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Friday, February 22, 2008

I have a Cam Boot!

Well, went back to the Ortho today - turns out I have a crack fracture in my talar bone (the one that sits between the leg and foot bones), a bruised bone and a bruised tendon (the one that runs from the inside of my ankle under the arch of the foot). Explains why my 'sprain' wasn't getting any better! I'm off work today (just cause it was so much mucking around at the fracture clinic) but will go back on Monday. I have to stay off my ankle for the next 5 weeks and stay on crutches - not looking forward to it. My arms are already tired from being on crutches for 6 weeks! It could be worse, the bone is not displaced - if it was, it would mean surgery! When I go back in 5 weeks for a check up we will see what happens next. Hopefully it will be repaired enough to start walking on a bit and start physio again.

Festival should be interesting on crutches! I'll be damned if I'm going to miss out now though!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Eeek! Festival is only 2 weeks away.....

Well, actually it is 5 weeks away but it is still EEEKKK! I had a plan - which didn't quite work out - I was going to be prepared for Festival. So what went wrong you ask? Well, I busted up my ankle nearly five weeks ago (which I was informed this morning could take 3 to 6 months to heal - I need to have an MRI on Tuesday to check for ligament damage) so haven't been doing much, then T had second thoughts about going mainly to do with the 'stuff' being circulated around a wet site etc, and also could we be prepared to camp in the wet?
So now what? (Valentine's Day as it turned out was a *good* day to talk about stuff :-)) We are now going - I need to book (initially we were going to do at the gate but why should I put the organisers out when I know how difficult it can be organising a small scale event let alone something the size of Festival?) -could you imagine 300 people turning up unbooked, to camp? That would be horrendous! (sp?)
Need to make garb - lots of it! I think I will cheat with the boys duds though - they have some 'good' ones but I think trackie dacks will be a good alternative this year for extra ones. Need to make sure all our camping gear (modern) is in order - at least our campsite will be down the back so won't be too much of an eyesore! Need to work out food/menu, Stock Clerk stuff and how to keep it dry and oh so many other things! I sooooooooo want to go to Festival but at the same time I am a little aprehensive as I have no idea what to expect. We day tripped to Crossroads in 2005 and 2006 which is totally different to camping at the new site! (As I also reminded T, I have been camping in the rain for him before on fishing trips, so why should this be any different? I even have photos of a tarp on poles over the camp fire to keep it going! LOL)
Conrad wants to get authorised as a banner bearer - which means - learn the rules (he has made a start on that), get armour (I think his dad's may fit but it all needs padding etc) and organise for it to happen. (Miles is helping find out about that one for me - thanks Miles!)
Looking forward to visiting the lovely Aminah on Sunday with the equally fantabulous Johanna - it will be nice to have coffee, cake and a catch up! (Plus I get to ruffle Aminah's new sexy short hair and get to meet Max the Cat!)
PJ, one of our cats has not been home since Monday morning - hopefully she just realises she has an appointment with the vet tomorrow and is just away until that is over! She has been away for this long before but I must admit I am getting worried - Wolfstanus will be devestated (as will the rest of us) as it is his cat. Such is the nature of the beast.
Lunch is over - back to work!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love this quote on my desktop calendar today:

"We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly"

Today is not about expecting gifts but taking the time to reflect and remember to let the people you care about know how much you DO care. We should remember to do this throughout the year, but today is a good day to make that extra effort!

As an aside, I'm back to the Ortho tomorrow for a CT scan - wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hump Day!

It is officially hump day today - otherwise known as the middle of the working week. It's the downhill run now to the weekend! Yay! Although I must admit it feels like Friday - I am so exhausted!

Went to the Ortho last Friday (5 hour wait - what fun! They saw over 100 patients that day!) and he wants me to wait until the 15th February before they do a CT scan on my ankle/foot. The x-ray has shown that I have a Fibula coalition with the calcaneus so he thinks that may be why the healing is taking longer than usual. (In easy terms - part of the joint in my ankle is fused together which means I naturally have less sideways movement in that ankle, hence the longer healing time.) Downside of that is that if because of that issue the ankle doesn't heal, I may require surgery to either 'slice the bones apart' or 'fuse them completely' to stabilise the ankle. So, it's still a waiting game. I've had no change in pain levels in the last week so it looks like I will have to go back for a CT scan. Crutches are still my friend although I use them less because they are such a nuisance! I'm driving too and from work at the moment - it's a bit painful but do-able. I wouldn't like to try and drive any further at the moment though!

Off to Cowra this weekend - we are caravan shopping (we have our eye on a 26 footer that needs repair) and going to the museums etc. Will be nice to do something different this weekend!

Conrad was doing Laser Tag for sport at school today, he was so excited. Can't wait to hear how he went! Gryffen turned 10 yesterday so we went to Hog's Breath for dinner - yummy as always! Wolfstanus has been suffering with Migraine (had to pick him up from school yesterday) so hopefully he will be a bit better this afternoon!

Quote of the day (from my desktop calendar)
'Ask a lot, but take what is offered.' Russian Proverb

Friday, February 01, 2008

Foot update.......

Yes, it's been a while, yes there are lots of things to update, no I'm not going to do it now :-)

My foot still hasn't healed after 18 days - the physio feels more investigation is required as it is not acting like 'a normal sprain'. One suggestion is it could be Syndesmotic sprain (ligament that joins the shin bone to the foot) so off to the Ortho clinic at the hospital at lunch time today. What joy! (I'm hoping it's not that as it will be a long recovery.)

Watch this space!

As an aside, all three boys are happily back at school - an update will appear here sometime in the future.