Tuesday, December 30, 2008

First sentence from first post of each month meme thing.....

(thanks Wenchilada!)

January - The bowl says it all - I haz come for you!

February - Foot update....Yes, it's been a while, yes there are lots of things to update, no I'm not going to do it now :-)

March - Only two weeks until Festival.....Quite literally! We leave for Festival 2 weeks from tomorrow!

April - Meh.....Supposed to be doing shorthand (4 assignments to go) but I am just SOOOOOO over it at the moment.

May - Another Friday is here - looking forward to another busy weekend.

June - 16th Wedding Anniversary today....And I had burgandy carnations delivered to work with a lovely note and a tiger teddy bear.

July - My MRI is scheduled for Monday morning at 8am - then I have to wait until the 11th August to see the specialist *sigh*.

August - 5 more sleeps to go......and the 'tavern' is ready!

September - Recovering......from pneumonia - at least that what we think it is. (And it was!)

October - Two hours and 55 minutes until I am on leave for a week. Yay! But who's counting???

November - On a short lunch break and did not have anything specific to do so thought I would put a quick update here.

December - Yes, I am still alive although this summer cold/flu thing is getting very annoying!

Post Christmas update

Had a lovely week off work and enjoyed the week of Christmas - got spoilt rotten, lots of yummy food, water fights and family games of cricket. Went for strolls around the block, played with the dogs, cats and chickens and generally had a relaxing time! It was a bugger having to come into work today! I have 1/2 a day tomorrow too and then not back until next Monday. Then I work for two weeks and have another two weeks off! Yippee!

Played some WoW, did some sewing and got our bookings/payment sorted for Border War. K & P are now coming too so got their accommodation organised! Really starting to look forward to going! Still need to work on the Stock Clerk site *sigh*. Might try and get some of that done later in the week or in the two weeks I am off at the end of January.

Hope everyone is safe and having a happy silly season!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!!

to Wolfstanus who is 14 today!

Happy Birthday to my brother whose birthday it is today too!

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Proud mum......

All three boys got great school reports - the most important thing is they have been doing their best. Congratulations boys, well done! We are very proud of you all!

Gryffen got a 'P' on all his areas which means 'personal best'. The only area he is really struggling is spelling but he has a goal to improve on that next year.....

Wolfstanus achieved two 'A's (Outstanding Achievement) - a first for him. He also came first in Science and second in War History (the two As). The area he needs to work on is less talking in class!

Conrad got sound achievement across the board and some really great comments from his teachers! Considering some of the challenges he has had it is a real tribute to him!

What more could I ask for? As long as they are doing their best I am happy! It is so hard to believe that Conrad will be going into Year 10, Wolfstanus into Year 9 and Gryffen into Year 5!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Aussie centric meme

Thanks Wenchilada!

1. Heard a kookaburra in person (yep)
2. Slept under the stars (yep)
3. Seen a koala (yep)
4. Visited Melbourne (no but would like too)
5. Watched a summer thunderstorm (from my front verandah regularly)
6. Worn a pair of thongs (yep)
7. Been to Uluru (Ayer's Rock). (no but would like too)
8. Visited Cape York (nope)
9. Held a snake (yep)
10. Sang along with Khe San (yep)
11. Drank VB (out of desperation)
12. Visited Sydney (yep)
13. Have seen a shark (yep)
14. Have used Aussie slang naturally in a conversation (yep)
15. Had an actual conversation with an indigenous Australian (aboriginal). (yep)
16. Eaten hot chips from the bag at the beach (yep)
17. Walked/climbed over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. (nope)
18. Used an outside dunny, and checked under the seat before sitting down (yep)
19. Seen Chloe in Young & Jackson's (nope)
20. Slept on an overnight train or bus (nope)
21. Been to Sydney's Mardi Gras (nope)
22. Have gone bush-bashing (regularly)
23. Taken a sickie (yep)
24. Been to see a game of Aussie Rules football (nope)
25. Have seen wild camels (nope)
26. Gone skinny dipping (yep)
27. Had a Tim Tam Slam (huh?)
28. Ridden in a tram in Melbourne (nope)
29. Been at an ANZAC day Dawn Service. (yep)
30. Watched a sunrise or sunset (yep)
31. Held a wombat (nope but seen plenty)
32. Been on a roadtrip of 800km or more (yep)
33. Seen the Great Australian Bight in person (nope)
34. Had a really bad sunburn (yep)
35. Visited an aboriginal community (nope)
36. Seen a redback spider (yep)
37. Have watched Paul Hogan (yep)
38. Seen Blue Poles in person (nope)
39. Wandered barefoot in the bush/outback (yep - I live in what is considered to be the bush)
40. Eaten Vegemite (yep)
41. Thrown a boomerang (yep)
42. Seen the Kimberleys (nope)
43. Given a hitch-hiker a lift (yep and considering I was in Wellington NSW it was dumb - I had to literally throw the guy out and he was a friend of a friend!)
44. Been to Perth (yep)
45. Have tried Lemon, Lime and Bitters (yep)
46. Tried playing a didgeridoo (nope)
47. Seen dinosaur footprints (yep)
48. Eaten Tim Tams (yep)
49. Been to Darwin (nope)
50. Touched a kangaroo (yep)
51. Visted the Great Barrier Reef (nope)
52. Listened to Kevin Bloody Wilson (unfortunately, yes thanks to my brother!)
53. Killed a Cane Toad (yep)
54. Gone to a drive-in theatre (yep - although they are all gone now)
55. Have read and own books by Australian authors (yep)
56. Visited Adelaide (nope)
57. Know the true story behind 'Eternity' (nope)
58. Been camping (all the time)
59. Visited Brisbane (nope)
60. Been in an outback pub (yep)
61. Know what the term "Waltzing Matilda" actually means (yep)
62. Gone whale watching (yep - from the verandah of a home we rented for a holiday at Narooma - was awesome! Drinking coffee and watching the whales swim past).
63. Listened to Slim Dusty (my father in law is a huge fan so yes!)
64. Own five or more Australian movies or TV series (yep - would need to double check with a count though)
65. Sang along to Down Under (yep)
66. Have stopped specifically to look at an historic marker by the side of the road (yep).
67. Eaten a 4'n'20 pie (but Village Hot Bake Dubbo are better!)
68. Surfed at Bondi (body surfed, yes!)
69. Watched the cricket on Boxing Day (yep - on TV with my dad when I was younger)
70. Visited Hobart (no but would love too)
71. Eaten kangaroo (nope)
72. Seen a quokka (yep but only on TV)
73. Visited Canberra (lots - our favourite place to visit)
74. Visited rainforests (yep)
75. Used a Victa lawnmower (yep)
76. Travelled on a tram in Adelaide (nope)
78. Used a Hills hoist (yep)
79. Visited the Olgas Kata-Tjuta (nope)
80. Used native Australian plants in cooking (nope)
81. Visited the snow (yep)
82. Chosen a side in Holden VS Ford (Go FORD!)
83. Visited the desert (nope)
84. Been water skiing (yes but only as a spectator in the boat)
85. Read The Phantom (nope)
86. Visited Parliament House (yep)
87. Gone spotlighting or pig-shooting (nope - I'm one of those people that doesn't like killing things)
88. Crossed the Nullarbor (only flew over - want to drive it one day)
89. Avoided swimming in areas because of crocodiles (yep - although my husband and my father went fishing with them once 'cause they didn't see the sign!!!)
90. Listened to AC/DC (CDs are in my car and they get listened to regularly).
91. Called someone a dag (yep)
92. Voted in a Federal Election (yep)
93. Have been swimming and stayed between the flags (yep)
94. Had a possum in your roof (yep - and one caught in our BBQ)
95. Visited the outback (I live there according to some!)
96. Travelled over corrugated roads (yep - the road into our driveway is corrugated as are many of the dirt roads we travel on ;-) We always manage to find at least one on holidays due to my navigation skills! LOL).
97. Hit a kangaroo while driving (yep)
98. Been well outside any mobile phone coverage (yep)
99. Seen an emu (yep).
100. Have woken to the smell of bushfires (many times, sadly)

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Fishing expedition gone wrong

funny pictures of cats with captions
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and the time has gone where? I cannot believe we are in the second week of December! I'm having some time off over Christmas and at the end of January so really looking forward to that - it will be nice to spend some time with family. I also hope to get the Stock Clerk stuff sorted (online store that is). I need to get the details back off Sorle as I lost mine with the hard drive crash *sigh*.

Wolfstanus' birthday next week (and my brother's - they share a birthday) - he will be 14. Boy how time flies! Conrad will be off to the senior campus next year too (he turns 16 next May) and my baby Gryffen will be 11 in February. It so amazes me! I still feel the same as I did at 20 but my kids are growing up fast! (Mind you I have more aches and pains than I did at 20!)

Got Kristy to colour my hair for me again on the weekend - it's darker than I was expecting but I really like it. It is cherry red again although in some light it almost looks purple ;-) I then have the bleached fringe and also around the neckline.

I am missing my work party on Friday night as T's is the same night and we are going to his. Looking forward to it!

Didn't do target archery on Saturday as it was too hot and extremely windy. The tavern/xmas feast went ahead even though it was just T, me, Conrad, Gryffen, Johanna, Arabella and Aminah. It was a nice but quiet evening. It still feels a little sureal that Aminah won't be around for the next couple of years - she has been part of my life for over 5 years now and it will be strange not to see her at events. Of course that doesn't mean we won't be 'talking' - looking forward to hearing about Aminah's adventures ;-)

Got most of the Christmas shopping done - just a few last ones for the boys and they need to go shopping with their father for me. I also need to change my mum's gift as my aunt bought her the same thing! Bugger! At least I have a few weeks and dad has given me an idea ;-)

Anyhow, better get back to work! I have had my coffee break now!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Yes I am still alive

although this summer cold/flu thing is getting very annoying! I don't feel sick, just tired. All this sinus and sore throat gets old very quick! I've started to cough again too but thankfully not too much! I am determined not to let it beat me!

This Saturday is target archery and our potluck tavern for Christmas - it will be the last event for the year. It will also be the last time we see Aminah for a couple of years - I think it will be quite emotional - I know it will be from my point of view anyway.

Christmas is creeping up and we have started decorating the office - they are running a competition for best decorated 'pod'. I'm just enjoying things starting to look festive! I still have so much shopping to do it's not funny - will try and get some more done this week. I think I need to plan better next year and shop through the year - all our bills fall just before Christmas so tyring to do all the pressie shopping just before doesn't work too well ;-)

Need to put the Christmas tree etc up this Sunday - that could be interesting with Rex! I have visions of him climbing to the top and knocking the whole thing down! I am sure he will manage to get a few baubles off the tree and chase them through the house. I was blaming the boys for leaving lego through the house and it turned out to be the cat!

The tattoo is going well - no scabbing and just a little flaking (like sunburn). No redness, no swelling, no sign of infection and the colour is still really good. My work colleagues that have seen it love it too. I can't wait to get the next one but I'm just going to have to be patient *sigh*.

Anyhow, back to work..........