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Monday, January 28, 2008

Funnily enough - this is my favourite car!

I'm a Ford Mustang!

You're an American classic -- fast, strong, and bold. You're not snobby or pretentious, but you have what it takes to give anyone a run for their money.

"Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday of a new week.......

It's been a few days since I've written anything - WoW has had me! LOL

The gathering on Saturday went well - pretty much all the active members turned up and we got through a heap of stuff and had a good afternoon! Looking forward to this year.......

Had my first physio appointment for my ankle yesterday - went well. At this stage, the physio doesn't think I've done any major damage which is good - time will tell! I must admit though by last night the ankle had swollen up again and was extremely painful - had a full day at work yesterday. This morning it is aching again and I've had to take my shoe off and re-strap it. The inside where all the bruising is has become quite painful again (it never really stopped aching)and just doesn't stop. The panadol isn't having much of an affect at all today. I'm due to get an x-ray on Monday but I might ask for a bone scan insted - just to save time and double check things! The outside of the foot keeps 'pulsating' too which is quite an odd feeling! I will be so glad when things are 'back to normal'!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Update on the foot 'thang'

I went to my GP last night for a follow up (I went to work yesterday and it nearly killed me! My arms and good leg were so tired when I got home I nearly went splat on the verendah - thank the gods T was there to catch me!). The doctor told me I could be on my crutches for up to 4 weeks! I have to go back in 10 days for another x-ray and it it isn't better in 4 weeks I will need a bone scan.

Spent a couple of hours at the fracture clinic at the hospital this morning and made an appointment for the physiotherapist - I need to go there on Monday at 8.30am before work. What a pain in the preverbial this is turning out to be! I have a kind of shuffle thing happening now so I can get around without falling over - I think a snail would more than likely beat me in a race though!!

On other news, we have our first SCA meeting/gathering here tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to catching up with everyone and talking about some planning for upcoming events. Huzzah!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

36 hours after the injury...........

I normally don't bruise but it is starting to come out now...........

Monday, January 14, 2008

Okay, I admit it, I'm a doofus!

Well, this is probably not news to most of you - but I have excelled myself today! Whilst walking back from my mum and dad's this morning to head to the car to go to work, I misjudged the bottom step and down I went. There was a resounding 'crack' from my ankle. I sat in the dirt and cried for a moment or two - then thought 'Okay - now how do I get inside?' By this time my mum had already gone to work, my dad couldn't see me (down a hill) and the boys were all still asleep in bed. I managed to get myself up and hopped to the back door - locked! Damn! I hopped down the path, crawled up the steps on the verandah, hopped to the front door and inside. I then got the phone and crashed on the lounge. I rang my dad and told him I had a slight problem - he came right down.
As it is my right foot I hurt I cannot drive so dad and the boys piled in the car and we drove to the hospital. Three hours later I came out with crutches and a bandaged foot. The x-rays did not show any fractures so it has been put down to a bad sprain and pulled ligaments (the cracking noise was the ligaments in my foot). I have 3 days off work and a note to go to my GP in a week to make sure everything is healing the way it is supposed too. I will be on crutches for a while I think - I can't put any pressure at all on my right foot without collapsing in a heap! The boys have been looking after me today - they are so sweet!

On happier news, I got two cotehardies made for Wolfstanus yesterday. It is a new pattern I tried and I'm really happy with the result. I'll put an update on my dress diary tomorrow with photos.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

What we do for fun on a Friday and Saturday night.........

is knock down dead trees and mow knee high scrub grass with a 16hp ride on lawn mower! Bwahahaha! I'm sure the neighbours think we are insane! Trying to clear 25acres by hand is not everyone's idea of a good time! LOL But when you are on a shoe string budget and don't have a tractor, a Sigma paddock basher is the next best thing! Our lovely neice and nephew (who are in their 20s) have been helping us out too. The boys have been helping as well and we have achieved a huge amount in the last two days and been having fun while we are doing it!

For those that were at the Radburne War Weekend, we have done the front of the block pretty much down to the dam (where the Drakkar camp was) and in towards where the feasting area was. We will have a really good area cleared before the Anniversary Feast and a good camp area for the War Weekend. Speaking of which, I am now in planning mode and have already had a few expressions of interest! Huzzah!!! We should also have some permanent shade structures and bench seating, as well as a fort complete with ditch and bridge for battles. I'm starting to get excited again! I think with plenty of planning we may be able to improve on the last one! (We can but try!)

I'm off to bed......I have muscles aching that I did not know I had! LOL We're off fishing tomorrow at one of the local reserves on the Macquarie River and taking a picnic lunch. I think I will take one of my new books to read...........

Friday, January 04, 2008

It's Wenchi's fault!

The Recipe For Katrijn

3 parts Cleverness
2 parts Boldness
1 part Attractiveness

Splash of Originality

Finish off with whipped cream

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Goodbye 2007, bring on 2008!

Who stole 2007? I swear I blinked and it was gone. It has been a huge year, lots of changes, lots of things happening and lots of growth. Definately can't say I'm bored!

The three boys all got great school reports - room for improvement in some areas of course (can't we all do with *some* improvement tho?) - but made great achievements. I am especially proud of Conrad - he has done a complete 180 and put in a huge amount of effort at school. The results speak for themselves. He got his first ever 'B' (which is 'High Achievement') for Woodwork. We are so proud of him. Gryffen's report said he is at year level or above for all areas and has done his personal best in all subjects. Wolfstanus received several 'A's (Outstanding achievment) too. What more can a mother ask for? As long as they are doing their best and having a go I'm happy!

My beloved has been working his rear end off all year with work as usual and keeping the home on track too. We have been making plans for what we would like to achieve around the house. In no particular order:

*Clear the block of dead trees/scrub
*Put in a tennis court
*Above ground swimming pool
*Finish off the BBQ area
*Set up the Archery range
*Put in some permanemt shade structures and seating down the paddock
*Build a 'fort'
*Build an area around my favourite tree for a meditation / relaxation area

That sould keep us going for a bit!

I have been in my new job for nearly 12 months and loving it. My probation period is up on the 12 February - think I should be right though. I don't think my boss is in any hurry to get rid of me .

Radburne is winding up as a Proposed Shire and its members going Household instead. I put the Jan/Feb newsletter out on time which makes me feel good. I had some great contributions this time around and we had a bumper 12 page edition - our biggest one yet!

Monthly archery at Dragon Hill will commence on 2nd February and we have our first Tavern Feast for the year on the 16 February. Nothing else has really been planned yet. I know I need to start thinking about the War Weekend soon too - six month lead in time and all that.

Planning on going to Festival in March and hopefully attending a few other events - will just have to wait and see how things pan out.

Personal goals for this year:
* Make more time to spend with family and friends (including wayfaring to SCA events)
* Complete my short hand course by March
* Explore my spiritual needs
* Help out at home more (meaning outdoors, I already do most of the indoor stuff )
* Learn how to drive our new ride on lawn mower which is more like a mini tractor!
* Complete wardrobe for the family for Festival

I think that will do for starters .

May your 2008 be filled with learning, love and laughter! Stay safe and be well.

The bowl says it all!

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