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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How time flies when you are having fun...

It’s been ages since I’ve written here – too many other things to do and besides that, my rambling’s probably aren’t of any interest to anyone but me anyway :-) That’s okay though, I really only write to get things sorted out in my head anyway and I am certainly not going to put anything on here that I don’t want the whole world to know! LOL

I have returned to my substantive position at work after acting in other jobs for 18 months – it feels like I haven’t been away or that it was a lifetime ago. I’m settling back into routines and just finding my way around everything again. I have a rather large ‘to do’ list of files that need archiving or just sorting out. There are a lot of changes happening within the department so I think it will be interesting times ahead. It’s not so bad being back in an administrative role – I always seem to end up there for some reason, at work or in the SCA :-)

Speaking of the SCA, lots has been happening there too. We held Radburne War IV which was a huge success despite the panic the week before – the weather was atrocious prior but we had gorgeous weather on the weekend! (Thank goodness!) It will be forever known as the ‘bog wars’ though – the mud claimed 5 cars and a couple of fighters ;-) It was exhausting but well worth the effort – I only took one day off work this year (as I had just returned to my job) which I think made things a little more tiring. Will do things differently next year. We made a decent profit which has helped the group buy some things we really needed – such as two 6m x 3m white gazebos with enclosed sides – very handy all our events are outdoors!

We are off to Spring War on the long weekend – this will be our first visit so really looking forward to it. More than half the household is going so should be fun – plus it helps we know more people now which makes things less scary! LOL Just have sewing to do, but what else is new? LOL I got one shirt almost done (bar the hand sewing) last night, another one to do tonight, need to finish the hemming on Terry’s Cotehardie and Hose, need to make a banner for Terry and a tabard to go over his armour, I need a new chemise and I would like to make another dress plus I still haven’t finished my Italian one! I need to finish the sleeves on Wolfstanus’ doublet and possibly make him another one although that may be a little ambitious with less than 3 weeks to go! No, nothing has changed ;-)

Our next event is our annual Tourney of the Yellow Rose on the 6th November – this tends to be a low key event attended just by the group however wayfarers are welcome! We will be doing archery in the morning, sausage ina bun for lunch, tourney late afternoon and potluck feast in the evening.

Next year will be a party year – lots of milestone family birthdays to celebrate including Conrad’s 18th and my 40th! Any excuse for a party :-)

Anyhow, best get some work done – break is over……