Thursday, July 31, 2008

8 more sleeps to go......

until RWII. OMG! Things are coming along though - we have 48 confirmed bookings so I'm happy - still about 9 who expressed an interest but haven't booked yet. Bookings close tomorrow but no doubt there could be a few last minute ones like last year ;-)
T has just about completed his armour and Conrad's is done. Arrows have been fletched and just need to have points for targets or blunts for combat fitted. I have finished P's T-Tunic and have K's cotehardie and underdress about 80% done. If I don't get T's tabbard done won't matter - in a way it would be a shame to cover up the detail in the armour!
Need to organise prizes still and fine tune the menu although that won't take too much tweaking.
Conrad and Wolfstanus both have tonsillitis and bronchitis and Gryffen managed to bruise his toes after dropping a 2 litre soft drink bottle (full) on them from a great height with no shoes on! Ouch! X-ray says no fracutures so hopefully just bruising! So I had all three home yesterday along with my dad who has hurt his back - talk about having fun! LOL At least everyone should be right for RWII now! (Note to self - make sure first aid kit stocked up just in case!)
We have a number of new people coming this time that haven't been to one of our events before so that is quite exciting - it should be a great weekend and we are all looking forward to it!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Less than 3 weeks to RWII

and T is madly working on armour. These are shots of the gauntlet and half gauntlet being working on.
It's less than 3 weeks away and happily the bookings are starting to come in. We have 38 confirmed and at least another 12 who should be booking in the next week or so (if rumours are correct LOL).
Helped T make benches and tables (okay, I sanded and lacquered them - he made them). Getting a new bow as an early birthday present - woo hoo!
All in all, really looking forward to it!
Sent off the paperwork today for T's name and device registration and I started a cotehardie for my niece. Still lots to do though!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The ankle specialist called me this afternoon.......

Yes, this afternoon, Saturday was very good of him. The news wasn't great however. It appears I have developed osteoarthritis in my ankle, brought on by the fracture. (Doesn't help there is a family history of it too.) I go to see him on the 11 August to discuss it further. Basically there are 3 options for treatment (which will largely depend on my pain levels and ability to walk):
1. Treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs (short to mid term relief)
2. Steroid injections into my ankle joint (short term relief)
3. Surgery to fuse the ankle joint (permanent relief but brings its own set of problems such as no movement in my ankle, special shoes etc)

He also said an ankle brace or cam boot may help, wearing boots instead of shoes (which I do now anyway), not walking on uneven ground (yeah right, have you seen where I live?) etc

So, at this point, I will be opting for option 1 plus a thermal ankle strap and physiotherapy exercises. I need to go to my GP this week anyway as I have to get a mole checked on my arm that has gone 'funny' - I'll talk to the GP about anti-inflammatories.

There will come a time when I cannot walk on it and will require surgery to fuse the joint - this is not something to be entered into lightly however. It could take 2 months, 2 years or 20 years - time will tell.

If you want to read more about it, go to (American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons) for starters...

Le sigh.......

Friday, July 11, 2008

Hee hee hee hee!

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Thanks Finn!

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Saturday was a good day......

Had fun with Target Archery and the Tavern Feast. The tavern was awesome! We did it as a potluck which meant everyone brought a plate of food - we had way too much food and it was all very yummy! The atmosphere was brilliant - everyone that was there got involved in the conversation, laughing, joking and singing. We had a toast to Oz and Francesca - what we achieved on Saturday night was what Oz was hoping we would do with Taverns. So Oz - it only took 12 months but we finally 'got it' - thank you for getting us on the right path! (We even had two newbies - my niece and her fiance - who had a ball and said they now 'get it' too and will become more involved with the SCA.) We also had a really good discussion about how we were feeling as a household, what we want to do for events and what we want to achieve. So, as a summary (which I will also need to post to the yahoo group - note to self):
* Tourney in the Park - 1st Saturday of the month in the AM (at Ollie Robbins Oval)
* Target Archery - 1st Saturday of the month at Dragon Hill
* When we feel like it - tavern feast (potluck) in the evening after the above
* Armouring and fighter training as people feel like it and get to gether outside 'official' stuff
* We all have different talents and skills - use those more for the group to make a group kit for when we go to events
* Attend events as a household when we can. Aim for one or two events a year outside of Festival. Casual War in November suggested as well as Spring War in October and Polit Baronial Hunt in September. All liked the idea - not the end of the world though if we don't achieve it - lots of things to take into consideration
* Run our events for the local group - we cannot and should not depend on wayfarers. They cannot attend our things for the same reason we do not attend theirs! All wayfarers are welcome though!

My new to do list:
* Make new garb for Conrad
* Make new garb for Wolfstanus
* Make new garb for Gryffen
* Make garb for Kristy
* Make garb for Pete
* Make bottle covers and other covers (for chairs etc)
* Get Terry's device sorted and copy paperwork for his name (Terence of Radburne)
* Paint shields for RWII
* Finish hand sewing on mine and Wolfstanus' cotehardies (still from Festival)

And that should do for a start!

Monday, July 07, 2008

MRI completed......

and films picked up but no report. I can't be sneaky as the report will be faxed/emailed directly to the specialist in Sydney *sigh*. And I can't get the result until the 11th August! It was very painful getting it done this time and I have to say it was more painful afterwards this time than last time! I'm going to call the specialist on Wednesday and ask 1)if he has received the report and 2) if there is anything I need to be doing/not doing between now and when I see him on the 11 August to avoid further damage. It sux!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

And I'm booked in for Monday

My MRI is scheduled for Monday morning at 8am - then I have to wait until the 11th August to see the specialist *sigh*. The joys of living in the country (mind you I still wouldn't trade with my city cousins - I much prefer the landscape here and the space :-)).

Conrad got his school report today - he did really well. He got his first ever 'A' for his favourite subject woodwork - we are so proud of him! He also got 10/10 for his clock (above). The photo does not do it justice - he has done an amazing job!

Wolfstanus got his school report too and did really well. His top subjects were English and Drama. No surpises there!

Gryffen got his school report earlier in the week and also did really well - he has made some great improvements! We are so proud of all three boys!