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Friday, July 31, 2009

Life is insane

and it helps if you are insane as well - at least that is my excuse and I am sticking to it!

Very, very busy as usual. Warcrack has been my refuge and unwind at the end of the day - even though I really know I should be sewing instead, I need the unwind time!

Work is amazingly busy but I am enjoying all the learning I am doing and the interactions, even though some can be stressful at times. It's all about finding the balance.

Preparations for RWIII are going well - bookings are still an issue. Why is it people cannot say 'Hey, I'm coming' instead of me getting it third hand or 'Hey, I'd like to come but I won't know until the day before'. I know, I know, it's the SCA! It is so hard to organise an event when people just cannot be bothered to let you know what is happening. And yes, I know I am not the only one this happens too, it seems to be a bit of a cultural thing. As it stands, I have about 45 bookings including kids - about 13 have paid in total. A few have made arrangements to pay on the day (which is fine, if I know before hand), a few have said they will be depositin monies today, which is fine, but always find this part the most stressful. Dammit I need to know! (Control freak - yes I know :-))

I keep saying this is the last one, and then when things have calmed down and everyone goes away happy, I relent and do another one :-) I must admit it would be nice to actually go to an event and just hang out and not do much instead of running around like the proverbial headless chook, but is that really me? LOL All I need to do is travel to an event.............for that I need time and money *sigh*. I am hoping next year will be better time wise and we can get to a few more events. On the plans are a Rowany event (we couldn't go to Bunch o'classes 'cause Gryffen had his tonsils out the day before), Border War (did make that one this year), Spring War (cannot go this year due to medical appointment in Sydney) and a Polit event (went to their Baronial Championship last October which was nice). Will see what comes up for the rest of the year............................and I need to get my armour finished, and I need to make a gambeson, and I have a sh*&load of sewing to do.........need to finish Conrad's doublet (I know, I know), the shirts aren't going to get made, still need to finish my Italian, have new patterns to try, need to get Elizabethan flat caps (3) made before next weekend too!

Okay, I admit it, I am crazy ;-)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Welcome Princess!

Goodbye Sylvester

you are an awesome cat and will be missed!

Mixed bag this week

Terry and I both had a week off work this week - has been a very mixed week!

Started off okay last Saturday and then the boys went to their cousin's Sunday night. We had a quiet dinner at home and settled in to watching Season 2 of The Tudors on DVD. All was good until about 9pm when Sylvester suddenly couldn't walk and became very distressed - then started panting. We were frightened he may have got a bait - we rang the vet and organised to meet him. On the way in we were talking and I began to worry about the heart murmur he had. Turns out I was right - to cut a long ugly story short, Sylvester had a blood clot that went to his lungs and a main artery. He needed to be put down to end his suffering as nothing could be done. The vet was quite upset he could not do anything either - lots of tissues and tears later we said our goodbyes. It was heart breaking having to tell the boys on Monday, especially poor Conrad. Sylvester was only three years old.

We have now adpoted two new kittens from the RSPCA - Princess who is now home with us (she is lovely). She almost pulled two of her stitches out (after being desexed), has managed to get out of the e-collar and managed to get the bandage off her belly! Talk about a little monster! She is a real talker and very affectionate - she is asleep on the lounge with Terry now. She also likes Vegemite!

Little Candy that we also adopted has had to remain at the RSPCA. When the vet shaved her belly for her op, they discovered she had a skin infection. As she is so tiny, she has not been able to fight it off herself. She had an injection on Tuesday and if that does not clear it they will give her antibiotics. I am going to see her tomorrow and see if they have any idea when she might be able to come home. She adopted Terry - it was so cute!

Wolfstanus, Gryffen and I have volunteered to help out at the RSPCA - had my tetanus shot on Tuesday (I was overdue for my booster) so need to drop the vaccination certificate in as well as copies of the boys' vaccinations. Wolfstanus is due for a booster next month which he isn't too impressed about - he needs to get a blood test done tomorrow too to check his iron levels are back up to normal.

Haven't had much luck with chickens lately either - we have had another 3 die and one more which seems a bit 'off'. On the upside, we actually got 3 eggs today!

With some help from family, they began painting the new structures for RWIII - it's really starting to look good. Plans are coming together although bookings are really slow - unless we get a last minute rush it will be the smallest one we have had. We will still have fun though! It doesn't look like my armour will be ready in time - that's okay though, I will authorise next time.

We won't be going to Spring War this year which is a little disappointing - I need to see an allergy specialist in Sydney the week after so cannot do both. The allergy specialist is much more important - there is always next year!

Due to it being 'one of those weeks' I haven't done hardly anything I planned too! At least I got some of the war planning done and we had a nice day out today - we went to McFeeter's Car Museum in Forbes and 'The Dish' at Parkes. Good family day out with the five of us plus my mum and dad. If you are ever out that way, definitely worth visiting!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Transformers 2

Went to the movies tonight to see Transformers 2 with the boys. Had a great family night out and one of Conrad's friends came too. Really, really enjoyed the movie! Will definitely get it when it comes out on DVD. If we had to pick a transformer, Terry would say Ironhide is his favourite - I'd have to toss up between Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. I think I'd pick Bumblee though! LOL

We all hope they make a third one!



Optimus Prime

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

And the second half of the year is upon us.......

OMG, where has the time gone? I just never seem to get here to write anymore! So, I think dot points are the way to go. So here goes.......
* Gryffen is back bouncing off the walls again which is great
* Wolfstanus sprained his ankle last week and is still hobbling around but the CT scan showed no major damage thank goodness!
* Conrad has his hand/arm in plaster - the little episode of punching the brick wall a few weeks ago resulted in a fractured hand (3rd knuckle). He has two weeks in a half cast, then back to the fracture clinic for an x-ray. If all is good the cast stays off, if it hasn't healed then it will be a full cast
* Work is crazy busy - road tripped to Orange and Bathurst last week, need to go back there again next week
* Terry is 150km the other side of Bourke for a few days
* Target Archery this weekend
* Last weekend got the bridge built, the timber list field built and started re-enforcing the structure for the tavern
* Wolfstanus cracked me up when he had his CT scan last Saturday - when he got out he said 'My foot when through the Stargate, the aliens took pictures on the other side and sent them back via email'. Nothing wrong with his imagination!!!
* Been too tired or too busy to sew - I have a week off work soon so hope to get a heap done then
* Stupid ankles/feet are playing up something shocking - haven't been back to acupuncture as it was very painful last time and I just haven't got the time. Need to get back though 'cause it does help
* Didn't get to the gym last week - too much on. Did go the two Tuesdays before that. I was going to go today but didn't get away from work in time *sigh*. Hope to go tomorrow but not entirely hopeful ;-) Having lunch with a friend so can't go then, having dinner with mum and dad so need to try and get away from work a little early. Good luck with that! LOL
* We are nursing a hurt chicken at the moment - one of the Silkies has hurt her leg so she is living in a box in the shed. She is a lot more alert now she is getting food and water (she cannot move much and she keeps putting her leg straight out in front of her). At least she has a chance now - she would have died if we had of left her in the pen 'cause she couldn't get to food and water. We don't know what she has done - Terry said it doesn't feel like the leg is broken or dislocated, only time will tell.
* Had Shadow to the vet last week - he needed to be castrated, have his heart worm annual injection, get micro chipped and have his leg stitched. He cut his leg open on something - didn't really bleed but was deep. Back to the vet on Thursday to get the stitches out.
* Having my brain dead TV night - Australia's Next Top Model, Bridezillas and Housewives of Atlanta mixed with playing Warcrack! LOL
* Looking forward to RWIII - there are still a lot of loose ends and lack of bookings but it is slowly coming together. Really looking forward to catching up with friends including one who is traveling half way around the world!
* Need to book Terry in for his tattoo soon - when he has an appointment he will have to finalise the design! LOL Of course I have an ulterior motive, when he gets his I can get my next one (which I would like for Christmas) :-)

And now I think I will catch up on friends journals and blogs which I haven't had a chance to do for ages!!!