day and I get a weeks holiday - huzzah!

One more day and I get a week off work - I'm looking forward to hanging out with the boys next week and hopefully working on a few projects (including updating my Dress Diary)! I have a whole heap of thoughts rattling around my head at the moment that I need to sort out and get organised. I also need to get the next edition of the Red River Runes published this weekend.

Hayfever season has hit with a vengeance - I have dutifully received my injection and take my medication daily . I just love spring! (Actually I so love spring - I love the flowers despite the hayfever and I love the weather.) I hate summer with the heat, but T loves it. I know I'm living in the wrong spot if I want cooler weather but what can you do?

What's your favourite weather? I love cool nights and warm days but no hotter than about 25 degrees celsius. I also love the fog - my favourite times to go for a walk through our forest is in the fog - you can imagine you are anywhere in any time period! I actually don't like the beach in summer - too crowded and I get too sunburnt. I love going for walks on the beach in winter, no one around and rugged up with a fresh breeze *sigh*. It must be my Dutch blood ;-)

At the moment I feel like I have a plug in my creative part of the brain that is struggling to be released - I just don't have the time! I think I need to start making time though - I'd really like to get back into writing and learn to do it properly. I have so many things I want to do but just never seem to get the time to do them! I want to travel to Europe but will probably need to wait until the boys finish school (only another nine years *sigh*).

Life is an interesting journey and you never seem to know where you will end up on the path you have chosen. It's funny, when you are younger you think you have all the time in the world to figure out what you want to do with your life, but as you travel life's roads you realise just how short a time you have and how easy it is to just let it pass you by. I believe we should live every day to the full and enjoy life as it is over far too quickly. I intend to to try and do just that. I'm going to start planning my dreams for the future in the hope that I can make them happen. Even if they don't come to fruition, at least I know I have given it my best shot.

Look out world!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Life Colours

Your Life Colors

You scored mainly in the Water-Earth quadrant. This 'Green' quadrant highlights the 'down-to-earth' aspect of your personality and your enjoyment of everyday life. You like to 'go with the flow', enjoying all sorts of practical experiences. Your life is like a river which flows across the ground, meandering towards the sea. When obstacles arise you will adapt and flow around them, without too much worry or concern. An 'earth' person will very much live life in the present, rather than worrying too much about the future.

People who map into this quadrant will often seek a variety of everyday experiences and base their decisions on what they have personally experienced, rather than what someone has told them or what they have read about. Therefore, sometimes you may delay making a decision because you have no 'real world' data to tell you what to do. You like to be totally happy with any decision before taking action.

You are likely to be good observer and take in a lot of visual data. Details are important to you and you will often take time to find out how something works. You usually like the 'best' in everything you do and therefore your standards and expectation of others may be too high. Remember that no-one is perfect!

Quality in everything you do is important to you. However, realize that you may sometimes have to compromise to meet the needs of others.

Copyright © Dick McCann 1996, 1999

Feeling crappy......

Afternoon went okay at the school - just waiting on some feedback. It brought back some memories though of High School I would rather forget. High School for me was not pleasant and I have no desire whatsoever to return to it. I certainly do not wish I was 'back at school'.

So, decided to do a personality test - rather amusing I might add.......not sure how accurate it is? Actually, when you read the full report, I hate to admit it but it is pretty darn accurate! LOL

My Personality
Openness To Experience
You are neither a subdued loner nor a jovial chatterbox. You enjoy time with others but also time alone. You are generally calm and composed, reacting moderately well to situations that most people would describe as stressful. A desire for tradition does not prevent you from trying new things. Your thinking is neither simple nor complex. To others you appear to be a well-educated person but not an intellectual. You have some concern with others' needs, and are generally pleasant, sympathetic, and cooperative. You are reasonably reliable, organized, and self-controlled.

Test Yourself Compare Yourself View Full Report

Factory Direct Ugg Boots.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Test 2 this evening

Well, the newer version worked well. Approximately 22 metre range and no breaking bits! Cyriac just needs to put a pulley and lock down system on it tomorrow evening and it will be right to go for inspection.

We launched the dog's tennis ball out of it too - works well! The dogs think it's great! Saves our throwing arm too!

Run for your life!

........which is pretty much what we said when the latest version of the catapault was tested! All Cyriac could say was 'Hee hee hee' in a deep voice! He got the desired launch in spectacular style - pity it was a one time only shot though - the arm snapped! Shot the squash ball 22 metres which is much better than the 9 metres we were getting previously. Just need to find something stronger to make the arm out of! It also needs to pass inspection at the school on Wednesday (we got an extra day extension). When I said to Wolfstanus 'not much point if it doesn't pass inspection', his response was 'so, it will still be fun to use at home'. There followed the suggestions on what it could be used for - including firing water bombs at their pop!

Cyriac is now working feverishly in the shed to get 'more power' whilst still managing to keep the catapault together - no easy task! After yesterday's 'damn, 7^%#@!!!*& catapault' - it is now excitement! It is rather endearing. It actually puts me to mind of 'you know you're in the SCA when' - the note that came home for the catapault competition said maximum height and length 1.5m - the winners last time built theirs out of cardboard, rubber bands etc (we only found this out today) - so what do we do? Build it out of timber, rope, research construction of actual catapaults and when we find out everyone else is using cardboard and other stuff cry in disbelief 'That's not a catapault!!' Gotta laugh really ;-) Wolfstanus said that a friend of his was going to use springs - Wolfstanus responded indignantly - 'That's not a catapault!' But we're not eccentric - really we're not!

Just been out to the shed - the arm now has some aluminium attached to it - if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! Should be able to make a test launch soon.......

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Brief update

No, I haven't gone into hiding or fallen off the face of the earth (although it feels that way sometimes!). Just busy.....

Wellington demo went well last weekend - had a lovely day for it and it was most enjoyable. The tavern feast was fun and we did our own version of 'What do you do with the drunken ????' sung boisterously to the tune of 'What do you do with the drunken sailor?'. Singing in tune was optional and most of us can't do it! We made up for our lack of skill with enthusiasm though!! Aminah put a lot of effort into the food and it was an enjoyable change. Some enjoyed the tastes more than other though but that is nothing unusual nor is it in anyway a slight on Aminah's skills!

Our next Tavern will be on the 20th October followed by our monthly gathering in the park. The last one for the year will be on the 17th November followed by the Tourney of the Yellow Rose on the 18th November.

This Thursday is Medieval Day at the High School which we are helping out with. Should be fun. T is building a scaled down catapult for the boys and is having all sorts of issues. If anyone can sort it out though he can!

Bought Guild Wars yesterday - boys like it but I think I still prefer World of Warcraft. I can see me playing both though - at least GW is free to play! WoW incurrs a fee (works out to about $5.50 AUS each week which isn't too bad really).

Anyhow, off to watch 'The Dark Ages' on the History channel........

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday musings...........

On a lunch break at the moment so whilst I am eating my sandwich, thought I would muse a little on where I'm at in my life at the moment.....

* My Teeline Shorthand course - I'm really struggling with this one. I get so frustrated that it won't 'click' straight away (yes I am impatient when it comes to this stuff). I'm okay doing drills but as soon as I have to 'think' it on the spot, I draw a blank! I know I just need more practice but I find it sooooo hard to get motivated at the moment. *sigh*

* The family is going well - Wolf had a tick on the edge of his eye Monday but is going okay. Cyriac took him to the hospital to get it removed. Luckily there were no complications. Wolfstanus brought home a certificate for getting 9.5 out of 10 on his guitar exam school, Conradus wrote 2 sonnets for an assignment (with a bit of help - but hey, that is a huge achievement for him!) and Wolf has decided to continue learning the flute for the school band.

* We are puppy sitting for the neighbours across the road by default - their blue cattle pup escaped and came over to our place. We are looking after her until they get home on Sunday or Monday. She's a little cutie but boy does she need a bath!!!! Stinky puppy! She has fun playing with the boys after school and with our other dogs - warning - I suspect she will try and escape more often and come over and play!

* Work is good - I'm really lucky to have such a good job and great people to work with.

* SCA - disappointing news that Rowany will not support Radburne going out on our own yet. However, after much thought, they are right. Benefit of 25 years of playing the game I guess!! I have much to discuss with the other members of Radburne. The group is at a crossroads at the moment and needs to decide what it needs to do and where it wishes to go. I see us as having three options:

A. Become a fully fledged Shire - we cannot do that at the moment, the group needs to grow and prosper more first;

B. Continue as a Proposed Shire indefinately - I don't think this is really possible but should be for at least 12 months though;

C. Admit defeat - continue in the SCA as members of Rowany and run a few events out here a year as members of Rowany (need to discuss this option with Radburne and Rowany first). Continue meeting with interested people and keep going much the same as we have been but without being an official group and be members of a larger group.

To do list:

* make banners for Wolf and Conradus
* make pennons with latin motos
* make tabard for Wolfstanus in Oz's colours
* set up Archery Practice
* come up with discussion points for Radburne when we meet in Wello
* plan school demo
* learn a simple dance to teach
* sort out on-line store for Stock Clerk stuff
* RELAX!!!

Time to go back to work...........

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The War Weekend is declared a success!

The Radburne War Weekend was a resounding success! Thanks to all who assisted!

Everyone had lots of fun, the weather was perfect and we had the special treats of a 'Fire Breather' and fireworks on Saturday night - what more can you want? The food was excellent, the combats were fierce (and fun), lots of archery and everyone had a good time. Plans are under way for next year, including a permanent fort complete with archer towers and a bridge as well as a cleared area for tents! Can't wait! I'll try and get some photos up in the next few days.......

On the health front - the cough is still hanging on and being annoying but I think I'm over the worst of it now (famous last words!)

Anyhow, back to work - on my lunch break at the moment!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

It's official.......I'm plagued!

Well, in the modern sense anyway. Back to the doctors today - still have sinusitis and now have developed Bronchitis to go with it *sigh*. My list of medications are now:
* Nasal spray
* Sinutab
* Ceretide
* Ventolin (which I hate with a passion cause it gives me the shakes!)
* Strepsils Cough medicine (hate the taste of it but it does seem to help)
* Curam (875/125)1 tablet twice a day
* Prednisolone (25mg) two tablets once a day (for 5 days)

We have to take C to Parkes tomorrow for his 7 week check-up with the Dore program, then through to Wagga for a Christening on Saturday morning, back Sunday, back to work Monday, War Weekend starting next Friday and supposed to be resting to get better - what a laugh! And I have cooking to do for the war weekend, signs to make, people to organise etc! The group is fantastic and always help where they can but there is still a lot I need to do. Still haven't finished the stock clerk reports, I have to find out about getting an online store for stock clerk stuff, OZIBOD stuff to do etc etc *breath* Did I mention the newsletter is due out too? It's done except for one last thing so that is pretty much under control.

D's flute arrived today so need to get it organised - I really want to play it but I can't cause I'm sick :-(

Okay, now I'm exhausted by thinking about all this stuff! I think I need a nap!

Monday, July 30, 2007

It's been a while........

since I posted here. I blame work, being sick etc and just not getting around to it! Playing World of Warcraft online probably has something to do with it too!

Nothing like having the flu to stop and take a breath! I've been to the doctors today - back on antibiotics due to an acute case of sinusitis and a throat infection. The three boys have had a dose of it too and hubby is 'dying' as well. The boys have been fantastic tonight looking after us! Strict instructions from the doctor for bed rest again tomorrow (I slept most of the afternoon today)!

The Tavern night was brilliant - lots of fun, good company and brilliant food! Thanks Francesca and Oz! The monthly gathering in the park was good but bloody freezing!

Went to The Entrance a bit over a week ago with hubby (no kids!) which was great. I love my kids dearly but it is the first time hubby and I have been away alone in 3 years - it was nice! Went shopping on the Saturday - got new shirts for hubby (skulls and dragons) and I got a new jacket (Emily the Strange), cool stilleto boots and accessories. The girls at work thought it was very 'rock chick'! I also got a black long sleeve t-shirt with three pink skull and crossbones on the front with 'bows in their hair'. My mum thought it was cute! I like it too! Went to the Diggers Club both nights for tea and on the Saturday night listened to a band for a while.

Off to Wagga for my great nephews Christening (yes, it is the son of my nephew)this weekend (which I have to finish making my skirt for!) and then the war weekend the following one! Had lots of help from the group at the working bee on Saturday which was much appreciated! Had to clarify my 'timetable' posting to the lists tonight as there was a bit of confusion (understandably) about war times etc - I blame the blocked head (although I am sure there are some that would say what is new?)

We have 37 confirmed bookings for the war weekend which is way more than I was expecting - is good though! Plans are coming together and jobs have been allocated. Cooking has been allocated and all is going along well............I probably won't get everything done that I was originally hoping (new dress, banners etc) but it is okay - it isn't the end of the world!

Anyhow, off to my medication and bed again!


How evil are you?

Friday, July 06, 2007

The Treasure Chest

Well, plans are underway for the treasure chest. T will construct it and I have some promised donations. So far, the prize consists of:
* Hand made chest
* Several necklaces
* Radburne Banner
* Packs of herbs
* Ceramic goblets
* Dagger
* Sweet meats

Just need to work out what the other tokens will be for other things!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

War has been declared at Radburne!

Well, a play war anyway! Where people get dressed up in armour and have rattan swords, archers etc all in the name of fun. Our little camping weekend is starting to grow and with a bit of luck will end up with a full blown war weekend!

The beauty of it is, if we don't get the numbers for the war for whatever reason we can still hold our camping weekend. I'm getting T to make a treasure chest so we can fill it with spoils of war for the victor. Just need to work out what the spoils of war are going to be!! Hmmm.....this could turn out to be an interesting weekend!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Things are on the move.......

Well, things are certainly moving along. We are getting the paperwork together to become officially the 'Shire of Radburne' and drop the 'proposed' bit - still got some ways to go though. Getting a bank account organised for the group which will make life a lot easier. The camping event for August has been approved so starting to get things together there. Making a banner for T and actually hand sewing the applique which is a first for me! LOL Went to fighter practice yesterday and had one of our distant members stay with us. Huge day at work today with a bigger one set for tomorrow - can't say I'm bored! Got the newsletter out tonight so all is going along.......

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mid week already...........

I cannot believe it is Wednesday evening again already! I have so much stuff to do it is not funny. Hmm...let's make a list of some of the things:
* Start the paperwork for Radburne to become an official branch of the SCA
* The newsletter is due out next week (note to self - pull finger out!)
* End of financial year reports for Stock Clerk stuff
* Follow up for August Camping weekend approval (no answer to stuff - very frustrating!)
* Plan camping weekend in more detail
* Finish T's banner
* Get paperwork together for D and C's name and device - forward to new group herald
* Cut out and sew Cotehardie
and the list goes on..............

*sigh* - I think I will make a start on the Newsletter......

Saturday, June 23, 2007

It's Aminah's fault!!!

I have to agree with the title though - I'm sure most people think I'm a Crackpot (as in a little eccentric - okay, maybe not so little!) Amusing, very amusing.......

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Where did the week go?

Hmmm..........Saturday evening already. I must have blinked and the week sped by! Work has been good although busy - had a week full of appointments with C and stuff. Not too bad though! He who rules the roost is now back on his feet and doing much better which is good. D got an excellent school report and T will be receiving an award at assembly next week. The dam is full and there is actually green tufts of grass between the trees - all in all, can't complain. My jaw continues to mend but I think it will still be a bit uncomfortable for a while.

SCA stuff has been keeping me very busy too - things have been picking up and I have been getting a few enquiries from people in Orange and Warren interested in coming to Dubbo to 'play'. The Stock Clerk stuff is picking up pace a little too - just got some books in from the USA and I need to do end of financial year reports (I keep procrastinating ).

I did the OMG take this afternoon - only eight weeks until we have our camping weekend here! Planning has taken a back seat as we are still waiting to hear from Rowany if we can go ahead - I'm hoping to find out this weekend as I'd like to start advertising properly ASAP. Even though it is an event just for us and we have enough interest locally, I'd still like to be able to give the opportunity to those wayfarers that would like to come.

Time to pull the proverbial finger out again - I have banners to make, clothing to make, and a whole stack of other stuff. Back to normal in other words!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Back to work today

As the title says, back to work today. Had a good day and it was nice to catch up with my work collegues - they have all been very supportive over the last few months while my teeth made me so sick! I must admit though, the jaw is quite sore tonight - all that talking to people and on the phone!

T finally went to the doctor's today as he is still very ill - turns out he has food poisoning! Now before you get any ideas, it wasn't me! He thinks it was the curry pie he had from the corner store last Wednesday morning for Smoko. He is now on antibiotics and Maxalon but it will still be a while before he is back to normal. On a purely selfish note - at least he isn't contagious!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Day five......

Well, I spoke too soon! Now the swelling has gone down there is some bruising - still minimal though considering what I had done! I've actually had some solid food too although chewing at any level is still quite painful. Tried a Crunchie Bar but had to give it away as a bad idea :-( There will still be no meat for a while - chicken and mince have been proven to not be too bad - it will take some more time to get back to normal.

As an aside, World of Warcraft online is totally addictive!!! The boys have to fight me for it now! LOL

I bought some new bow strings today so I'm going to try and do some archery with the boys tomorrow. Terry is still really ill but at least C is pretty much back to normal.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Day Four......

Well, the swelling has gone down considerably and true to form, I showed no signs of bruises! For some reason, I hardly ever bruise (which can be a good thing)! It is still naturally very tender and I still have an egg sized lump on the edge of my lower jaw but things are definately mending! I can move my jaw a little more today and even managed fresh bread and honey today as well as some weetbix! I still think it will be a week or more before I can tackle anything like steak though :-)

Unfortunately both my hubby and C have come down with the tummy bug going around - the poor buggers are so ill! So much for them looking after me - it's the other way around! LOL

Had to cancel the SCA gathering for this Sunday as there just isn't anyone around and there is no way I can go either. Bit of a bummer but such is life.

I get to announce the new Reeve and Herald this Sunday - at least that will move things along well. Rowany will make the decision on our August event next week too - it should be 'go ahead' but I don't want to start anything until we get the official okay to do so.

Might go have a play on World of Warcraft online......

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Day three.....

The swelling in my jaw has gone down slightly but things are still very tender and I can't open my jaw properly........things are on the improve though. Still need to take Panadeine Forte but I'm just going to try ordinary Panadol at lunch time as I have to drive this afternoon.
My hubby was supposed to be looking after me but the poor bugger has come down with a really bad virus and can hardly move - he is quite ill which is unusual for him. Hasn't helped that he pulled a muscle in his shoulder and lower back yesterday pulling out a bore pump! Oh well, such is life :-)

Here is a quote I came across the other day - I like it!

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude form achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.

W.W. Ziege

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Couldn't resist it mate........

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A new blog for me..

Thought I would finally start a dress diary for my next project - if you want to take a look, click on the title (it is a link).......

Day two........

Another glamourous image for you! LOL I spent a number of hours at the hospital last night as the bleeding in my mouth would not stop, I looked like a vampire with blood running down my chin! I think I may have disturbed a clot when I was removing the packing. Unfortunately it was sooooo busy at the hospital I didn't get to see a doctor but the nurses were extremely helpful and once the bleeding settled I was game to go home again. I have to say the pain has been pretty intense - I can only imagine that must be what it feels like to be hit up the side of the head with a baseball bat! I got about 3 hours sleep last night so I think I will be resting a fair bit today. My poor husband didn't get any sleep either and he had to go to work! At least I have the rest of the week off.
My eldest boy is running in cross country today in Cowra (about 3 hours drive away)and had to be at school before 6am (we live 15km from town so he was up at 4.45am). He won't get home until after 6pm tonight - he will be exhausted! I am so proud of him though for taking it on - it was his idea.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It has been done............

Well, as you can see by the photo I look a little worse for wear! LOL This was taken about 1/2 an hour after the surgery. The swelling has increased and I have bruising to look forward too but at least I am on the road to recovery and a life not ruled by my teeth!

The top one came out not too bad with only a stitch or two and some bone taken away. The bottom one on the other hand was a little tougher. A fair bit of bone had to be taken away and the tooth cut into pieces to be removed. I have a number of stitches in the bottom one. Nearly time for some more Panadeine. Luke warm soup for tea tonight! LOL

Time to lay down again........

Monday, June 11, 2007

One more sleep to go.........

Yep, that's right, one more sleep until I get my remaining two wisdom teeth removed! Huzzah!!! Not looking forward to the actual removal but can't wait to recover and get back to a life not ruled by my teeth!

Had a quiet long weekend with my inlaws on a sheep property about 100km away....had a nice time with the family, got some walks in, got to see the dams full and creeks flowing which has not happened in so long! Tragic though for Newcastle and Sydney.....

Went back and had a look at what I thought might have triggered the last lot of nastiness and feel comforted in the fact that again it was another 'blown completely out of proportion thing'......I re-read an email I thought might have been a trigger for a completely unfair comment in a report and can safely say I think that it was a complete and utter over-reaction yet again and taken completely out of context! I am no longer going to worry about it and feel I can reasonably explain the situation to anyone who cares to listen with an open mind. I am a little concerned about judgements people may make without knowing the whole story but I cannot worry about that either. If people do not want to hear both sides of the story then there is not much I can do about it.

Although I am not a religious person, one of my favourite things is the Serenity Prayer. I think some of the lines in it are just sheer common sense and I always try and think of it in situations like these......

The Serenity Prayer
God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
Forever in the next.

--Reinhold Niebuhr

I'll give an update post teeth extraction - may be a few days though........

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Mood: Disillusioned...........

Time for a rant - I am feeling extremely sad, angry an disillusioned all at the same time. I hate the fact that one person can have such a detrimental affect on something that is supposed to be fun.

Just when I thought things had finally settled down and we were getting back to some semblance of normality and understanding out of the blue comes a severe punch to the guts. I feel seriously deflated and fed up. I will have my mope but I refuse to let this person ruin a good thing and our fun. Knee jerk reaction - get f*@!d, I don't need this - I'm tired of your crap! Clear head - well some people just have a knack for upsetting others and not being able to see things from different angles. So - stay away from them and do our own thing anyway. I will continue to enjoy time with those that I consider to be good friends, be polite to the ones that irritate the heck out of me and spend as little time as possible with them. The worst part is though it doesn't just affect me - I feel sorry for those in our close knit group that also have to put up with the crap. I do not wish this person any harm however I would be more than happy to never have to lay eyes on them again!

I was so enjoying a renewed enthusiasm and direction with stuff, now it feels like back to square one.

I intend to pick myself up, dust myself off and continue on ........(although its days like today that you have to ask yourself 'Why?')

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Bubbling with excitement!

Yes, I am in a bit of a silly, happy mood! Had an unexpected call from House Drakkar today suggesting they may be interested in a War Practice at our camping event in August. Huzzah! That is good news! The event seems to be taking on a life of its own again which is great - I already have enough interested people locally for the event to go ahead.
Now I just need to get the planning happening and a list of jobs to do!
I started banner making tonight - the overhead projector is brilliant for making patterns! I've even copied some latin mottos to go on the standards! Got plans to make targets for archery too and a whole heap of other stuff!
Back into overdrive mode! LOL
Anyhoooo, time to take some more pain killers and toddle off to bed.......only 10 more sleeps!
Nighty night!

Pondering Life..........

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Such is life...........

Oh well, didn't get my teeth done on the 20th May as I was supposed too - stupid quack! I walked out at 11.45pm (yes nearly midnight) after still not being seen. The upside is I got to see what a quack this guy is and I'm now seeing a much better Dentist in Narromine - D-day is now 12 June. 13 sleeps and counting.........

Our Herald/Chronicler and Reeve have resigned their positions immediately - I'll be taking over the newsletter as Seneschal (and I don't mind doing it). I have had an application already for both the Reeve's and Herald's position, just need to finalise some details and wait to the closing date of the 16 June to see if there are any more applications. Then I can make announcements! Huzzah! It is so good to see how the group works together to sort things out.

Three major things for me with the SCA now are getting a webpage/online store organised for the Stock Clerk stuff, organising the weekend camping event for August and organising a bank account for the group via the Kingdom Exchequer (too boring to go into details here ).

For the camp I want to set up an area with lots of banners, pennons and fun stuff! I definately need to get a move on!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Update on life............

Okay, I know it, I have been slack again and not writing. The only thing that has gone up here lately is those silly quizzes (I have to agree with Aminah - I think it has become an addiction!), besides, I like a little silliness now and then to break what can be a stressful existence.

For those that may not know, my bloody wisdom teeth(the two remaining) have been giving me absolute hell for the last 2 months. 4 more sleeps and I get them out! Yippee!! To top it off I have the cold from hell which I am trying desperately to get rid of so I can get said teeth removed - I don't think I could take another six weeks of waiting! My 3 boys have had the cold from hell to and are still very snuffly! I watched a Knight's Tale again today while staying in bed - then slept for several hours. Another day of bed rest tomorrow and hopefully things will improve.

Just finished reading 'Lords of the White Castle' by Elizabeth Chadwick - a tale set in the late 12th, early 13th centuries in the time of Richard the Lionheart and King John. Absolutely loved it! Next on the list is 'Battleaxe' by Sara Douglas. I bought some books at the second hand book store yesterday to add to some sets I am collecting. I have updated my list and have around 200 fiction books - I have to update my non fiction ones yet. What can I say - I'm a book worm! I'd really love to start writing again too........ So many things to do, so little time to do it in!

Radburne's First Anniversary Demo and Feast went well - I've heard lots of positive comments about it. I even got my husband up to dance with me which is no mean feat let me tell you! He's actually talking about trying his hand at fighting though. We need to set up the archery range again too.........

Anyhoo........time to go lay down again.

This is definately bordering on addiction now!

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Couldn't resist!

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More silly things....

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Yay! A rainy afternnon!

We are actually getting a few showers which will help fill our rainwater tanks - yippee!

I'm home from work this afternoon - b*1*dy wisdom teeth are giving me hell and making me sick. Oh well, 13 days to go! (Pretty sad when you are counting down to go to an oral surgeon!) That's the joy of living in a rural community and you have to wait for the specialists to come up from Sydney. *sigh*

Too much sewing to do and not enough time! The usual dilema ;-)

I've signed up for a course on learning Shorthand - should be interesting! I'm hoping it will make taking meeting minutes easier!

Time for a Panadol and lay down.............

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

And another one!

You Belong in Paris

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Thanks Aminah!

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Introducing Sylvester.........

This is Clinton's cat Sylvester (aka Skitty Kitty or Little Man). He is now about 6 months old and the funniest thing! He loves pouncing on anything that moves and regularly lives dangerously by attacking the 'big cat' PJ (who is known to be quite grumpy!). His favourite thing is to get up on the back of the lounge and jump on the other cats as they walk past!

He is also very affectionate and quite attached to Clinton. He makes the funniest noise when he is happy - can't really put it into words but something like 'bbbbbrrrrrrrrrrooooooooowwww). LOL

It's a cat's life!

Cleopatra taking a 'cat nap'! What more can I say?

Dylan turns 9!

Well, my baby turned 9 on Monday 5th February. We are having a BBQ/party for him this Sunday. His cousin had his first baby on Monday as well (Liam) so Dylan was very excited. His comment (in the silly voice) was "I shall call him Mini Me!" Blew everyone away! (And no he hasn't seen Austin Powers but he has seen Kangaroo Jack!)

Happy birthday Squishybug!

Unemployed (for a week LOL)

Well, I finished my job *sniff sniff* last Friday. It was only a temporary position so I needed to find a permanent job (you know the usual - family, mortgage etc). I start my new job next Monday with DADHC. Sad to leave the old one but nervous excitement about the new one!

Went to Canberra last weekend and saw the 'Dead Egyptians' - thoroughly enjoyed taking my in-laws (who had never seen anything like this before, nor had they been to Canberra before) and my 12 year old who wants to be an Egyptologist got very excited about the 'Book of the Dead' and read some of the heiroglyphs! My other two boys enjoyed it too - Dylan's favourite was the mummified cat! Clinton got a little 'antsy' in the end (can't blame him) cause it was so busy and the line moved at a snail's pace. Our timetable (for want of a better word) went as follows:
* Drove down Friday afternoon - checked into the White Ibis Holliday Park in Sutton (can recommend them - stayed with them twice now, it is now our home away from home when we are in Canberra);
* Saturday - went to the 'Dead Egyptians' at the Art Gallery, went to the National Zoo, went to the National Museum, went back to the park for a swim and dinner;
* Sunday - went to Cockington Green, went to the National Dinosaur Museum, went to the Reptile Park (Dylan now wants a pet snake!) and drove home. Got back to Dubbo about 7pm.

Phew! Exhausting but lots of fun! Hoping to go back to Canberra (or Politarchopolis) in May for Crown Tourney. Just have to convince T!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Hmmm...........this is eerily too close to home! LOL

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Duchess Katrijn the Villainous of Much Madness upon Avon
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Friday, January 19, 2007

Huzzah, it's Friday!

Nothing like the end of the work week to get you thinking about stuff to do on the weekend. It's going to be another busy one but that's okay! Need to make a Simple Pie (meat) and an Apple Pie for the lunch tomorrow. My tastebuds are getting excited already! LOL

The stuff I ordered from Newcastle turned up (trim, snood etc). Huzzah! It went via Broken Hill - apparently Australia Post couldn't tell the difference between an 8 and a 3 .

My overhead projector turned up too so another toy to play with. Went and bought some film at lunch time so I can print and use! I think I will try it out on my banner making projects - trace a graphic instead of having to draw it! Much quicker methinks!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Another Day........

Well, starting to 'attack' my list of stuff......... I have booked for the Siege Tourney, just about completed a new shirt for m'lord husband (just need to add fastners on the cuffs and neck), have devices in draft form for Wolf and Geoffrey (they have been emailed to the Herald for conflict checking) and organised people of Saturday. Well, it's a start!

My stuff I ordered from Newcastle (trim and the like for m'lord husband's doublet) has gone missing in the post - thanks Australia Post! I'm also waiting on my overhead projector to turn up from Sydney *sigh*.

Had to take C to the doctor's this morning for a check up and off to Parkes tomorrow afternoon for a check up with the DORE program. Friday back to 'normal'. Can someone please remind me what normal is? My normal seems to be trying to juggle ten different things and running on adrenilin! Saturday is a house full of people (which will be good 'cause it's with my SCA friends) and an extra munchkin staying the night (one of T's friends).

Better do some work...............................

Monday, January 15, 2007

Getting back into SCA stuff........

Well, it's a new year and the first month is nearly half over! I guessed it was about time to start planning again as things tend to arrive much quicker than you think! So on the SCA front my to do list is (not in any particular order):
  1. Organise a get together for this Saturday. Catch up with friends and start thinking about the direction the group would like to move in this year;
  2. Start thinking about organising entertainment and the 'competition' for the Anniversary Feast in April (yikes!);
  3. Build a trebuchet;
  4. Book and pay for the Siege Tourney;
  5. Organise gear for the Siege Tourney and make the boys new clothes!;
  6. Make new outfits for the feast;
  7. Make banners;
  8. Organise a play for the Feast;
  9. Name and device for Dylan to be researched and registered;
  10. and probably lots of other things I have forgotten!!!!

Well, that should keep me out of trouble for a while!!!! (Hysterical giggling about now!)

I'm off the visit the Herald to lodge Trent's device re-submission.............

Back again!

Well, it has been a long, long time since anything was posted here! Between losing my password (i.e. forgetting my password!!!) and changing email addresses (you get the not being able to access picture LOL) I have finally got it sorted and I can post again! Huzzah! Now I just have to re-learn the features .

I'm going to put SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) stuff here too. If you want to know what I am talking about, go to

Happy thoughts!!!