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Monday, June 30, 2008

Ankle update........

Saw the specialist tonight who is very nice and I have heard good things about (I saw him once before about 3 months ago). He agrees that there is something very definately not right with my ankle and it should have been healed by now. It is swollen again. He has ordered another MRI. I will ring Radiology tomorrow to try and organise an appointment. I can't see the specialist again now until the 11th August which is the only down side. At least I have plenty of time to get the MRI done *sigh*. What happens next will depend on what the MRI shows. It will be one of two things:
1. It shows nothing and the ankle is just taking a long time to heal because of the severity of the original injury;
2. It shows the fracture isn't healed or other damage and I will require surgery.

The other thing is some of the sypmtoms I am describing can mean nerve damage - apparently it isn't common with a fracture but it can happen.

So, I don't know any more than I did before I went but at least investigations are happening. I am resigned to the fact that I will have issues with my ankle pretty much for the rest of my life including arthritis. Cest la vie. I am also resigned to the fact that surgery is a possibility however I won't really know until the 11th August - I am not going to jump to any conclusions. Either way, I'm just going to have to be patient. I've waited over 6 months now so what's another 6 weeks?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Nearly Monday again...........

I'm looking forward to going to my course tomorrow - Modern Business Writing - should be interesting. Can't play WoW at the moment - internet speed has been thrashed as we have gone over our 5GB download limit. It sux! (Better than ending up with a bill though!) I can't access half the stuff I want too - oh well, back to normal on Tuesday at least!

I'm going back to the ankle specialist tomorrow. It's been getting worse again over the last few weeks and has been giving me hell all weekend. It's swollen again and extremely painful. I'm back on the Panadeine Forte which I have to say normally knocks me out - this time it isn't and pain wise does not seem to be working that well. I am also concerned about blood circulation - my foot changes colour, goes bright red, itches and gets what I can only describe as hot flushes. I also have some swelling on the outside of my ankle which I didn't have before. The cramps in my foot and up my leg are painful and annoying! I'm going to ask for another MRI too - the other doctor 'assumed' the fracture was healed but no investigations were done. I haven't had a pain free day in six and a half months and the pain is increasing again. This is my body telling me something is not right, so I would be silly to ignore it! My appointment is at 5:45 pm tomorrow. I'll just have to wait and see.........

Friday, June 27, 2008

Helm in progress.........

Armour is coming along - will take photos of the legs etc on the weekend. It was too cold out in the shed tonight!

Hubby is also going to register the name Terence of Radburne and his device. Although at the moment there is a conflict with the device he wants to use so we need to tweak it a bit. The lovely Aminah is assisting us.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Armouring can be a health hazard...........

Just ask my niece K!

Tuesday evening was just a normal evening. I sat down to watch Australia's Next Top Model (my brain dead show for the week) and as soon as I did so the phone rang. I spent the next 40 minutes yacking. Just hung up and went to try and catch the end of the show and Conrad came in asking for the band aids. As I was cleaning out the cut he got from a sheet of steel and putting a band aid on I made the comment 'it is just as well I am not squeamish at the sight of blood!' We had a laugh (for those that know my other half you know why). I just got back to my seat and in comes my niece in tears with her fiance holding her up and T following behind. I said 'What have you done' and P replied 'put a drill through her finger'. Apparently whislt Miss K was drilling the metal the drill bit broke and the drill slipped, putting the drill bit in through the top of her finger nail. She bleeds well - she has thin blood. We cleaned it out, put a gauze pad on it and taped it up, gave her some Panadeine Forte and sat her down. After about ten minutes she decided to go out for a smoke when T asked her when she had her last Tetnus vaccination - she couldn't remember. So P packed her up in the car and took her to the hospital. (I just caught the elimination at the end of my show.) As it turns out, this was very fortunate - apparently the drill had gone completely through her finger (yes broke the skin on the bottom) and taken a small bit of bone off the end of her finger. They put her on an IV for antibiotics and she came home about 1am. Then back to day surgery at 7.30 am for them to put her under so they could remove the nail, clean everything out properly, push the bone back into place, stitch her up, splint the finger and get her arm in a sling. Yep, just a normal day for us! LOL

Yesterday - no further injuries.

Today - no injuries to report, yet!

She is doing fine - her finger is naturally very sore and she has declared she will never go near a power drill again!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Slowly starting to focus again......

Well, SCA stuff has pretty much taken a back burner for me over the last few months. Apart from running Target Archery Practice with IKAC once a month and doing the stock clerk stuff I haven't really been interested in doing anything SCA related. The funny thing is though, now my interest has waned a little, T's has increased! LOL It has more to do with he is finding stuff he is interested in now - which was always the key. It was just a matter of slow and steady, little bits and testing the water etc. The shed sounds like a blacksmiths now - T is making armour (his new helm is looking great), P and K are also making armour. The three of them are hoping to authorise as lights at the War Weekend in August. For me I think it was a case of a bit of burn out as well as having so many other things to do - work has been crazy busy and so has family stuff. There is only one of me after all!

Our good friend Jochen called me yesterday afternoon - it was great to hear from him and I really enjoyed our chat. It actually rekindled in me why I enjoy the SCA in the first place :-) (Thanks Jochen!) Then on top of that, I have had a few bookings for Radburne War II in August so I need to start moving things in that direction. Sorle came up with a good draft timetable for the martial activities which is a great step for planning and having others involved with the organisation process. I must admit I am starting to look forward to it.

We have a potluck feast at Johanna's on the 5 July which should be a nice evening - it will be good to catch up with everyone again.

So, on my SCA to do list:
* Get the online store up and running properly (having some issues at the moment)
* Make a new dress from the painting I had picked out (see my dress diary blog)
* Finish the lacing holes on my yellow cotehardie
* Finish the lacing holes on Wolfstanus' cotehardie
* Make doublets for Conrad
* Make a gambeson for conrad and T
* Find an SCA name for T that he will agree to use (that could be a tought one)
* Paint the shields to go on the gates at the Radburne camp
* Organise an A & S activity timetable for the Radburne War weekend
* Make some T-tunics as loaner garb

Hmm - that should do for the next two weeks :-)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Need a capshun.......

I finally did it!

Cleaned out my walk in wardrobe that is! You can actually walk into it now! LOL It took all day but now it's done. I had a huge throw out and re packed everything. Much better now!

I also have re-done all the Stock Clerk accounts and done a stock take. I found a couple of small errors (one short on one line, and one over on the next - that sort of thing) which I will now fix. Feels good to get those things out of the way!

Got 19 new chickens last weekend at Ballimore auction for a total of 25 now. They are so cute when you go to feed them and they come running up to the gate to meet you :-)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A very sad day...........

I'm a little too upset to write at the moment, our dog Missy (the one that belonged to my youngest) was mauled by a couple of dogs today so badly that we had to put her down. It happened while we were shopping and we found her when we got home, barely alive. I'm just waiting on the Ranger to call me back........although I am still very teary I am also extremely angry. The owners of the dogs were there when it happened I have found out and they left her to die......

Monday, June 09, 2008

Busy weekend........

Wow, what a weekend! Had a great night on Friday - dinner was brilliant and we all enjoyed the movie.

Saturday was baking, shopping, target archery and out to Dunedoo for my sister-in-law's birthday (she was up from Sydney).

Sunday I spent nearly all day on the ride on lawn mower starting to clear for the camping weekend. P was on the chainsaw cutting logs for the fort and T was on the bobcat. We were all really dusty and dirty! Had dinner with my mum and dad which was appreciated and watched Indianna Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark before crashing.

Today was spent on the ride on lawn mower and building the fort. Had a shower and feel human again - had hamburgers and chips for dinner. Watching the bull riding now on the Country Music Channel and then Celebrity Apprentice before crashing for the night.

Didn't get my chook washed - haven't had time and it got too cold. Maybe next ankle is swollen and sore again. Off to the specialist on the 30 June........

Friday, June 06, 2008

16th Wedding Anniversary today!

And I had burgandy carnations delivered to work with a lovely note and a tiger teddy bear. Hubby tried to get red carnations but no florist in town had them. Each anniversary he buys me red carnations 'cause that was what I had in my wedding bouquet. All very sweet!

Going to Hog's Breath tonight for dinner and then off to the movies to see the new Indianna Jones movie. The boys are coming with us too. Looking forward to a lovely family evening!

Target Archery tomorrow, then off to Dunedoo. It's my sister in laws birthday. We also have the bob cat hired for the long weekend to get some clearing done etc. I'm even going to have a go! Look out! So, all day Sunday and Monday will be working out in the paddock. I also need to wash Fergie (our Silkie hen) - that could be very interesting! Funniest home videos anyone?