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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday evening

Played WoW for a bit but the lag got too bad. Work is crazy busy and I now have a date - I will be acting in the IMRC role until the 26 July 2010 when the substantive returns from maternity leave. I will then do a week hand over with her and back to my normal job.

I worked out today it will be 18 months that I have been out of my substantive position when I go back! I'm in two minds about going back - my boss is awesome and I love working with her so that will be great, on the other hand, in a way I feel like I have 'moved on' so mixed emotions about that. You never know what opportunity may be around the corner (such as for project work) so I will keep my eyes and ears open ;-) Of course then there is the money too which will drop when I go back ;-) (But I knew that when I took this on so it is not a surprise.)

Had a bit of a 'meh' afternoon yesterday but it is all sorted again.

Festival is on this weekend but we won't be going - just too far and too costly. I think that first camping experience a few years ago at Glenworth Valley has scarred us a bit too ;-) Instead, we will be camping with family on a property on the river just the other side of Warren - we haven't been for ages so really looking forward to it! I will miss catching up with people at Festival, market day, watching the fighting etc but at the same time I won't miss the rain, the humidity, the mozzies and leeches, the loos and the lack of campfire and shower. At least where we are going we will have a 'loo with a view' and 'a shower with a view'. All temporary stuff but T has it made really well :-) Looking forward to his cooking on the campfire too and sitting around the fire gazing at the stars. So much family time to look forward too! I hope to catch up on some reading and calligraphy ;-)

Only two more sleeps to go! Candy will miss us and probably won't talk to us for days when we get back ;-) I must admit I will miss that brat ball of fluff! When the alarm goes off of a morning she uses both T and I as a trampoline until we get up!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Disco duck is home

and got a prize for best 'air guitar' for his impersonation of Angus Young doing AC/DCs Highway to Hell (complete with long hair and baseball cap). LOL


A fairly uneventful day today - got 2 new claims' paperwork sorted today and attended a PAB training session. Caught up on emails etc. Went grocery shopping, bought all the Star Trek movies, T's birthday present had come in (phew!), need to go pick Gryffen up from the school disco shortly and Manfred advised all the stock clerk books arrived safely (huzzah)!

It looks like we will be camping from the 1st April to the 5th April out on the river at Warren - thank goodness mum and dad will be here to house sit and look after all the animals! Poor Candy will be lost and probably won't talk to us when we get back, at least for a day anyway! She will have to sleep with the other cats instead of us - shock horror! LOL

Wolfstanus is going to a Metal Concert tomorrow night so will have to straighten his hair before he goes! LOL He has got me listening to Drowning Pool, Ramstein, Bullet for my Valentine and Disturbed - some if it is pretty good! Cradle of Filth isn't one of my favourites though ;-) I actually really like 'Upside Down' by Drowning Pool, had it blaring on the way home tonight! LOL

Anyhow, better go get my disco duck!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Life is interesting

So much for writing more often here - I think I just need to get back into the habit instead of just going to Facebook and then playing WoW ;-)

On the SCA side of things, I have finally sent the books off to the new Stock Clerk - after 4 years it was time to hand it over to someone else. I have finally completed the paperwork to make a small change to my device - removing the Ermoinois. This will make drawing it a lot easier! I need to help Danieru and Johanna with getting their devices conflict checked. I have lots of sewing to do but just can't seem to get motivated at the moment. Part of the problem is I have so much I want to do I don't know where to start!

It's T's birthday on Saturday so having the family over for a BBQ. Then Easter we are off camping at Warren for the weekend - I have the first week of the holidays off and then off to Sydney for two days and then Forbes for a day. Can't say I'm bored! LOL

We have the Radburne Feast coming up in May - at this stage it looks like just the usual local crowd - that's okay though. In August we have Radburne War IV complete with Viking wedding - really looking forward to that!

I have Conrad's 18th to organise next year along with my 40th - the year after that is Wolfstanus' 18th and our 20th Wedding Anniversary. For our anniversary I want to organise a hand fasting to renew our vows - I have an idea of what I want to do but have lots of research and planning to do before hand. I also want to make T a cotton voile shirt to wear with black work embroidery.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010's been awhile again

I was going okay but sort of fell in a heap again with updates ;-)

Went to Border War last weekend which was awesome, Conrad fought his authorising bout against Duke Siridean and passed - he conducted himself really well :-) So he is now an authorised Combat Archer and Heavy! Wolfstanus has been asked to be Banner Bearer for Whyte Companie (by Duke Cornelius) and has officially been released from obligations to Baron Sir Osric (distance played a big part in this). So happy and sad at the same time :-)

All of us, including the rest of House Radburne seem to be invigorated and we have two new members which helps liven things up ;-)

I have managed to bugger my ankle up again, I can't get in for an ultrasound for 2 weeks to see if there is any ligament damage so resting it at the moment under doctor's orders.

The new car is going awesomely well but I am not allowed to drive at the moment *sigh*. Will try and post more regularly but not making any promises ;-)