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Monday, July 30, 2007

It's been a while........

since I posted here. I blame work, being sick etc and just not getting around to it! Playing World of Warcraft online probably has something to do with it too!

Nothing like having the flu to stop and take a breath! I've been to the doctors today - back on antibiotics due to an acute case of sinusitis and a throat infection. The three boys have had a dose of it too and hubby is 'dying' as well. The boys have been fantastic tonight looking after us! Strict instructions from the doctor for bed rest again tomorrow (I slept most of the afternoon today)!

The Tavern night was brilliant - lots of fun, good company and brilliant food! Thanks Francesca and Oz! The monthly gathering in the park was good but bloody freezing!

Went to The Entrance a bit over a week ago with hubby (no kids!) which was great. I love my kids dearly but it is the first time hubby and I have been away alone in 3 years - it was nice! Went shopping on the Saturday - got new shirts for hubby (skulls and dragons) and I got a new jacket (Emily the Strange), cool stilleto boots and accessories. The girls at work thought it was very 'rock chick'! I also got a black long sleeve t-shirt with three pink skull and crossbones on the front with 'bows in their hair'. My mum thought it was cute! I like it too! Went to the Diggers Club both nights for tea and on the Saturday night listened to a band for a while.

Off to Wagga for my great nephews Christening (yes, it is the son of my nephew)this weekend (which I have to finish making my skirt for!) and then the war weekend the following one! Had lots of help from the group at the working bee on Saturday which was much appreciated! Had to clarify my 'timetable' posting to the lists tonight as there was a bit of confusion (understandably) about war times etc - I blame the blocked head (although I am sure there are some that would say what is new?)

We have 37 confirmed bookings for the war weekend which is way more than I was expecting - is good though! Plans are coming together and jobs have been allocated. Cooking has been allocated and all is going along well............I probably won't get everything done that I was originally hoping (new dress, banners etc) but it is okay - it isn't the end of the world!

Anyhow, off to my medication and bed again!


How evil are you?

Friday, July 06, 2007

The Treasure Chest

Well, plans are underway for the treasure chest. T will construct it and I have some promised donations. So far, the prize consists of:
* Hand made chest
* Several necklaces
* Radburne Banner
* Packs of herbs
* Ceramic goblets
* Dagger
* Sweet meats

Just need to work out what the other tokens will be for other things!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

War has been declared at Radburne!

Well, a play war anyway! Where people get dressed up in armour and have rattan swords, archers etc all in the name of fun. Our little camping weekend is starting to grow and with a bit of luck will end up with a full blown war weekend!

The beauty of it is, if we don't get the numbers for the war for whatever reason we can still hold our camping weekend. I'm getting T to make a treasure chest so we can fill it with spoils of war for the victor. Just need to work out what the spoils of war are going to be!! Hmmm.....this could turn out to be an interesting weekend!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Things are on the move.......

Well, things are certainly moving along. We are getting the paperwork together to become officially the 'Shire of Radburne' and drop the 'proposed' bit - still got some ways to go though. Getting a bank account organised for the group which will make life a lot easier. The camping event for August has been approved so starting to get things together there. Making a banner for T and actually hand sewing the applique which is a first for me! LOL Went to fighter practice yesterday and had one of our distant members stay with us. Huge day at work today with a bigger one set for tomorrow - can't say I'm bored! Got the newsletter out tonight so all is going along.......