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Monday, November 02, 2009

What can I say........

it's been a while and blogging has not been my priority. Life is hectic but good although I am swamped at work which leaves me feeling drained of an evening, hence not feeling like posting. I've also been traveling a fair bit with work too. Hmmm, dot points is probably the easiest for a quick update so here goes:

* Conrad (Clinton) has his School Certificate exams next week
* I finally got to see the specialist which was a very interesting thing. Turns out I have been treated for hayfever for the last ten years and I technically don't have it! Explains why half the medication never worked ;-) I do have sensitivity to strong smells such as perfumes, pollution, strong smelling flowers etc which make me sneeze and give me hayfever like symptoms, but I am not allergic. All the food allergies we thought I had, I don't have any allergies to them as such. Turns out I am allergic to myself! LOL My body (auto immune system is running amok) is producing an overload of histamines and therefore attacking itself producing allergy symptoms such as increasing my asthma and producing an abundance of hives. Treatment is Zyrtec and two Tagamet daily along with a Hyperallergenic Diet. It is amazing what foods contain large amounts of histamine. For example, I can have coffee but not tea, malt milo but not ordinary (green label) milo etc. I had to start on two Zyrtec a day to get the hives under control but now that I have been on the diet and medication for 3 weeks I am actually starting to get relief. I have 3 months treatment and then a review with the specialist. I may be able to go off the diet eventually but it will be a slow process and dependent on how quickly the toxins build up again, I may need to go back on it in the future. At least it has answered a lot of questions and I am finally getting relief!
* My ankle is still giving me grief - I am thinking about going back to my GP to discuss what could be going on. It's actually the other side of the ankle that is causing the most grief now, not the original injury site. It is quite weak and I do 'roll' on it quite often *sigh*. The other foot is giving me trouble now too - just shoot me now!!! LOL
* Due to injury and lack of time, the gym has not been visited for ages. I am thinking about canceling my membership because I just can't seem to get there *sigh*
* The boys and I volunteer at the local RSPCA shelter - we walk the dogs, play with the dogs and the cats and help out where we can. We try and go most Saturday mornings - I almost adopted a dog but restrained myself! LOL
* The three dogs and four cats are doing well. Candy has everyone wrapped around her little paw. Terry says that's because she is a dog in a cat suit ;-) She sleeps on our bed.
* We have booked for Border War next February - only going for the day Saturday and staying off site but looking forward to it!
* Next weekend is our IKAC, potluck feast and Tourney of the Yellow Rose. Haven't really done anything since RWIII so looking forward to it
* Our last event for the year will be the first Saturday of December - IKAC an picnic get together, possible twilight tourney too
* Have joined the local Photography club - really good to get some tips for taking better photos. Johanna (Jeannette) and I go - it's on the second and fourth Mondays of the month
* Have been playing Warcraft a bit as a stress relief - good fun!
* Won a heap of beads and stuff on Ebay last night - they have been paid for so hopefully by the end of the week I should have some to play with! I have a Celtic Knotwork book with some really lovely projects in it I want to try - just need to get the cord! I don't think the local Spotlight sells the cord, will need to double check otherwise will have to buy online.
* Still need to get my armour done - hopefully over the next few months things will come together
* Terry hasn't had a cigarette for over 3 months now - so proud of him! The boys are pleased as too!
* Off to Canberra at the end of the month for Terry's mum's birthday - we and Terry's sister are taking her away for the weekend as a gift. Looking forward to it!

I think that's the bulk of the news. My list of things I want to do seems to be getting longer and the available time to do it in seems to be getting shorter. Such is life!