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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Clever husband

who has made his first gauntlet from the armouring book he got for his birthday ;-) How cool is this?

Feeling better..........

Had my first acupuncture appointment this morning - it was awesome! I was pleasantly surprised I must admit! I need to go back for the rest of this week and all of next week - then we will see what happens after that. Lots of work to do! LOL It has already relieved some of the swelling in my face (from the migraines) and I must admit I feel very relaxed! Off to physio this afternoon too.....

Had a good weekend - meeting went well regarding the feast and tourney next month - everyone came up with good ideas and is getting involved. Even if it only ends up with 'just us' it is still going to be lots of fun! I also had a Sydney Uni student contact me (she is doing a Masters in Documentary Photography) who wants to come and take photos that will be used in a book and display at the end of the year. Need to let the group know and see what they say...........

Apart from that, not much news. Just the same problems at home again (software issues I think) which are driving me nuts! *le sigh*

Anyhow, had my coffee break - back to work!

Friday, March 27, 2009

It's Friday

and all of that. Cursed migraine since Monday has meant several days off work in a darkened room taking medication that zombifies. I think the migraine has been caused by several things - awful fluro lighting at work combined with many, many hours on the computer doing 'fine' detail accounting combined with needing a new supportive pillow combined with nasty sinuses etc. Got myself a new pair of sunnies at lunch time that cut out lots more glare and cover my eyes better (also picked up two new tops [grin]). Got a new pillow last night that is very comfy (a lot less neck pain this morning) and I am going to get acupuncture next Tuesday. (Haven't been before but have had lots of good feed back from many people) Migraine also meant cancelling physio yesterday (I couldn't drive) so need to get that done next Tuesday also. Of course the other scenario is that I am turning into a vampire and light is therefore my enemy! Bwahahahahaha!

Happy Birthday to my other half - hope it's a good one and we get to celebrate many more together! Despite the fact that you drive me (more) insane at times, I still think you are awesome and would not trade you for anything in the world or the world itself ;-) I could not imagine my life without you.

Conrad has been doing really well at school and has brought home another three certificates this week - two for Maths and one for History :-) Gryffen is happy as he is home today as it is a 'pupil free day' for 'staff development' and Wolfstanus is still sick. He has gone back to school today and I haven't had a phone call yet (Pop had to pick him up at lunch time yesterday and he had been off all week.) Hopefully the antibiotics will start to do their work soon (he has an infection in his tonsils, throat and ear).

Anyhow, lunch break over so back to work!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blah blah blah blah

If you don't want to read a whinge then stop reading now.

I have had a headache since last Friday, last night it turned into a migraine, I am at work today but not functioning 100% due to having to take Panadeine Forte to take the 'edge' off.

My other foot has decided to go out in sympathy with my 'bad one' - I think it's a tendon issue due to walking around the block last night in thongs ;-) Oh well, back to the physio on Thursday. Today I cannot decide which foot I need to limp with! LOL

Wolfstanus is still off school - sick again. Kristy is taking him to the doctors for me today. Do you know how hard it is to get into a doctor at Dubbo? Even the medical centre is now becoming impossible! We found a doctor that would see him at 4pm today only because there was a cancellation. The problem is most doctors won't take new patients and the medical centre is so over run it isn't funny!

Bought a snazzy pair of shoes when I went to get my lunch ;-) Time to eat now!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Another week begins

and we are heading to the end of March. Bl**dy hell! Who hit the fast forward button? I'm taking a five minute break from spread sheets so thought I would do a flying post (which seems to be all I am capable of at the moment). I'm beginning my sixth week into my project at work - wow! It's been very interesting. I have completed my first preliminary report and the powers to be are happy with what I have been doing so I am happy too :-)

Still have a bit of this virus - woke up coughing badly at 3:20am this morning and I still have a nagging head ache that I have had for about 4 days now. There is a bit of it going around - cannot wait to get rid of it so I can go and get my flu vaccination!! Wolfstanus is home sick today too - he is staying with my in laws as my parents are away.

The weekend was a bit of a blur - got a bit done but not all that I wanted too. (Photos haven't been uploaded *sigh*). Saturday we spent most of the day in town doing shopping and odd jobs, the afternoon was spent with the in-laws, BBQ dinner then laughing at the boys in armour ;-) The funniest is my husband - he hates being 'poked' so when Pete procedes to do that, Terry literally growls (which is hillarious coming out of a skull faced helm) and then beats Pete up. I believe the comments were 'why couldn't we fight like that at authorisation in Albury?' I believe guys there were several reasons: heat, the end of a busy weekend, the end of a week of fire fighting (for Pete), locked up shoulders for Terry etc. Don't be so hard on yourselves, k? Looking at getting them authorised in May at the anniversary tourney - reminder to self - contact Gui. Then played WoW for a few hours, then bed.....

Sunday saw washing (all day), baking cakes, muffins, roast beef, baked vegies (nom nom nom), getting ATO software loaded so I could complete the BAS, completing book work, spending more time with the in-laws, more WoW and watching Hogan's Heroes on DVD until midnight ;-)

We are heading off to Sydney the weekend after Easter to stay with my sister in law for the weekend. We are going to take the River Cat to the city (from Dundas)to see the Star Wars exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum. We haven't stayed there for 2.5 years so really looking forward to it. I also want to go to the Dutch shop at Smithfield.......

Okay, times up - back to work!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ponderings on my little universe

Well, it's been a while again. A brief summary of happenings:
* Been sick again (sinus/throat/chest infection *thing*) - starting to get on the mend
* I now have plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis so back to physio *sigh*
* The boys had mates out for a camp over last weekend (Friday night to Sunday lunch) - 5 extra boys but they were great!
* Work is very busy but very rewarding
* Starting to get organised for the Anniversary Feast and Tourney in May
* Insanely contemplating running a May Crown event - was thinking 2011 but I think that may be out. That year we have a 30th, two 40ths, a 50th, a 60th, a 70th, two 18ths and a 21st that I can think of quickly. Three of those fall in May including Conrad's 18th! So may need to look at 2012 ;-) (Do those years sound wrong to anyone else? Although saying 2009 still seems weird! LOL) I am going to do some research though and see if a) it is plausible or b) I have completely and utterly gone insane! LOL
* My hand raised chickens have all gone into the big pen now - will upload photos to Chickadee Chirpings in the next few days
* Got a heap of work done to the paddock, fort and camping space a few weekends ago. Got big plans for the tavern ;-)
* Terry and Pete are still training as heavies and have plans for armour
* I am thinking about becoming a combat archer - Terry is going to make armour for me.
* Shadow is growing in leaps and bounds and is turning out to be a very good dog
* Been playing WoW the last few nights instead of doing other stuff ;-)
* Been re-learning to play the flute. I've been doing about half an hour a night when I can (except when I was too sick). It's a little frustrating 'cause my wrist aches now and I need to get the breathing happening correctly again but I really have missed playing. After 22 years I can expect to be a bit rusty I guess!!! At least I can still read music LOL.

Anyhow, back to work!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Things that make you go AARRRGGHH part 2

* Insurance claims
* IP companies that have no customer service
* Being sick
* Having sick kids
* Watching people make their lives more difficult than they need to be - hey crap happens but you don't need to add to it by not thinking things through!
* Inconsiderate people
* Not being appreciated

Good things this last week:
* Considerate people
* Using the ride on lawn mower down the paddock
* Getting new computer
* Being told by the ankle specialist physiotherapy and a night splint should help my tendon issues
* Being told low HEELED shoes are a good thing for my ankle (yay for shopping)
* Being appreciated for the work I am doing on my project
* Making progress on my project at work
* Cute puppies and kitties that love to cuddle up to you and make you feel better even when you are feeling crap
* When kids realise on their own they have done something wrong and offer an apology without being prompted
* Kids cuddles and trying to make you feel better when you feel crappy :-)

And now back to some more work..........

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Things that make you go AAARRRGGGHHH!!

A quick update - things are sorted - things could have been sorted Monday if someone just talked about things instead of bottling them up and having a knee jerk reaction. Doesn't help when said person is tired and cranky ;-)

After lengthy *good* discussions and some venting, things are back on track and plans are being made. All is right with the world again.

I still want to go AAARRRGGGGHHH! LOL

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Feeling calmer

about the whole situation - probably because I have a plan of action ;-) I have decided to talk to the person whether they like it or not and have some suggestions for them such as taking things slowly and see how it goes. Also trying to get them to let me know exactly what level of involvement they are thinking about - lack of clarity on this can tend to make one jump to conclusions! *sigh* Why does something so simple have to be so complicated??? I think the reason is because people do not wish to discuss things anymore and communication isn't that great! I get so frustrated when people won't talk about things and feelings get hurt, conclusions get jumped too and all for the lack of talking! *sigh*

Although hitting them over the head with a big stick may not help, it may make me feel better! LOL


Why is it when you think that things are finally on track, people have come together and are enjoying themselves, that someone has to pull the rug from under your feet at great speed so you come crashing down? WTF is it with that!?! How can someone go from being enthusiastic, making plans with you and being excited about the future one day and the next go 'Oh by the way, I don't want to be involved with that at all anymore....' I guess the frustrating thing is when the person does not want to discuss the reasons why and just says 'I've been thinking about it.' End of discussion - won't talk, won't discuss.....Ahhhhhhh!!!! Talk about wanting to pull your hair out!! After being quite upset by the whole thing I have decided I will carry on anyway with those that wish to partake - if this person no longer wishes to do so then that is their problem, I am not going to miss out because they have changed their mind - they will just have to deal with it! Of course, there is always the possibility that they will change their mind again - has been known to happen ;-)

Yes, I am okay, yes I am being cryptic - no, I do not wish to discuss it - I just needed to go 'blah' to get it off my chest so I don't stew on it.

Speaking of stews, I have beef and mushroom ragout stewing in the slow cooker at home for dinner tonight - think I will have mashed potatoes with it....nom, nom, nom!

Got all the stuff from the weekend packed away last night so at least you can walk in the front door without tripping over suitcases! Just need to do the mountain of washing - I think if I do one load a night I'll get through it all ;-)

Looking forward to doing target archery on Saturday (weather permitting) as I haven't had a shot for ages!!!!

I like the quote that is on my desktop calendar today - 'Success is not forever and failure is not fatal - Don Shula'. Talk about being right for the moment!!!

Anyhow, back to work.........

Monday, March 02, 2009

Border War was fun........

We had a great weekend away, got to play, caught up with friends and made some new ones. We also got to learn a heap of new stuff with regard to armour and fighting/training techniques which is very helpful!

Pete didn't get to Albury until Saturday lunch time but returned to us in one piece despite being overwhelmed by the experience and very tired! We are so happy to have him home safely!

Wars were fun to watch Saturday morning however the afternoon activities were cancelled due to the heat. There was a slight mix up with the set up of the IKAC so it didn't go ahead - we played archery golf (thanks to Keagan's suggestion) for a while but it just got too hot. I ended up with a bit of heat stroke but was okay after I cooled down and had lots to drink (non-alcoholic!). We went for a dip in the pool which was absolutely freezing! I thought our dam was bad but it was colder in the pool - we didn't stay in very long.

Duke Cornelius was very patient with our questions all weekend and very helpful on the armouring/fighting/training information side. Thanks to a suggestion of his I have now ordered Terry's birthday present ;-)

Wolfstanus authorised as a banner bearer and he had a heap of fun too!

The fighter auction on Saturday evening was so much fun and very entertaining! I think it was a highlight for Kristy who said she really enjoyed it. I got to learn some English Country dances with Gryffen (who did really well I might add) until my ankle said enough is enough!

We saw some of the heavy tourney but missed the Combat Archery tourney and boffer tourney yesterday because we had to leave to get home at a reasonable time. We still didn't get home until 7pm and we are all happily buggered!!!

Pete and Terry did not authorise as heavies - they need to do some more training and on the day they were plagued by injuries that did not allow them to fight too long. We now have so much more information which will allow us to train better and know what we need to work on! Terry is going to make me some armour and Kristy and I will train with the boys as well. Don't think I will authorise as a heavy (in Terry's words - no way) but it is possible I may end up as a combat archer ;-) We have come back revitalised and with so much more useful information.

You know you are in the SCA have been at an event all weekend, spent most of the day driving, come home and get all the stuff out of the car, are absolutely stuffed but pick up the boffers to play some more!!! LOL

Terry isn't sure if he is going to pursue becoming a heavy - his shoulders are that bad this morning he could hardly lift his arms. Will take it a bit at a time and see what happens......he does intend to stay a combat archer though!

Anyhow, gotta get something to eat and head back to work! I hope to put some photos up this evening if the internet decides to work at home!