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Thursday, October 25, 2007


It's Thursday, it's actually raining (very lightly I might add) and I'm on a lunch break so thought I would 'jot' down some thoughts rambling around my head.

It seems funny writing things here on the blog - it's like writing into a void - the thoughts and ideas are put out there - but nothing comes back. It's kind of like talking to yourself. This can be good sometimes but at other times it is quite frustrating.

Speaking of frustrating - one of my pet peeves is drivers who sit 20 to 30 km per hour under the speed limit on a highway in ordinary (i.e. dry and daylight conditions - no they are not L or P platers - they have a legal reason for driving slower)! In my opinion, slow drivers can be just as dangerous as fast drivers on the open road! Copped two of those on the way to work this morning - didn't help the blood pressure as I was running a tad late anyway! Murphy's Law states the slow drivers will be out and about when you are running late!

I've been feeling a bit 'blah' latelty too - no energy and don't feel like doing too much, even though I have so much to do it isn't funny!!!

Getting things together for the Tourney and Tavern Feast next month. I've got a stack of things to do for that too - made a list last night so will just have to get through them one by one.......

Anyhow, off to get something to eat and back to work.......

Monday, October 15, 2007

Abercrombie House, Bathurst NSW

These are a few of the photos I took yesterday when we visited Abercrombie House in Bathurst NSW - it is a most amazing place. This was our third visit and my parents first - they were totally blown away by it all as well! If you ever get the chance, you should go and see it, it is truly amazing. The family that own Abercrombie House are very passionate about its restoration and a wealth of information. They are kind people that open up their home to the public to share it's wonder and it truly is an amazing thing.

It was great to take the boys back there now they are older and can really appreciate all Abercrombie House has to show.

I hope to upload the rest of the photos in the next few days - I took some of the plasterwork and original wallpaper - it is really beautiful!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Saturday was a sad day...........

Saturday was not a very good day. We went from the 'Great Chook Escape' to the 'Great Chook Massacre'. Wolfstanus had gone to feed the chooks and came running back saying 'Mum, mum, the gate is open and the chooks are gone!' We went from disbelief to 'I think we need to search for bodies - there is no way they could have survived'.

I sent the boys to start looking for the missing chooks whilst I got my shoes on. It wasn't long before we found them - they hadn't gotten too far - they were all dead. All that is, except for one hiding under a bush. The boys managed to catch her and we put her back in the pen - she was very shaken but I am happy to report she has bounced back. A little black chook we call 'Lady Luck'. It was sad to lose them all and they will be missed, especially the Silkie Rooster and Hen (Henry and Henrietta).

We were worried about the sole survivor being lonely so we went chook shopping yesterday. We bought some young grey bantam hens (4 in total - Poppet, Sylvanus, Violet and Katherine) and two white Silkie Hens (Elizabeth and Fergie) and two white Silkie roosters (Cap'n Jack and George). We have re-done the gate to the chook pen and now have a gate on the chook house as well so they are completely safe of an evening. Our new chookies are only young so it will be some time before they are laying - but that's okay. We hope to get some older Silkies soon - we have put our order in.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Another week is drawing to a close........

My how time flies when you are having fun! My week off work has just about come to an end. I've done some of the stuff I wanted to do, but certainly not all of it! Doesn't help that I've got tonsilitis - it sux! Had to go to the doctors today and I'm back on antibiotics *sigh*

Took the boys to see 'Ratatouille' on Tuesday - funny movie! We all enjoyed it. Got some banner sorting out done, tidied up the house, caught up on my washing, played WoW yesterday and today. Haven't done too much research for garb though - who knows, if I can't sleep again tonight I might get up and do the research then ;-)

Got my first bookings this evening for the Tourney of the Yellow Rose in November - at least it's a start! Got some more organising to do. Cyriac said he may even come to fighter practice on Sunday - depends on how he is feeling. Hopefully better than tonight! He has been on the shovel and crowbar (digging up concrete) all day today so is very sore! Cut his arm open, cut his hands, has a huge blood blister on his finger from where he got it caught between the hammer and the chisel.........what can I say? He has to work again tomorrow too!

Conrad spent the day at a mate's today and had a great time. Wolfstanus and Gryffen got stuck going to the doctor with me and having to do jobs ;-) They were good though!

It's my mum's birthday next Friday so I need to find a gift for her. She is always happy with 'something for the garden' ;-) I will have to have a think about it - not good at the moment with my head being so fuzzy!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

On holidays - yay!

Well, I officially have a week off work starting today - huzzah! Today has so far been spent washing, I need to do some baking, I have got the Red River Runes ready for publication - just waiting on two last minute items from people, I have updated my dress diary (and this blog ;-)) and I hope to do some research this afternoon for my next projects (which will be more garb for the whole family). I also want to research making a shade pavillion. Cyriac has been busily making banner stands that I also need to paint.

I think I may even watch Vanity Fair whilst sorting out the washing this afternoon ;-) I hope to take the boys to the movies tomorrow.

Went to a first birthday party on Saturday in Warren and spent the day at Mudgee yesterday. It was great spending some together with Cyriac and the boys.

The weekend prior we went to the Western Plains Zoo - spent a lovely day there. The otters and the meerkats are my favourite to watch!