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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Super quick update

* Was sick last week - awful lurgy
* Went to Mudgee Saturday, back Sunday morning - had a lovely time with T
* Got my chickens!
* Gryffen got sick, again!
* Gryffen will get tonsils out either in June or July - hope to get date from Doctor tomorrow
* T has been sick this week :-(
* Report for event done - we made a profit of $27 something (yay - best profit made for this event in the last three years)
* Taking Conrad out for his belated birthday dinner this Friday night providing no one else gets sick!
* Developments at work that I can hopefully mention at the end of this week
* Work is flat out - can't say I'm bored!
* A bit annoyed with some things at the moment which is being worked through - don't think this is the place to spill though ;-) Why do people have to be so clueless and hurtful someimes? Feeling like you are constantly being used sux!

Break over - back to work!

Monday, May 18, 2009

ooh news!

And I cannot share it yet! Don't you hate that? [evil grin] It looks like I am getting a good opportunity with something and it is exciting, I just can't say anything yet until it is finalised. I promise I will post it here as soon as I can. Mum's the word until then! (Hi Mum!!!)

On the work front, the project is going well and I am entering into the final stages. Some more data colletction to do, collation and reporting.

Back to work before I 'splode!


The weekend went well - we had some last minute attendees but all was good. Thankfully the weather behaved itself and we got to eat in the outdoor tavern and sit around the campfire. I haven't had any complaints and I have had some positive feedback so assuming everyone enjoyed themselves! We even had three local families join us that had not been to an SCA event before so all is good. I think we ended up with 37 all up over the course of the weekend, and made a small profit to go with it! I will upload the photos onto the photobucket account for Radburne this evening if I don't crash before then! Driving to work this morning I realised I should have taken today off - I am so tired and not functioning at 100% ;-) We had three visitors from Rowany (including the Baron and Baroness) who we are very grateful too for travelling so far - it was lovely to catch up with them again!

So, results from the weekend very briefly:
* IKAC was won by Szebastian Greenbow
* Combat Archer Tourney was won by Peter of Radburne
* Heavy Tourney (and Defender of Radburne) was won by Lord Vardor des Furion
* Bardic Challenge was won by Gryffen Bladesmyth for his renditon of the Shoe Bransle on recorder
* Terence of Radburne received an AoA and is now Lord Terence of Radburne! Huzzah! (He was a little embarrassed and wasn't quite sure how to deal with it but he did like it and was very appreciative of the scroll - I need to get a frame for it today ;-))

Thanks to all who came and helped out - despite being exhausted now, it was a good weekend! Now I need to organise Radburne War for August!

Oh well, back to work and more spreadsheets!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nice surprise!

We only have a one week wait, yes you read right, a one week wait to see the ENT specialist in Dubbo. Got Gryffen in for next Thursday! Yay! Poor little bugger is so miserable at the moment - he has been going to school in the mornings though to do his NAPLAN tests. Has his maths one today - I expect to get a phone call when it's over..............

Two more sleeps until the Anniversary Feast and Tourney - I feel so unorganised this time although I *know* it will be okay. *sigh*

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy 16th Birthday!

to Clinton (otherwise known as Conrad). Hard to believe it is here - hope you have a great one! Despite our ups and downs over the years, we wouldn't trade you for anything! Having you around has taught us a whole heap of things, often in unexpected ways, and we are grateful for every day we have you in our lives.

We love you son and Happy Birthday!

(Will insert photos here this evening - gotta dig a baby photo out of course :-))

Poor Gryffen

has tonsilitis - again!!! He has gone to school because they are doing the NAPLAN testing but he is feeling a bit miserable (I expect to get a phone call later in the day to get him). We are now seeing a different doctor (our family doctor went back to Sydney at the beginning of the year and we have been going to one of the medical centres but I haven't been over fussed with some of the doctors there). The 'new' doctor seems a lot more switched on, asks lots of questions and discusses things - nice change! Gryffen now has a referral to an ENT specialist - next hurdle is trying to get in!

I have a referral to an allergy specialist in Sydney but cannot get in until the 12 October - kinda getting used to the long waits. It seems you have to plan to get sick nowadays ;-) Oh well, such is life - no use complaining too much, no-one listens anyway! LOL

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Preparation is coming along

and we now have 32 booked - 19 adults, 6 children (between 6 and 16) and 7 under 6. We also have an extra two adults just for the archery - friends we haven't seen for a while so really looking forward to catching up with everyone and having fun!

Although I am a little 'OMG I have so much to do!' I must admit I am starting to get a little excited about the whole thing as well. The numbers are higher than last year even though we don't have the wayfarers this time. This means locally we can support a decent event now which is fantastic! (Even if half are family LOL)

Coffee break over...........

Monday, May 11, 2009

Radburne Anniversary Feast and Tourney

is on this weekend. Am I organised? Sort of ;-)

* The tavern is up and covered with the not so lovely black plastic (we hope to make a more permanent shelter with treated MDF but that will have to get done in bits due to cost)
* Need to put up material and banners inside to hide plastic and atmosphere - will happen Saturday morning
* Signs are still half done - need to finish painting them tonight
* Have 30 people coming - 19 adults and the rest children between 2 and 16
* Need to go shopping on Friday
* Need to make three doublets
* Need to make T's new banner
* Need to learn dance to teach (probably Jenny Plucks Pears or something)
* Need to practice recorder piece with Gryffen
* Need to make soup for Sunday lunch
* Need to print waiver forms
* Need to do sign in sheet
* Need to print timetables
* Need to check I have enough targets (I am sure I do but want to double check)
* Need to set up list rope for heavy tourney (Saturday morning)
* Need to set up Combat Archer Tourney area
* Need to do IKAC score sheets and tourney score sheets
* I'm sure there are a few other things to do too!

And in between all of that I need to work, clean house, wash, iron, organise kids and do mundane household stuff. *sigh* It will be okay though, just busy! I've had to cancel my plans to take the boys to the Dubbo Show on Friday afternoon though - their cousin will take them. At least I can get last minute stuff done then!

Then when this weekend is over, I need to start planning RWIII in earnest so it can be bigger and better than last year! Then plans to attend Spring War in October!

Five minute update

Weather was awesome on the weekend - hope it will be the same next weekend! (Murphy's Law says it won't be - it is Show weekend and it always rains on the show weekend)

Saturday got Rex to the vet for check up, picked up stuff from party shop and birthday cake, got washing done, got tokens made for the feast, had BBQ and birthday party for Clinton - lovely evening.

Got spoilt for Mother's Day - foot massager, digital photo frame and gorgeous red roses. Had BBQ lunch, spent the afternoon putting covers on tavern and went out for tea to local Chinese restaurant. Won't be going back there - service was awful (we left after two and half hours and the last of the meals was being brought out) and the food wasn't worth the wait. *sigh*

Work is going really well - need to catch up with my boss now!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ramblings on a Thursday afternoon coffee break

Conrad was a doofus on Tuesday and rolled his ankle on a rock at school - result is a stint on crutches with a badly sprained ankle (the x-rays showed clear but we all know that doesn't always show everything ;-)) He went to school this morning but needed to be picked up about 11am as his foot was throbbing. I'd say it was probably the double period of Shakespeare that did it though ;-) Hard to believe but he turns 16 on the 13th of this month. Scarily he can go for his Ls now! OMG! Where do the years go? We are having a party/BBQ for him on Saturday night with the family and a couple of his friends. I ordered his cake today (a caramel mudcake from one of the local bakers - nom, nom, nom). Should be a busy but interesting weekend! Rex the Cat needs to go the vet on Saturday morning for his annual vaccination and check up.

I'll have to dig up a baby photo and one of him now to put up here next Wednesday ;-) That's what mums are for isn't it? LOL

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Just *sigh*

Have been headachey and a bit muscle sore since last night - getting there though! At least my movement is a little freer ;-) Didn't get much done last night on account of feeling blah. Have to confess I veged out watching Australia's Next Top Model and then Real Housewives of Orange County. Oh the brain deadness! LOL

Work is hectic as usual and the project is motoring along. Holy cow - only 8 weeks to go! I have a meeting tomorrow to make sure I am heading down the right road and to see if there are any detours to take. It certainly has been an experience :-) Luckily it is a great team of people I get to work with!

Back to it!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Went to the chiro this afternoon - felt good afterwards and much freer however I am a little sore and headachy now - think I will head to bed. Had my lower neck, mid back and both hips cracked ;-) Back to the acupuncturist on Friday to get my feet done again. I hate to think what I am going to be like at 60!!

And then there was procrastination

Which is technically what I am doing now ;-) Entering data in a spreadsheet is not the most stimulating experience although alas, a necessary one. I will get back to it in a minute.......

Didn't get anything much done last night because I got home later than usual, cooked tea, helped the youngest munchkin with a quest on warcrack, caught up on emails, found some chickens to purchase! (Yay for fluff balls of chickeny goodness - that is, Silkies!) We will pick them up when we go to Mudgee on the 23/24 May. Then I played Warcrack for about half an hour 'cause it was too late to start anything else, went to bed and watched a DVD on Irish castles until I couldn't keep my eyes open ;-)

Off to the chiro again after work today for an adjustment - then home to cook and hopefully start cutting out doublets!

Ooh - and my patterns I ordered turned up - huzzah! They will need to wait for a bit though *sigh*.

Off to get a hot chocolate and them back to spreadsheets!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Exhausting but good weekend.....

I was too tired to post last night so a quick update whilst I am on a coffee break...

* Saturday morning - farmers market for fruit, Spotlight (material purchased for boys doublets), Big W for ugg boots for everyone, Bargain Shop (goblets for the three boys and a knight for the big boy), library, and a few other bits and pieces
* Lunch
* Worked on the chook pen all afternoon
* Target archery cancelled due to lack of numbers
* Unexpected visitors as message didn't get through to Tiberius that fighter training was cancelled
* Had impromptu fighter training, BBQ and lots of laughs - was a lovely evening!
* Ordered trim and frog closures for boys doublets

* Bacon and egg (fresh eggs from our chookies) rolls for breakfast (nom, nom, nom)
* Back out to finish the chook pen - completed fencing, put in roosts, nesting boxes, feed dishes, water dishes with linked hoses so just one tap to be turned on, sprinklers to be set up for summer, gates put in
* Chooks caught, examined, nails clipped, wings clipped and transferred to new home (with lots of giggles)
* Three roosters that need new homes left in old pen (wondering what the heck happened to everyone)
* Gardens watered
* Herbs potted
* Corned silverside with white onion sauce and vegies made and eaten for dinner (Lunch was skipped)
* Two batches of muffins made
* Emails checked
* Early night!

Monday (to do)
* Back to work
* Spaghetti for dinner
* Feed and check on chookies
* Water some more of mum's garden
* Upload photos to blog and facebook
* Cut out doublets (I think I will do the lining first - it will be some navy linen I have in my stash. Want to make sure the sizing is right before I touch the velveteen)

Friday, May 01, 2009

Anyone want a rooster or three?

We have two Silkie crosses and another (breed unknown) that need a new home. We have gone from 15 roosters down to five, but three of those are still surplus to our needs. Ask around - let me know if you find someone that wants them and can pick them up from Dubbo *grin*. BTW - they are free :-) I'll take a photo of them on the weekend and put here too.