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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Interesting reading

Whilst on my lunch break, thought I would read up on one of my pet interests at the moments - my chookies. I'm looking for chook friendly plants I can grow in their new pen that will be good for them to eat, will help with natural pest control and improve the environment they are living in. There is some really interesting things that are definately doable! It will mean putting a lot of things in pots with wire over the top so they can eat the growth that comes through the wire but not destroy the actual plants! I'm going shopping tonight! Some of the things I am looking for are:
* Aloe vera
* Italian Parsley
* Comfrey
* Wormwood
* Rosemary

I can get an awful lot of geranium cuttings from home and I also read they love pumpkin vines (to play/hide in) so I think that will be another good thing - we have those in the vegie garden already ;-)

I really want to start doing more of this instead of being shut up in the house on computers all day, every day! Ah, the plans.........

Plans for the weekend

that of course will not be long enough!
* Trip to the farmer's market for fresh fruit (and the number of the guy in Narromine that sells Isa Brown chickens)
* Shopping with the boys for new clothes, shoes, slippers etc
* Pay the remainder off the lay-by for Conrad's new mattress (so Terry can finish making the bed)
* Pick up the ordered wheat for the chooks
* Pay some more off the lay-by of our new lounge (did I tell you we have bought a new lounge? 10 to 12 weeks for delivery - it is so comfy! It will be the first time in 18 years we have had a new lounge! The funny thing is it will arrive about the time of our 17th wedding anniversary - pressies for this many years is furniture! LOL And no, we didn't plan that!)
* Target archery
* Get the roof on the tavern for the feast in a fortnight
* Any time left, work on the chook pen

* Sleep in!
* Work on the chook pen and hopefully finish it
* Move our chickies into their new home

Somewhere in between all of this I am supposed to be working on garb - umm, not sure that is going to happen ;-) LOL I must admit, after being locked up in an office all week, I enjoy working on things outside on the weekend!

Terry and I are going to Mudgee on the 23 May for a quiet time to ourselves (early wedding anniversary present - our anniversary is the 6 June). We are going to stay at the Parklands resort overnight. Love my family to death but looking forward to some us time - we both get so busy we need to stop and breathe together occassionally!

Back to work - coffee break over!

PS Our little hen passed away through the night.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kids can amaze you sometimes.......

I was going to post this at LJ but cannot at the moment - I might put this over there too this evening when I get home.

Back to the topic.........I am so proud of my 11 year old! In this day and age when we are constantly asking why our kids don't think things through, Gryffen showed yesterday how much thinking they can do.

As he was leaving school yesterday afternoon, he noticed some Kindergarten kids playing on the 'fort' waiting to be picked up. He saw them pick up a small package from the ground and begin to examine it. (He is in Year 5 and takes being a 'buddy' very seriously.) He went over to see what they were doing and saw they had a small sealed plastic bag (about 2cm x2cm) containing two blue pills. He said to them 'You shouldn't have that because you do not know what it is. Can I have it please so I can give it to the teacher?' Although he did not go to the teacher (it was after hours) he brought it home and put it on the bench and rang me to tell me about it. We went into school this morning to report it but the Principal was not available. We left the bag with the office lady and told her the story. She would tell the Principal and Gryffen could tell his story then. They were going to check the playground to make sure there were no more there. Gryffen also commented that he couldn't just ignore it because he would hate to see something happen to someone because he didn't say something.

OMG! What do you say? I am so very proud of him and told him so. I also told him he absolutely did the right thing! We also talked about it being important that if it happens again he should go straight to the office - Nan would not mind waiting a bit and neither would his brothers ;-)

Just, WOW!

And breathe...........

I am safely at work despite the efforts of some idiot drivers! A few episodes of mild road rage and I am calmly sitting at my desk............

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday stuff

* Went to chiro yesterday - got my neck, mid back and lower back crunched. Best night sleep I have had for ages! Little bit muscle sore today but going to acupuncture at 12:30pm which should fix that! LOL I have an anomoly on my lower spine that I was born with so although the chiro cannot fix it, he can help with pain management so all is good!
* Terry went to chiro yesterday too - can now touch his toes as his back isn't locked up anymore!
* Need to do submission for House Radburne badge
* Need to make House Radburne badges for household
* Need to finish painting road sign that I started on the weekend
* Need to do a whole lot of things probably - I guess I will get to them eventually!

Reading blogs is an interesting thing - I am always interested in different points of view. I may not always agree with what you say, or I may be curious as to what lies beneath some posts but I will never pry nor will I bag you for your point of view! Sometimes it even makes me think of something differently just because I had not thought of something in 'that' way. I try not to read things into stuff because let's face it - reading words is totally different to having a conversation with someone in person where body language and the ability to ask for clarification instantly play a big part in how something is interpreted. I've been caught out with this via email before and it was not a pleasant experience. Unfortunately the person involved couldn't even tell me why they were so angry with me, just that they were, nor could they tell me what I had done wrong or how to fix it (which was asked via a phone call not via email BTW). I lost someone I thought was a friend but I guess in the end they weren't really a friend anyway - it still makes me feel sad. Needless to say we have parted ways. I am a lot more wary now about what I say to whom. Sad really but necessary - I guess more so for people I do not know very well. For those I have known for ages it is a different thing because I also know they will pull me up or ask what I mean by something rather than jump to conclusions and go off. For some reason I seem to come off aloof and I do not know why - maybe it is because I am not always sure what to say. Maybe it's because I have had a number of people over the years I opened up too and thought were friends but they turned out not to be - maybe because of this I am a lot more guarded now - I really don't know. I also seem to gather a number of 'Clayton's friends' - you know, the ones that are happy to hang out or have a conversation when you chase them but never contact you or ask you out to lunch or something? That makes me depressed - what is wrong with me? Why can't I seem to make 'good' friends like everyone else? Mind you, I do have some good friends too - they just seem to be far away and I don't get to see them as much as I would like too. Okay, self pity session over and out! LOL

Monday, April 27, 2009

Brief update..........

On a five minute break so a very brief update......
* Acupuncture on Friday was awesome - worked on circulation and metabolism - felt really good afterwards
* Go to the chiropractor this afternoon
* Terry went to the chiropractor this morning and feels much better - has a lot more movement!
* Got some work done on the chook pen this weekend - see Chickadee Chirpings for update
* No work on the dress done
* Finished reading 'Dark Fire' - can't remember the author so will have to look it up tonight. It is a murder mystery/intrigue set in the time of King Henry VIII and revolves around the fall of Thomas Cromwell. Not a bad read - will give it to Wolfstanus to read.
* Had a sleep in both Saturday and Sunday - nice!

Run out of time so more updates later.........

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I need to get allergy testing done......

I am so sick of hives, itching, dry throat, itchy eyes, ears, mouth and generally feeling crap. The worst part is, I have no idea what is affecting me! I know pollens do - Spring is spent with hayfever but now it seems to be a daily occurrence! I will need to go to Sydney for the tests but have no idea where to go. Guess I will have to see a GP - that is a whole other rant! Our GP went back to Sydney so we have had to start over again. All the decent ones are not taking new patients and the ones at the medical centre - well it's pot luck whether or not you get a decent one! *sigh* I guess I will just have to brave it again one of these days! (Then of course you need to find one that will give you a referral anyway - some seem to think giving you a referral is a sign that they don't know everything! Well mate, I hate to tell you, you don't know everything! Sure, you may have more medical knowledge than me but it does not make you the keeper of all knowledge!)

Okay, off the soap box - need to do more work!

And I have had two wins!

The first being I finally got Terry's device resubmission done and it will get posted today. Huzzah!!! (It has only taken 6 months! LOL) I hate doing re-draws!

The second win is at work - I have learnt to do drop down menus in Excel for a form I am developing! [Kermit flail]

I know, I am such a nerd! (Which is what my boss says all the time - in a nice way though!)

Back to it!!

Oh, and just to show how eccentric I am - at work for our 'pod' we had to bring in something that represents us to hang from the ceiling to brighten up our boxes. I have my SCA device! LOL (And the funny thing is, my collegues aren't surprised! LOL)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On a five minute coffee break.......

so doing a few musings. I need a break from what I am doing so I can re-focus!

Looking forward to acupuncture this afternoon - my neck and shoulders are tense and sore. We will be trying 'cupping' today - I have been warned it can cause circular bruises so it will be interesting to see what happens! (I do not bruise very easily.)

Manic plans for May Crown 2010 have been put aside and sanity has returned. Rowany are putting forward a bid so fingers crossed they get it! It will mean we can actually get to a Crown event and I offered assistance in whatever small capacity I can to get some experience. We will look at bidding for May Crown 2011 (the party year) or possibly 2012. Right now, I am going to focus on the feast and tourney for next month and the war weekend in August.

I want to make the feast speccy and fun (there will only be around 20 of us with 4 for the tourney). So, the 'to do' list:
* Better directions for the website (partially done)
* Road signage
* Flags (done thanks to Johanna)
* Menu (done)
* Tavern to be improved (extended and a sloped roof)
* More tables and benches (re-paint the existing ones)
* Banner for Terry
* Waiver forms
* Games (organised)
* Learn a dance to teach!
* Voice heraldry to be sorted with Vardor
* Thrones for the B & B (I have a cunning plan ;-))
* Prizes for IKAC, heavy and combat tourneys
* Portaloo (booked)
* Ropes and signs for on the property to parking etc
* Email to lists (done)
* Booking form (done and online)
* Heraldic surcoat for Terry
* Finish my new (experimental)garb!
* Finish the new chook pen so we can make the old pen into a dog yard to keep them locked up with everyone there
* New doublet for Conrad
* New doublet for Gryffen
* New shirt for Conrad, Gryffen and Terry (if I get time)

Oh boy - only 3 weeks to go! Time to get my skates on and leave warcrack alone!!!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Weekend in Sydney was good.........

Drove down Friday mid morning and got to my sister in law's around 4ish. Spent a pleasant evening with her and her partner. BBQ dinner, games of UNO and watching TV.

Saturday saw us go to Meadowbank where we had a look at M's work, parked the cars in secure parking and got the Rivercat to Darling Harbour. Very pleasant 50 minute cruise!

Spent most of the day at the Powerhouse Museum, saw the Star Wars exhibition and lots of other cool stuff!

"Do you know who I am?" [giggle]

Took the Rivercat back, had a spa, lovely dinner, watched 'Flushed Away' and 'Kung Fu Panda'. Fun but tiring day ;-)

Sunday saw us go to Westfield at Hornsby where the boys got to go to Games Workshop - bought themselves lots of models from Lord of the Rings and Warhammer. Lots of painting happening now! I didn't get anything though. Hope to go the Dutch shop at Smithfield next time.

Drove home Sunday afternoon after a very enjoyable weekend!

Went back to work yesterday - it is full on but good. Had acupuncture today so my neck and shoulders are feeling better.

Trying to get through my huge list of things to do before the feast next month. Got reminder emails sent out tonight and directions done for the webpage. Hope to work on signage on the weekend.

Finally got the computer and internet connection working properly - Warcrack has been calling again! LOL Finally up to a Level 71 but need heaps more gold to get my flying mount :-( Oh well, still fun though!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My pressie.......

that my husband made me. It is a music stand (medieval) for when I play the flute and recorder. Have used it lots over the weekend and it is fantastic! I am soooo lucky!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hmmm, it's been a while......

Despite plans to post regularly, it hasn't happened ;-) Having to share a computer and having spasmodic internet connection means spasmodic posting ;-)

We decided to stay home for Easter this year to do stuff at home - it rained, all weekend! Started about 4pm Friday and has only stopped today (it is still overcast). At least we got the brick fireplace at the BBQ area built before the rain set in. For the rest of the weekend was sewing, eating chocolate, having BBQ in between showers, dinner with mum and dad, lots of WoW and sleeping in. I've got a rather large post to get together for my dress diary - I have been writing notes as I have been going and taking some photos. I just need to get motivated and post it! Maybe tomorrow - WoW is calling! LOL

I have a few days off work this week - spent 5 hours today cleaning the house with the help of the boys - looks reasonable again ;-) Going to see Monsters vs Aliens tonight at the movies. Will spend tomorrow washing. Need to do some planning for the anniversary feast (especially a plan B if it rains). Plan B will probably involve the use of lots of tarps and the BBQ area! LOL Thursday will be ironing and sorting things out for Sydney. Heading to Sydney Friday lunch time to stay with my sister in law. River cat to CBD Saturday and then to Powerhouse Museum, mono rail and whatever else we decide to do. Head home again on Sunday, then back to work on Monday.

Acupuncture has been going well - stopped headaches and for the first time in 14 months, I am pretty much pain free in my right foot and ankle! Now if my left foot would just settle down I'd be right! Plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis in both feet is so NOT fun!

On other news, my flute playing is coming along. I still can't get the clear sound I used too but that will come with time and practice. Gryffen is learning to play the Shoe Bransle (Clog Bransle) with me on the recorder. We hope to perform it at the feast. I don't think we will be doing a play this year - not enough time to learn something, nor the motivation. I think with Stewarding the event it will be too much to organise and be in the play as well. Maybe next year.......