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Monday, December 07, 2009

I gots me an XR6 - Yay!!!

Yes, I am doing the happy, happy dance! The original plan was to get one in a couple of years but my poor car gave up the ghost last week - head gasket, back engine seal and possibly the head as well. Have managed to find someone that wants it for a couple of dollars who can fix it up for themselves to get them through the next 18 months or so. After much debating (me mainly trying to talk myself out of it) I came to the agreement that yes it was better to spend money on a newer car than pouring more money into the old one. Once I came to that conclusion - I was happy.

Sequence of events - car dies Wednesday, lots of discussions and decisions, apply for loan online Thursday and search car yards on the internet, Friday afternoon test drive a couple of cars and find 'the one', sign the contract at 5pm Friday, visit the bank Monday to sign paperwork and pick up car at 4:30pm Monday. Take for drive and show the relies!!

'Tis a very nice car - needs to get sports exhaust system though - doesn't quite have the rumble yet the old one had LOL. It is a 2004 Ford Falcon BA XR6 in Winter White. Will take photos and post soonish - this one is from the car dealer's ad.

Early Christmas pressie for me! LOL

Monday, November 02, 2009

What can I say........

it's been a while and blogging has not been my priority. Life is hectic but good although I am swamped at work which leaves me feeling drained of an evening, hence not feeling like posting. I've also been traveling a fair bit with work too. Hmmm, dot points is probably the easiest for a quick update so here goes:

* Conrad (Clinton) has his School Certificate exams next week
* I finally got to see the specialist which was a very interesting thing. Turns out I have been treated for hayfever for the last ten years and I technically don't have it! Explains why half the medication never worked ;-) I do have sensitivity to strong smells such as perfumes, pollution, strong smelling flowers etc which make me sneeze and give me hayfever like symptoms, but I am not allergic. All the food allergies we thought I had, I don't have any allergies to them as such. Turns out I am allergic to myself! LOL My body (auto immune system is running amok) is producing an overload of histamines and therefore attacking itself producing allergy symptoms such as increasing my asthma and producing an abundance of hives. Treatment is Zyrtec and two Tagamet daily along with a Hyperallergenic Diet. It is amazing what foods contain large amounts of histamine. For example, I can have coffee but not tea, malt milo but not ordinary (green label) milo etc. I had to start on two Zyrtec a day to get the hives under control but now that I have been on the diet and medication for 3 weeks I am actually starting to get relief. I have 3 months treatment and then a review with the specialist. I may be able to go off the diet eventually but it will be a slow process and dependent on how quickly the toxins build up again, I may need to go back on it in the future. At least it has answered a lot of questions and I am finally getting relief!
* My ankle is still giving me grief - I am thinking about going back to my GP to discuss what could be going on. It's actually the other side of the ankle that is causing the most grief now, not the original injury site. It is quite weak and I do 'roll' on it quite often *sigh*. The other foot is giving me trouble now too - just shoot me now!!! LOL
* Due to injury and lack of time, the gym has not been visited for ages. I am thinking about canceling my membership because I just can't seem to get there *sigh*
* The boys and I volunteer at the local RSPCA shelter - we walk the dogs, play with the dogs and the cats and help out where we can. We try and go most Saturday mornings - I almost adopted a dog but restrained myself! LOL
* The three dogs and four cats are doing well. Candy has everyone wrapped around her little paw. Terry says that's because she is a dog in a cat suit ;-) She sleeps on our bed.
* We have booked for Border War next February - only going for the day Saturday and staying off site but looking forward to it!
* Next weekend is our IKAC, potluck feast and Tourney of the Yellow Rose. Haven't really done anything since RWIII so looking forward to it
* Our last event for the year will be the first Saturday of December - IKAC an picnic get together, possible twilight tourney too
* Have joined the local Photography club - really good to get some tips for taking better photos. Johanna (Jeannette) and I go - it's on the second and fourth Mondays of the month
* Have been playing Warcraft a bit as a stress relief - good fun!
* Won a heap of beads and stuff on Ebay last night - they have been paid for so hopefully by the end of the week I should have some to play with! I have a Celtic Knotwork book with some really lovely projects in it I want to try - just need to get the cord! I don't think the local Spotlight sells the cord, will need to double check otherwise will have to buy online.
* Still need to get my armour done - hopefully over the next few months things will come together
* Terry hasn't had a cigarette for over 3 months now - so proud of him! The boys are pleased as too!
* Off to Canberra at the end of the month for Terry's mum's birthday - we and Terry's sister are taking her away for the weekend as a gift. Looking forward to it!

I think that's the bulk of the news. My list of things I want to do seems to be getting longer and the available time to do it in seems to be getting shorter. Such is life!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

No, I'm not dead.......

just fallen off the web planet for a bit ;-)

What can I say? RWIII was awesome - had a good turnout and a great weekend.

Conrad has had a concussion a few weeks ago (is okay now) playing soccer and got a ride in the ambulance - yesterday put his teeth through his lips and got a bleeding nose, playing soccer. I don't know what these boys are doing but it isn't the soccer I know! LOL He authorised as a Combat Archer at RWIII too!

Wolfstanus is his usual comedic self ;-)

Gryffen is also plodding along well :-)

Work is unbelievably busy but I am enjoying it!

We now have the four computers networked onto the internet so we can play WoW together! Yay!

Daniel and Kristie (Guy de la Rivierre and Arabella) finally got married last weekend - it was a beautiful day and a lovely wedding! Congratulations to the happy couple :-)

There is probably a whole heap I could write but honestly, I'm too brain dead to think of it at the moment! LOL

Oh, we finally got Candy Bear home too - she is an amazing, cheeky kitty!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Life is insane

and it helps if you are insane as well - at least that is my excuse and I am sticking to it!

Very, very busy as usual. Warcrack has been my refuge and unwind at the end of the day - even though I really know I should be sewing instead, I need the unwind time!

Work is amazingly busy but I am enjoying all the learning I am doing and the interactions, even though some can be stressful at times. It's all about finding the balance.

Preparations for RWIII are going well - bookings are still an issue. Why is it people cannot say 'Hey, I'm coming' instead of me getting it third hand or 'Hey, I'd like to come but I won't know until the day before'. I know, I know, it's the SCA! It is so hard to organise an event when people just cannot be bothered to let you know what is happening. And yes, I know I am not the only one this happens too, it seems to be a bit of a cultural thing. As it stands, I have about 45 bookings including kids - about 13 have paid in total. A few have made arrangements to pay on the day (which is fine, if I know before hand), a few have said they will be depositin monies today, which is fine, but always find this part the most stressful. Dammit I need to know! (Control freak - yes I know :-))

I keep saying this is the last one, and then when things have calmed down and everyone goes away happy, I relent and do another one :-) I must admit it would be nice to actually go to an event and just hang out and not do much instead of running around like the proverbial headless chook, but is that really me? LOL All I need to do is travel to an event.............for that I need time and money *sigh*. I am hoping next year will be better time wise and we can get to a few more events. On the plans are a Rowany event (we couldn't go to Bunch o'classes 'cause Gryffen had his tonsils out the day before), Border War (did make that one this year), Spring War (cannot go this year due to medical appointment in Sydney) and a Polit event (went to their Baronial Championship last October which was nice). Will see what comes up for the rest of the year............................and I need to get my armour finished, and I need to make a gambeson, and I have a sh*&load of sewing to do.........need to finish Conrad's doublet (I know, I know), the shirts aren't going to get made, still need to finish my Italian, have new patterns to try, need to get Elizabethan flat caps (3) made before next weekend too!

Okay, I admit it, I am crazy ;-)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Welcome Princess!

Goodbye Sylvester

you are an awesome cat and will be missed!

Mixed bag this week

Terry and I both had a week off work this week - has been a very mixed week!

Started off okay last Saturday and then the boys went to their cousin's Sunday night. We had a quiet dinner at home and settled in to watching Season 2 of The Tudors on DVD. All was good until about 9pm when Sylvester suddenly couldn't walk and became very distressed - then started panting. We were frightened he may have got a bait - we rang the vet and organised to meet him. On the way in we were talking and I began to worry about the heart murmur he had. Turns out I was right - to cut a long ugly story short, Sylvester had a blood clot that went to his lungs and a main artery. He needed to be put down to end his suffering as nothing could be done. The vet was quite upset he could not do anything either - lots of tissues and tears later we said our goodbyes. It was heart breaking having to tell the boys on Monday, especially poor Conrad. Sylvester was only three years old.

We have now adpoted two new kittens from the RSPCA - Princess who is now home with us (she is lovely). She almost pulled two of her stitches out (after being desexed), has managed to get out of the e-collar and managed to get the bandage off her belly! Talk about a little monster! She is a real talker and very affectionate - she is asleep on the lounge with Terry now. She also likes Vegemite!

Little Candy that we also adopted has had to remain at the RSPCA. When the vet shaved her belly for her op, they discovered she had a skin infection. As she is so tiny, she has not been able to fight it off herself. She had an injection on Tuesday and if that does not clear it they will give her antibiotics. I am going to see her tomorrow and see if they have any idea when she might be able to come home. She adopted Terry - it was so cute!

Wolfstanus, Gryffen and I have volunteered to help out at the RSPCA - had my tetanus shot on Tuesday (I was overdue for my booster) so need to drop the vaccination certificate in as well as copies of the boys' vaccinations. Wolfstanus is due for a booster next month which he isn't too impressed about - he needs to get a blood test done tomorrow too to check his iron levels are back up to normal.

Haven't had much luck with chickens lately either - we have had another 3 die and one more which seems a bit 'off'. On the upside, we actually got 3 eggs today!

With some help from family, they began painting the new structures for RWIII - it's really starting to look good. Plans are coming together although bookings are really slow - unless we get a last minute rush it will be the smallest one we have had. We will still have fun though! It doesn't look like my armour will be ready in time - that's okay though, I will authorise next time.

We won't be going to Spring War this year which is a little disappointing - I need to see an allergy specialist in Sydney the week after so cannot do both. The allergy specialist is much more important - there is always next year!

Due to it being 'one of those weeks' I haven't done hardly anything I planned too! At least I got some of the war planning done and we had a nice day out today - we went to McFeeter's Car Museum in Forbes and 'The Dish' at Parkes. Good family day out with the five of us plus my mum and dad. If you are ever out that way, definitely worth visiting!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Transformers 2

Went to the movies tonight to see Transformers 2 with the boys. Had a great family night out and one of Conrad's friends came too. Really, really enjoyed the movie! Will definitely get it when it comes out on DVD. If we had to pick a transformer, Terry would say Ironhide is his favourite - I'd have to toss up between Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. I think I'd pick Bumblee though! LOL

We all hope they make a third one!



Optimus Prime

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

And the second half of the year is upon us.......

OMG, where has the time gone? I just never seem to get here to write anymore! So, I think dot points are the way to go. So here goes.......
* Gryffen is back bouncing off the walls again which is great
* Wolfstanus sprained his ankle last week and is still hobbling around but the CT scan showed no major damage thank goodness!
* Conrad has his hand/arm in plaster - the little episode of punching the brick wall a few weeks ago resulted in a fractured hand (3rd knuckle). He has two weeks in a half cast, then back to the fracture clinic for an x-ray. If all is good the cast stays off, if it hasn't healed then it will be a full cast
* Work is crazy busy - road tripped to Orange and Bathurst last week, need to go back there again next week
* Terry is 150km the other side of Bourke for a few days
* Target Archery this weekend
* Last weekend got the bridge built, the timber list field built and started re-enforcing the structure for the tavern
* Wolfstanus cracked me up when he had his CT scan last Saturday - when he got out he said 'My foot when through the Stargate, the aliens took pictures on the other side and sent them back via email'. Nothing wrong with his imagination!!!
* Been too tired or too busy to sew - I have a week off work soon so hope to get a heap done then
* Stupid ankles/feet are playing up something shocking - haven't been back to acupuncture as it was very painful last time and I just haven't got the time. Need to get back though 'cause it does help
* Didn't get to the gym last week - too much on. Did go the two Tuesdays before that. I was going to go today but didn't get away from work in time *sigh*. Hope to go tomorrow but not entirely hopeful ;-) Having lunch with a friend so can't go then, having dinner with mum and dad so need to try and get away from work a little early. Good luck with that! LOL
* We are nursing a hurt chicken at the moment - one of the Silkies has hurt her leg so she is living in a box in the shed. She is a lot more alert now she is getting food and water (she cannot move much and she keeps putting her leg straight out in front of her). At least she has a chance now - she would have died if we had of left her in the pen 'cause she couldn't get to food and water. We don't know what she has done - Terry said it doesn't feel like the leg is broken or dislocated, only time will tell.
* Had Shadow to the vet last week - he needed to be castrated, have his heart worm annual injection, get micro chipped and have his leg stitched. He cut his leg open on something - didn't really bleed but was deep. Back to the vet on Thursday to get the stitches out.
* Having my brain dead TV night - Australia's Next Top Model, Bridezillas and Housewives of Atlanta mixed with playing Warcrack! LOL
* Looking forward to RWIII - there are still a lot of loose ends and lack of bookings but it is slowly coming together. Really looking forward to catching up with friends including one who is traveling half way around the world!
* Need to book Terry in for his tattoo soon - when he has an appointment he will have to finalise the design! LOL Of course I have an ulterior motive, when he gets his I can get my next one (which I would like for Christmas) :-)

And now I think I will catch up on friends journals and blogs which I haven't had a chance to do for ages!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yeah, I know it's been a long time again

between posts - what can I say? Warcrack has been more appealing of an evening than posting as I am too brain dead when I get home from work, cook tea, tidy up, organise kids etc to post.

So, I'm afraid all you are going to get is dot points on stuff. The worst part is I'll usually think of meaningful things to write as I am dozing off to sleep at night or when I am driving but by the time I get to post it's all gone ;-)
* Gryffen is recovering okay - he did have tummy issues from all the meds he has been on but that seems to be getting better. He is actually up and about today.
* Wolfstanus is over his tonsillitis too and back at school - I saw his Maths teacher yesterday who said he is doing really well in Maths and she has high expectations for his exam next week (no pressure or anything ;-))
* Conrad is tired of school again but has been doing quite well. He got an A- for work education and has impressed his employer for work experience. He also got a really good mark for Science and a 73 for PDHPE. These are the best marks he has ever received so the set up at the Senior Campus has been beneficial. We have had some 'social' issues with moron kids but you get that anywhere *sigh*
* Conrad dropped his phone at school last Friday (he had it so I could text him when Gryffen got out of surgery). He reported it to the deputy and his teachers but of course no one had seen it or handed it in. Luckily it was a pre-paid but we still had $30 worth of credit stolen from it. We have a lead and the DP has a name but that student has not been at school so to date she has not been able to interview him. The charmer also signed up to 'Pink Babes' which has meant large charges for that. Telstra as usual were most unhelpful and managed to stuff up the blocking of SIM cards etc - they managed to cut of Wolfstanus' instead of Conrad's, and then told us when we deactivated the old SIM and got the new SIM for the number the 'thief' could not use the number - that does not seem to be the case when I look at the number history *sigh*. I've managed to transfer most of the credit off now but we still lost an extra $6 last night. I am going to keep the number for now to track the calls whilst the school is investigating - we have told them that if the phone is not returned we will go to the police with the information and names we have. I don't hold high hopes. We are going to get a new phone and new number for Conrad today. I just find it a sad reflection on society that the 'norm' is finders keepers, losers weepers rather than people doing the right thing and handing in things they find that do not belong to them. I know there are some out there that do the right thing, it just seems that they are the minority now.
* Need to get Wolfstanus a new MP4 today (his got broken accidentally)
* Work is ridiculously busy but good
* I am road tripping next week to Orange and Bathurst for a couple of days
* Had to get new tyres for the ute today
* Have lots of sewing to do
* Have lots of organising for RWIII to do
* It has rained every weekend for about the last 4 weeks - not good for getting the site ready! LOL
* My chickens still bring a smile to my face and I love watching them when things are a little stressful

On the whole, life is good and I am content!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Flying update

Which is about all I have time for these days! On a short lunch break so thought I would post quickly.....
* Work is soooo busy, but really good
* Johanna made Radburne badges for everyone which is really cool
* Have lots of sewing to do as usual before the war weekend
* Raburne War III is on in 7 weeks - OMG!
* Wolfstanus still has Tonsillitis - on a stronger lot of meds now and on his second week home from school
* Gryffen is finally bouncing again and will be getting surgery to remove nasty tonsils in two more sleeps which means I have an overnight stay in hospital with him. Not looking forward to it but will be glad to have it done and get him on the mend - it is very necessary. He hasn't gone back to school though as we cannot risk him getting sick again - there is a confirmed case of Swine Flu at his school
* Conrad is well again although seems to be quite tired and 'down'. He says there is nothing wrong but I think I will need to keep an eye on him.......
* Having yummy beef stew in the slow cooker for dinner with smashed potatoes - drool!
* Terry has been unwell too - I think he has a touch of the flu
* I have a prickly throat and feeling run down too - yuck!
* Gauntlets have proved to be interesting - turns out I have odd shaped knuckles on my hand - the one for the middle finger sticks out further than the rest - once padding is in the gauntlets they don't fit properly. The half gauntlet is fine but the fingered one needs modifying.........
* Have fit the lining for Conrad's doublet - hope to get the velveteen cut out this weekend and sew it
* Need to go shopping with my mum this weekend to Spotlight - she is after material for a doublet for my dad (Mum has decided to go Tudorish with a McCalls (?) pattern I have but has enough material in her stash we think) - I also need to make dad a hat with a feather in it ;-)
* Had to have an ultrasound on my leg - I have a Lipoma (fatty tissue tumor - it is benign so all is good but it is rather large and can be annoying - may need to have it removed if it causes any issues with the surrounding blood vessels etc)
* Chickies are happy in their new home - I love going up there of a morning and letting the Silkies out of the hen house. They follow me everywhere! LOL Even the big chickens do! We have a broody hen but not sure she is sitting enough to get the eggs to hatch. She has four so we will see how she goes.........

And now I need to go for a quick walk to get some fresh air and get back to work!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Shiny gauntlets for me............

on my way to becoming a combat archer...........

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I blinked..........

and the last three weeks has disappeared! So what has been happening? A lot and then not a lot........
* One of our new chickens died but the rest are okay
* Gryffen still has tonsillitis and we have narrowly averted him being hospitalised. He will be having his nasty tonsils removed next Friday (16 June) providing we can get them to behave by then.
* Wolfstanus also has tonsillits
* Conrad has a virus but is much better and will be back at school tomorrow
* Terry and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary last Saturday
* I have moved positions at work - I am now the acting Injury Management and Rehabilitation Coordinator for twelve months, I didn't get to finish my project. It is a big change, it has been years since I have done return to work coordination and not on this scale. It is both frightening and exciting at the same time! I am so busy trying to get my head around everything I am brain fried when I get home and can manage Warcrack some evenings but that is about it ;-) (And yes, this is my news I couldn't tell until it was official!)
* Got the lining for Conrad's doublet cut out but with him being ill I haven't had a chance to do a fitting yet
* Terry has started making my armour - he has my half gauntlet made, is working on my full gauntlet and has started on my chest plate. It is so cool!!!! Will try and get a photo on the weekend

Can't think of much else at the moment, back to watching Scooby Doo the movie :-)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Super quick update

* Was sick last week - awful lurgy
* Went to Mudgee Saturday, back Sunday morning - had a lovely time with T
* Got my chickens!
* Gryffen got sick, again!
* Gryffen will get tonsils out either in June or July - hope to get date from Doctor tomorrow
* T has been sick this week :-(
* Report for event done - we made a profit of $27 something (yay - best profit made for this event in the last three years)
* Taking Conrad out for his belated birthday dinner this Friday night providing no one else gets sick!
* Developments at work that I can hopefully mention at the end of this week
* Work is flat out - can't say I'm bored!
* A bit annoyed with some things at the moment which is being worked through - don't think this is the place to spill though ;-) Why do people have to be so clueless and hurtful someimes? Feeling like you are constantly being used sux!

Break over - back to work!

Monday, May 18, 2009

ooh news!

And I cannot share it yet! Don't you hate that? [evil grin] It looks like I am getting a good opportunity with something and it is exciting, I just can't say anything yet until it is finalised. I promise I will post it here as soon as I can. Mum's the word until then! (Hi Mum!!!)

On the work front, the project is going well and I am entering into the final stages. Some more data colletction to do, collation and reporting.

Back to work before I 'splode!


The weekend went well - we had some last minute attendees but all was good. Thankfully the weather behaved itself and we got to eat in the outdoor tavern and sit around the campfire. I haven't had any complaints and I have had some positive feedback so assuming everyone enjoyed themselves! We even had three local families join us that had not been to an SCA event before so all is good. I think we ended up with 37 all up over the course of the weekend, and made a small profit to go with it! I will upload the photos onto the photobucket account for Radburne this evening if I don't crash before then! Driving to work this morning I realised I should have taken today off - I am so tired and not functioning at 100% ;-) We had three visitors from Rowany (including the Baron and Baroness) who we are very grateful too for travelling so far - it was lovely to catch up with them again!

So, results from the weekend very briefly:
* IKAC was won by Szebastian Greenbow
* Combat Archer Tourney was won by Peter of Radburne
* Heavy Tourney (and Defender of Radburne) was won by Lord Vardor des Furion
* Bardic Challenge was won by Gryffen Bladesmyth for his renditon of the Shoe Bransle on recorder
* Terence of Radburne received an AoA and is now Lord Terence of Radburne! Huzzah! (He was a little embarrassed and wasn't quite sure how to deal with it but he did like it and was very appreciative of the scroll - I need to get a frame for it today ;-))

Thanks to all who came and helped out - despite being exhausted now, it was a good weekend! Now I need to organise Radburne War for August!

Oh well, back to work and more spreadsheets!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nice surprise!

We only have a one week wait, yes you read right, a one week wait to see the ENT specialist in Dubbo. Got Gryffen in for next Thursday! Yay! Poor little bugger is so miserable at the moment - he has been going to school in the mornings though to do his NAPLAN tests. Has his maths one today - I expect to get a phone call when it's over..............

Two more sleeps until the Anniversary Feast and Tourney - I feel so unorganised this time although I *know* it will be okay. *sigh*

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy 16th Birthday!

to Clinton (otherwise known as Conrad). Hard to believe it is here - hope you have a great one! Despite our ups and downs over the years, we wouldn't trade you for anything! Having you around has taught us a whole heap of things, often in unexpected ways, and we are grateful for every day we have you in our lives.

We love you son and Happy Birthday!

(Will insert photos here this evening - gotta dig a baby photo out of course :-))

Poor Gryffen

has tonsilitis - again!!! He has gone to school because they are doing the NAPLAN testing but he is feeling a bit miserable (I expect to get a phone call later in the day to get him). We are now seeing a different doctor (our family doctor went back to Sydney at the beginning of the year and we have been going to one of the medical centres but I haven't been over fussed with some of the doctors there). The 'new' doctor seems a lot more switched on, asks lots of questions and discusses things - nice change! Gryffen now has a referral to an ENT specialist - next hurdle is trying to get in!

I have a referral to an allergy specialist in Sydney but cannot get in until the 12 October - kinda getting used to the long waits. It seems you have to plan to get sick nowadays ;-) Oh well, such is life - no use complaining too much, no-one listens anyway! LOL

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Preparation is coming along

and we now have 32 booked - 19 adults, 6 children (between 6 and 16) and 7 under 6. We also have an extra two adults just for the archery - friends we haven't seen for a while so really looking forward to catching up with everyone and having fun!

Although I am a little 'OMG I have so much to do!' I must admit I am starting to get a little excited about the whole thing as well. The numbers are higher than last year even though we don't have the wayfarers this time. This means locally we can support a decent event now which is fantastic! (Even if half are family LOL)

Coffee break over...........

Monday, May 11, 2009

Radburne Anniversary Feast and Tourney

is on this weekend. Am I organised? Sort of ;-)

* The tavern is up and covered with the not so lovely black plastic (we hope to make a more permanent shelter with treated MDF but that will have to get done in bits due to cost)
* Need to put up material and banners inside to hide plastic and atmosphere - will happen Saturday morning
* Signs are still half done - need to finish painting them tonight
* Have 30 people coming - 19 adults and the rest children between 2 and 16
* Need to go shopping on Friday
* Need to make three doublets
* Need to make T's new banner
* Need to learn dance to teach (probably Jenny Plucks Pears or something)
* Need to practice recorder piece with Gryffen
* Need to make soup for Sunday lunch
* Need to print waiver forms
* Need to do sign in sheet
* Need to print timetables
* Need to check I have enough targets (I am sure I do but want to double check)
* Need to set up list rope for heavy tourney (Saturday morning)
* Need to set up Combat Archer Tourney area
* Need to do IKAC score sheets and tourney score sheets
* I'm sure there are a few other things to do too!

And in between all of that I need to work, clean house, wash, iron, organise kids and do mundane household stuff. *sigh* It will be okay though, just busy! I've had to cancel my plans to take the boys to the Dubbo Show on Friday afternoon though - their cousin will take them. At least I can get last minute stuff done then!

Then when this weekend is over, I need to start planning RWIII in earnest so it can be bigger and better than last year! Then plans to attend Spring War in October!

Five minute update

Weather was awesome on the weekend - hope it will be the same next weekend! (Murphy's Law says it won't be - it is Show weekend and it always rains on the show weekend)

Saturday got Rex to the vet for check up, picked up stuff from party shop and birthday cake, got washing done, got tokens made for the feast, had BBQ and birthday party for Clinton - lovely evening.

Got spoilt for Mother's Day - foot massager, digital photo frame and gorgeous red roses. Had BBQ lunch, spent the afternoon putting covers on tavern and went out for tea to local Chinese restaurant. Won't be going back there - service was awful (we left after two and half hours and the last of the meals was being brought out) and the food wasn't worth the wait. *sigh*

Work is going really well - need to catch up with my boss now!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ramblings on a Thursday afternoon coffee break

Conrad was a doofus on Tuesday and rolled his ankle on a rock at school - result is a stint on crutches with a badly sprained ankle (the x-rays showed clear but we all know that doesn't always show everything ;-)) He went to school this morning but needed to be picked up about 11am as his foot was throbbing. I'd say it was probably the double period of Shakespeare that did it though ;-) Hard to believe but he turns 16 on the 13th of this month. Scarily he can go for his Ls now! OMG! Where do the years go? We are having a party/BBQ for him on Saturday night with the family and a couple of his friends. I ordered his cake today (a caramel mudcake from one of the local bakers - nom, nom, nom). Should be a busy but interesting weekend! Rex the Cat needs to go the vet on Saturday morning for his annual vaccination and check up.

I'll have to dig up a baby photo and one of him now to put up here next Wednesday ;-) That's what mums are for isn't it? LOL

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Just *sigh*

Have been headachey and a bit muscle sore since last night - getting there though! At least my movement is a little freer ;-) Didn't get much done last night on account of feeling blah. Have to confess I veged out watching Australia's Next Top Model and then Real Housewives of Orange County. Oh the brain deadness! LOL

Work is hectic as usual and the project is motoring along. Holy cow - only 8 weeks to go! I have a meeting tomorrow to make sure I am heading down the right road and to see if there are any detours to take. It certainly has been an experience :-) Luckily it is a great team of people I get to work with!

Back to it!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Went to the chiro this afternoon - felt good afterwards and much freer however I am a little sore and headachy now - think I will head to bed. Had my lower neck, mid back and both hips cracked ;-) Back to the acupuncturist on Friday to get my feet done again. I hate to think what I am going to be like at 60!!

And then there was procrastination

Which is technically what I am doing now ;-) Entering data in a spreadsheet is not the most stimulating experience although alas, a necessary one. I will get back to it in a minute.......

Didn't get anything much done last night because I got home later than usual, cooked tea, helped the youngest munchkin with a quest on warcrack, caught up on emails, found some chickens to purchase! (Yay for fluff balls of chickeny goodness - that is, Silkies!) We will pick them up when we go to Mudgee on the 23/24 May. Then I played Warcrack for about half an hour 'cause it was too late to start anything else, went to bed and watched a DVD on Irish castles until I couldn't keep my eyes open ;-)

Off to the chiro again after work today for an adjustment - then home to cook and hopefully start cutting out doublets!

Ooh - and my patterns I ordered turned up - huzzah! They will need to wait for a bit though *sigh*.

Off to get a hot chocolate and them back to spreadsheets!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Exhausting but good weekend.....

I was too tired to post last night so a quick update whilst I am on a coffee break...

* Saturday morning - farmers market for fruit, Spotlight (material purchased for boys doublets), Big W for ugg boots for everyone, Bargain Shop (goblets for the three boys and a knight for the big boy), library, and a few other bits and pieces
* Lunch
* Worked on the chook pen all afternoon
* Target archery cancelled due to lack of numbers
* Unexpected visitors as message didn't get through to Tiberius that fighter training was cancelled
* Had impromptu fighter training, BBQ and lots of laughs - was a lovely evening!
* Ordered trim and frog closures for boys doublets

* Bacon and egg (fresh eggs from our chookies) rolls for breakfast (nom, nom, nom)
* Back out to finish the chook pen - completed fencing, put in roosts, nesting boxes, feed dishes, water dishes with linked hoses so just one tap to be turned on, sprinklers to be set up for summer, gates put in
* Chooks caught, examined, nails clipped, wings clipped and transferred to new home (with lots of giggles)
* Three roosters that need new homes left in old pen (wondering what the heck happened to everyone)
* Gardens watered
* Herbs potted
* Corned silverside with white onion sauce and vegies made and eaten for dinner (Lunch was skipped)
* Two batches of muffins made
* Emails checked
* Early night!

Monday (to do)
* Back to work
* Spaghetti for dinner
* Feed and check on chookies
* Water some more of mum's garden
* Upload photos to blog and facebook
* Cut out doublets (I think I will do the lining first - it will be some navy linen I have in my stash. Want to make sure the sizing is right before I touch the velveteen)

Friday, May 01, 2009

Anyone want a rooster or three?

We have two Silkie crosses and another (breed unknown) that need a new home. We have gone from 15 roosters down to five, but three of those are still surplus to our needs. Ask around - let me know if you find someone that wants them and can pick them up from Dubbo *grin*. BTW - they are free :-) I'll take a photo of them on the weekend and put here too.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Interesting reading

Whilst on my lunch break, thought I would read up on one of my pet interests at the moments - my chookies. I'm looking for chook friendly plants I can grow in their new pen that will be good for them to eat, will help with natural pest control and improve the environment they are living in. There is some really interesting things that are definately doable! It will mean putting a lot of things in pots with wire over the top so they can eat the growth that comes through the wire but not destroy the actual plants! I'm going shopping tonight! Some of the things I am looking for are:
* Aloe vera
* Italian Parsley
* Comfrey
* Wormwood
* Rosemary

I can get an awful lot of geranium cuttings from home and I also read they love pumpkin vines (to play/hide in) so I think that will be another good thing - we have those in the vegie garden already ;-)

I really want to start doing more of this instead of being shut up in the house on computers all day, every day! Ah, the plans.........

Plans for the weekend

that of course will not be long enough!
* Trip to the farmer's market for fresh fruit (and the number of the guy in Narromine that sells Isa Brown chickens)
* Shopping with the boys for new clothes, shoes, slippers etc
* Pay the remainder off the lay-by for Conrad's new mattress (so Terry can finish making the bed)
* Pick up the ordered wheat for the chooks
* Pay some more off the lay-by of our new lounge (did I tell you we have bought a new lounge? 10 to 12 weeks for delivery - it is so comfy! It will be the first time in 18 years we have had a new lounge! The funny thing is it will arrive about the time of our 17th wedding anniversary - pressies for this many years is furniture! LOL And no, we didn't plan that!)
* Target archery
* Get the roof on the tavern for the feast in a fortnight
* Any time left, work on the chook pen

* Sleep in!
* Work on the chook pen and hopefully finish it
* Move our chickies into their new home

Somewhere in between all of this I am supposed to be working on garb - umm, not sure that is going to happen ;-) LOL I must admit, after being locked up in an office all week, I enjoy working on things outside on the weekend!

Terry and I are going to Mudgee on the 23 May for a quiet time to ourselves (early wedding anniversary present - our anniversary is the 6 June). We are going to stay at the Parklands resort overnight. Love my family to death but looking forward to some us time - we both get so busy we need to stop and breathe together occassionally!

Back to work - coffee break over!

PS Our little hen passed away through the night.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kids can amaze you sometimes.......

I was going to post this at LJ but cannot at the moment - I might put this over there too this evening when I get home.

Back to the topic.........I am so proud of my 11 year old! In this day and age when we are constantly asking why our kids don't think things through, Gryffen showed yesterday how much thinking they can do.

As he was leaving school yesterday afternoon, he noticed some Kindergarten kids playing on the 'fort' waiting to be picked up. He saw them pick up a small package from the ground and begin to examine it. (He is in Year 5 and takes being a 'buddy' very seriously.) He went over to see what they were doing and saw they had a small sealed plastic bag (about 2cm x2cm) containing two blue pills. He said to them 'You shouldn't have that because you do not know what it is. Can I have it please so I can give it to the teacher?' Although he did not go to the teacher (it was after hours) he brought it home and put it on the bench and rang me to tell me about it. We went into school this morning to report it but the Principal was not available. We left the bag with the office lady and told her the story. She would tell the Principal and Gryffen could tell his story then. They were going to check the playground to make sure there were no more there. Gryffen also commented that he couldn't just ignore it because he would hate to see something happen to someone because he didn't say something.

OMG! What do you say? I am so very proud of him and told him so. I also told him he absolutely did the right thing! We also talked about it being important that if it happens again he should go straight to the office - Nan would not mind waiting a bit and neither would his brothers ;-)

Just, WOW!

And breathe...........

I am safely at work despite the efforts of some idiot drivers! A few episodes of mild road rage and I am calmly sitting at my desk............

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday stuff

* Went to chiro yesterday - got my neck, mid back and lower back crunched. Best night sleep I have had for ages! Little bit muscle sore today but going to acupuncture at 12:30pm which should fix that! LOL I have an anomoly on my lower spine that I was born with so although the chiro cannot fix it, he can help with pain management so all is good!
* Terry went to chiro yesterday too - can now touch his toes as his back isn't locked up anymore!
* Need to do submission for House Radburne badge
* Need to make House Radburne badges for household
* Need to finish painting road sign that I started on the weekend
* Need to do a whole lot of things probably - I guess I will get to them eventually!

Reading blogs is an interesting thing - I am always interested in different points of view. I may not always agree with what you say, or I may be curious as to what lies beneath some posts but I will never pry nor will I bag you for your point of view! Sometimes it even makes me think of something differently just because I had not thought of something in 'that' way. I try not to read things into stuff because let's face it - reading words is totally different to having a conversation with someone in person where body language and the ability to ask for clarification instantly play a big part in how something is interpreted. I've been caught out with this via email before and it was not a pleasant experience. Unfortunately the person involved couldn't even tell me why they were so angry with me, just that they were, nor could they tell me what I had done wrong or how to fix it (which was asked via a phone call not via email BTW). I lost someone I thought was a friend but I guess in the end they weren't really a friend anyway - it still makes me feel sad. Needless to say we have parted ways. I am a lot more wary now about what I say to whom. Sad really but necessary - I guess more so for people I do not know very well. For those I have known for ages it is a different thing because I also know they will pull me up or ask what I mean by something rather than jump to conclusions and go off. For some reason I seem to come off aloof and I do not know why - maybe it is because I am not always sure what to say. Maybe it's because I have had a number of people over the years I opened up too and thought were friends but they turned out not to be - maybe because of this I am a lot more guarded now - I really don't know. I also seem to gather a number of 'Clayton's friends' - you know, the ones that are happy to hang out or have a conversation when you chase them but never contact you or ask you out to lunch or something? That makes me depressed - what is wrong with me? Why can't I seem to make 'good' friends like everyone else? Mind you, I do have some good friends too - they just seem to be far away and I don't get to see them as much as I would like too. Okay, self pity session over and out! LOL

Monday, April 27, 2009

Brief update..........

On a five minute break so a very brief update......
* Acupuncture on Friday was awesome - worked on circulation and metabolism - felt really good afterwards
* Go to the chiropractor this afternoon
* Terry went to the chiropractor this morning and feels much better - has a lot more movement!
* Got some work done on the chook pen this weekend - see Chickadee Chirpings for update
* No work on the dress done
* Finished reading 'Dark Fire' - can't remember the author so will have to look it up tonight. It is a murder mystery/intrigue set in the time of King Henry VIII and revolves around the fall of Thomas Cromwell. Not a bad read - will give it to Wolfstanus to read.
* Had a sleep in both Saturday and Sunday - nice!

Run out of time so more updates later.........

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I need to get allergy testing done......

I am so sick of hives, itching, dry throat, itchy eyes, ears, mouth and generally feeling crap. The worst part is, I have no idea what is affecting me! I know pollens do - Spring is spent with hayfever but now it seems to be a daily occurrence! I will need to go to Sydney for the tests but have no idea where to go. Guess I will have to see a GP - that is a whole other rant! Our GP went back to Sydney so we have had to start over again. All the decent ones are not taking new patients and the ones at the medical centre - well it's pot luck whether or not you get a decent one! *sigh* I guess I will just have to brave it again one of these days! (Then of course you need to find one that will give you a referral anyway - some seem to think giving you a referral is a sign that they don't know everything! Well mate, I hate to tell you, you don't know everything! Sure, you may have more medical knowledge than me but it does not make you the keeper of all knowledge!)

Okay, off the soap box - need to do more work!

And I have had two wins!

The first being I finally got Terry's device resubmission done and it will get posted today. Huzzah!!! (It has only taken 6 months! LOL) I hate doing re-draws!

The second win is at work - I have learnt to do drop down menus in Excel for a form I am developing! [Kermit flail]

I know, I am such a nerd! (Which is what my boss says all the time - in a nice way though!)

Back to it!!

Oh, and just to show how eccentric I am - at work for our 'pod' we had to bring in something that represents us to hang from the ceiling to brighten up our boxes. I have my SCA device! LOL (And the funny thing is, my collegues aren't surprised! LOL)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On a five minute coffee break.......

so doing a few musings. I need a break from what I am doing so I can re-focus!

Looking forward to acupuncture this afternoon - my neck and shoulders are tense and sore. We will be trying 'cupping' today - I have been warned it can cause circular bruises so it will be interesting to see what happens! (I do not bruise very easily.)

Manic plans for May Crown 2010 have been put aside and sanity has returned. Rowany are putting forward a bid so fingers crossed they get it! It will mean we can actually get to a Crown event and I offered assistance in whatever small capacity I can to get some experience. We will look at bidding for May Crown 2011 (the party year) or possibly 2012. Right now, I am going to focus on the feast and tourney for next month and the war weekend in August.

I want to make the feast speccy and fun (there will only be around 20 of us with 4 for the tourney). So, the 'to do' list:
* Better directions for the website (partially done)
* Road signage
* Flags (done thanks to Johanna)
* Menu (done)
* Tavern to be improved (extended and a sloped roof)
* More tables and benches (re-paint the existing ones)
* Banner for Terry
* Waiver forms
* Games (organised)
* Learn a dance to teach!
* Voice heraldry to be sorted with Vardor
* Thrones for the B & B (I have a cunning plan ;-))
* Prizes for IKAC, heavy and combat tourneys
* Portaloo (booked)
* Ropes and signs for on the property to parking etc
* Email to lists (done)
* Booking form (done and online)
* Heraldic surcoat for Terry
* Finish my new (experimental)garb!
* Finish the new chook pen so we can make the old pen into a dog yard to keep them locked up with everyone there
* New doublet for Conrad
* New doublet for Gryffen
* New shirt for Conrad, Gryffen and Terry (if I get time)

Oh boy - only 3 weeks to go! Time to get my skates on and leave warcrack alone!!!

funny pictures of cats with captions
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Weekend in Sydney was good.........

Drove down Friday mid morning and got to my sister in law's around 4ish. Spent a pleasant evening with her and her partner. BBQ dinner, games of UNO and watching TV.

Saturday saw us go to Meadowbank where we had a look at M's work, parked the cars in secure parking and got the Rivercat to Darling Harbour. Very pleasant 50 minute cruise!

Spent most of the day at the Powerhouse Museum, saw the Star Wars exhibition and lots of other cool stuff!

"Do you know who I am?" [giggle]

Took the Rivercat back, had a spa, lovely dinner, watched 'Flushed Away' and 'Kung Fu Panda'. Fun but tiring day ;-)

Sunday saw us go to Westfield at Hornsby where the boys got to go to Games Workshop - bought themselves lots of models from Lord of the Rings and Warhammer. Lots of painting happening now! I didn't get anything though. Hope to go the Dutch shop at Smithfield next time.

Drove home Sunday afternoon after a very enjoyable weekend!

Went back to work yesterday - it is full on but good. Had acupuncture today so my neck and shoulders are feeling better.

Trying to get through my huge list of things to do before the feast next month. Got reminder emails sent out tonight and directions done for the webpage. Hope to work on signage on the weekend.

Finally got the computer and internet connection working properly - Warcrack has been calling again! LOL Finally up to a Level 71 but need heaps more gold to get my flying mount :-( Oh well, still fun though!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My pressie.......

that my husband made me. It is a music stand (medieval) for when I play the flute and recorder. Have used it lots over the weekend and it is fantastic! I am soooo lucky!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hmmm, it's been a while......

Despite plans to post regularly, it hasn't happened ;-) Having to share a computer and having spasmodic internet connection means spasmodic posting ;-)

We decided to stay home for Easter this year to do stuff at home - it rained, all weekend! Started about 4pm Friday and has only stopped today (it is still overcast). At least we got the brick fireplace at the BBQ area built before the rain set in. For the rest of the weekend was sewing, eating chocolate, having BBQ in between showers, dinner with mum and dad, lots of WoW and sleeping in. I've got a rather large post to get together for my dress diary - I have been writing notes as I have been going and taking some photos. I just need to get motivated and post it! Maybe tomorrow - WoW is calling! LOL

I have a few days off work this week - spent 5 hours today cleaning the house with the help of the boys - looks reasonable again ;-) Going to see Monsters vs Aliens tonight at the movies. Will spend tomorrow washing. Need to do some planning for the anniversary feast (especially a plan B if it rains). Plan B will probably involve the use of lots of tarps and the BBQ area! LOL Thursday will be ironing and sorting things out for Sydney. Heading to Sydney Friday lunch time to stay with my sister in law. River cat to CBD Saturday and then to Powerhouse Museum, mono rail and whatever else we decide to do. Head home again on Sunday, then back to work on Monday.

Acupuncture has been going well - stopped headaches and for the first time in 14 months, I am pretty much pain free in my right foot and ankle! Now if my left foot would just settle down I'd be right! Plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis in both feet is so NOT fun!

On other news, my flute playing is coming along. I still can't get the clear sound I used too but that will come with time and practice. Gryffen is learning to play the Shoe Bransle (Clog Bransle) with me on the recorder. We hope to perform it at the feast. I don't think we will be doing a play this year - not enough time to learn something, nor the motivation. I think with Stewarding the event it will be too much to organise and be in the play as well. Maybe next year.......

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Clever husband

who has made his first gauntlet from the armouring book he got for his birthday ;-) How cool is this?

Feeling better..........

Had my first acupuncture appointment this morning - it was awesome! I was pleasantly surprised I must admit! I need to go back for the rest of this week and all of next week - then we will see what happens after that. Lots of work to do! LOL It has already relieved some of the swelling in my face (from the migraines) and I must admit I feel very relaxed! Off to physio this afternoon too.....

Had a good weekend - meeting went well regarding the feast and tourney next month - everyone came up with good ideas and is getting involved. Even if it only ends up with 'just us' it is still going to be lots of fun! I also had a Sydney Uni student contact me (she is doing a Masters in Documentary Photography) who wants to come and take photos that will be used in a book and display at the end of the year. Need to let the group know and see what they say...........

Apart from that, not much news. Just the same problems at home again (software issues I think) which are driving me nuts! *le sigh*

Anyhow, had my coffee break - back to work!

Friday, March 27, 2009

It's Friday

and all of that. Cursed migraine since Monday has meant several days off work in a darkened room taking medication that zombifies. I think the migraine has been caused by several things - awful fluro lighting at work combined with many, many hours on the computer doing 'fine' detail accounting combined with needing a new supportive pillow combined with nasty sinuses etc. Got myself a new pair of sunnies at lunch time that cut out lots more glare and cover my eyes better (also picked up two new tops [grin]). Got a new pillow last night that is very comfy (a lot less neck pain this morning) and I am going to get acupuncture next Tuesday. (Haven't been before but have had lots of good feed back from many people) Migraine also meant cancelling physio yesterday (I couldn't drive) so need to get that done next Tuesday also. Of course the other scenario is that I am turning into a vampire and light is therefore my enemy! Bwahahahahaha!

Happy Birthday to my other half - hope it's a good one and we get to celebrate many more together! Despite the fact that you drive me (more) insane at times, I still think you are awesome and would not trade you for anything in the world or the world itself ;-) I could not imagine my life without you.

Conrad has been doing really well at school and has brought home another three certificates this week - two for Maths and one for History :-) Gryffen is happy as he is home today as it is a 'pupil free day' for 'staff development' and Wolfstanus is still sick. He has gone back to school today and I haven't had a phone call yet (Pop had to pick him up at lunch time yesterday and he had been off all week.) Hopefully the antibiotics will start to do their work soon (he has an infection in his tonsils, throat and ear).

Anyhow, lunch break over so back to work!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blah blah blah blah

If you don't want to read a whinge then stop reading now.

I have had a headache since last Friday, last night it turned into a migraine, I am at work today but not functioning 100% due to having to take Panadeine Forte to take the 'edge' off.

My other foot has decided to go out in sympathy with my 'bad one' - I think it's a tendon issue due to walking around the block last night in thongs ;-) Oh well, back to the physio on Thursday. Today I cannot decide which foot I need to limp with! LOL

Wolfstanus is still off school - sick again. Kristy is taking him to the doctors for me today. Do you know how hard it is to get into a doctor at Dubbo? Even the medical centre is now becoming impossible! We found a doctor that would see him at 4pm today only because there was a cancellation. The problem is most doctors won't take new patients and the medical centre is so over run it isn't funny!

Bought a snazzy pair of shoes when I went to get my lunch ;-) Time to eat now!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Another week begins

and we are heading to the end of March. Bl**dy hell! Who hit the fast forward button? I'm taking a five minute break from spread sheets so thought I would do a flying post (which seems to be all I am capable of at the moment). I'm beginning my sixth week into my project at work - wow! It's been very interesting. I have completed my first preliminary report and the powers to be are happy with what I have been doing so I am happy too :-)

Still have a bit of this virus - woke up coughing badly at 3:20am this morning and I still have a nagging head ache that I have had for about 4 days now. There is a bit of it going around - cannot wait to get rid of it so I can go and get my flu vaccination!! Wolfstanus is home sick today too - he is staying with my in laws as my parents are away.

The weekend was a bit of a blur - got a bit done but not all that I wanted too. (Photos haven't been uploaded *sigh*). Saturday we spent most of the day in town doing shopping and odd jobs, the afternoon was spent with the in-laws, BBQ dinner then laughing at the boys in armour ;-) The funniest is my husband - he hates being 'poked' so when Pete procedes to do that, Terry literally growls (which is hillarious coming out of a skull faced helm) and then beats Pete up. I believe the comments were 'why couldn't we fight like that at authorisation in Albury?' I believe guys there were several reasons: heat, the end of a busy weekend, the end of a week of fire fighting (for Pete), locked up shoulders for Terry etc. Don't be so hard on yourselves, k? Looking at getting them authorised in May at the anniversary tourney - reminder to self - contact Gui. Then played WoW for a few hours, then bed.....

Sunday saw washing (all day), baking cakes, muffins, roast beef, baked vegies (nom nom nom), getting ATO software loaded so I could complete the BAS, completing book work, spending more time with the in-laws, more WoW and watching Hogan's Heroes on DVD until midnight ;-)

We are heading off to Sydney the weekend after Easter to stay with my sister in law for the weekend. We are going to take the River Cat to the city (from Dundas)to see the Star Wars exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum. We haven't stayed there for 2.5 years so really looking forward to it. I also want to go to the Dutch shop at Smithfield.......

Okay, times up - back to work!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ponderings on my little universe

Well, it's been a while again. A brief summary of happenings:
* Been sick again (sinus/throat/chest infection *thing*) - starting to get on the mend
* I now have plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis so back to physio *sigh*
* The boys had mates out for a camp over last weekend (Friday night to Sunday lunch) - 5 extra boys but they were great!
* Work is very busy but very rewarding
* Starting to get organised for the Anniversary Feast and Tourney in May
* Insanely contemplating running a May Crown event - was thinking 2011 but I think that may be out. That year we have a 30th, two 40ths, a 50th, a 60th, a 70th, two 18ths and a 21st that I can think of quickly. Three of those fall in May including Conrad's 18th! So may need to look at 2012 ;-) (Do those years sound wrong to anyone else? Although saying 2009 still seems weird! LOL) I am going to do some research though and see if a) it is plausible or b) I have completely and utterly gone insane! LOL
* My hand raised chickens have all gone into the big pen now - will upload photos to Chickadee Chirpings in the next few days
* Got a heap of work done to the paddock, fort and camping space a few weekends ago. Got big plans for the tavern ;-)
* Terry and Pete are still training as heavies and have plans for armour
* I am thinking about becoming a combat archer - Terry is going to make armour for me.
* Shadow is growing in leaps and bounds and is turning out to be a very good dog
* Been playing WoW the last few nights instead of doing other stuff ;-)
* Been re-learning to play the flute. I've been doing about half an hour a night when I can (except when I was too sick). It's a little frustrating 'cause my wrist aches now and I need to get the breathing happening correctly again but I really have missed playing. After 22 years I can expect to be a bit rusty I guess!!! At least I can still read music LOL.

Anyhow, back to work!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Things that make you go AARRRGGHH part 2

* Insurance claims
* IP companies that have no customer service
* Being sick
* Having sick kids
* Watching people make their lives more difficult than they need to be - hey crap happens but you don't need to add to it by not thinking things through!
* Inconsiderate people
* Not being appreciated

Good things this last week:
* Considerate people
* Using the ride on lawn mower down the paddock
* Getting new computer
* Being told by the ankle specialist physiotherapy and a night splint should help my tendon issues
* Being told low HEELED shoes are a good thing for my ankle (yay for shopping)
* Being appreciated for the work I am doing on my project
* Making progress on my project at work
* Cute puppies and kitties that love to cuddle up to you and make you feel better even when you are feeling crap
* When kids realise on their own they have done something wrong and offer an apology without being prompted
* Kids cuddles and trying to make you feel better when you feel crappy :-)

And now back to some more work..........

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Things that make you go AAARRRGGGHHH!!

A quick update - things are sorted - things could have been sorted Monday if someone just talked about things instead of bottling them up and having a knee jerk reaction. Doesn't help when said person is tired and cranky ;-)

After lengthy *good* discussions and some venting, things are back on track and plans are being made. All is right with the world again.

I still want to go AAARRRGGGGHHH! LOL

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Feeling calmer

about the whole situation - probably because I have a plan of action ;-) I have decided to talk to the person whether they like it or not and have some suggestions for them such as taking things slowly and see how it goes. Also trying to get them to let me know exactly what level of involvement they are thinking about - lack of clarity on this can tend to make one jump to conclusions! *sigh* Why does something so simple have to be so complicated??? I think the reason is because people do not wish to discuss things anymore and communication isn't that great! I get so frustrated when people won't talk about things and feelings get hurt, conclusions get jumped too and all for the lack of talking! *sigh*

Although hitting them over the head with a big stick may not help, it may make me feel better! LOL


Why is it when you think that things are finally on track, people have come together and are enjoying themselves, that someone has to pull the rug from under your feet at great speed so you come crashing down? WTF is it with that!?! How can someone go from being enthusiastic, making plans with you and being excited about the future one day and the next go 'Oh by the way, I don't want to be involved with that at all anymore....' I guess the frustrating thing is when the person does not want to discuss the reasons why and just says 'I've been thinking about it.' End of discussion - won't talk, won't discuss.....Ahhhhhhh!!!! Talk about wanting to pull your hair out!! After being quite upset by the whole thing I have decided I will carry on anyway with those that wish to partake - if this person no longer wishes to do so then that is their problem, I am not going to miss out because they have changed their mind - they will just have to deal with it! Of course, there is always the possibility that they will change their mind again - has been known to happen ;-)

Yes, I am okay, yes I am being cryptic - no, I do not wish to discuss it - I just needed to go 'blah' to get it off my chest so I don't stew on it.

Speaking of stews, I have beef and mushroom ragout stewing in the slow cooker at home for dinner tonight - think I will have mashed potatoes with it....nom, nom, nom!

Got all the stuff from the weekend packed away last night so at least you can walk in the front door without tripping over suitcases! Just need to do the mountain of washing - I think if I do one load a night I'll get through it all ;-)

Looking forward to doing target archery on Saturday (weather permitting) as I haven't had a shot for ages!!!!

I like the quote that is on my desktop calendar today - 'Success is not forever and failure is not fatal - Don Shula'. Talk about being right for the moment!!!

Anyhow, back to work.........

Monday, March 02, 2009

Border War was fun........

We had a great weekend away, got to play, caught up with friends and made some new ones. We also got to learn a heap of new stuff with regard to armour and fighting/training techniques which is very helpful!

Pete didn't get to Albury until Saturday lunch time but returned to us in one piece despite being overwhelmed by the experience and very tired! We are so happy to have him home safely!

Wars were fun to watch Saturday morning however the afternoon activities were cancelled due to the heat. There was a slight mix up with the set up of the IKAC so it didn't go ahead - we played archery golf (thanks to Keagan's suggestion) for a while but it just got too hot. I ended up with a bit of heat stroke but was okay after I cooled down and had lots to drink (non-alcoholic!). We went for a dip in the pool which was absolutely freezing! I thought our dam was bad but it was colder in the pool - we didn't stay in very long.

Duke Cornelius was very patient with our questions all weekend and very helpful on the armouring/fighting/training information side. Thanks to a suggestion of his I have now ordered Terry's birthday present ;-)

Wolfstanus authorised as a banner bearer and he had a heap of fun too!

The fighter auction on Saturday evening was so much fun and very entertaining! I think it was a highlight for Kristy who said she really enjoyed it. I got to learn some English Country dances with Gryffen (who did really well I might add) until my ankle said enough is enough!

We saw some of the heavy tourney but missed the Combat Archery tourney and boffer tourney yesterday because we had to leave to get home at a reasonable time. We still didn't get home until 7pm and we are all happily buggered!!!

Pete and Terry did not authorise as heavies - they need to do some more training and on the day they were plagued by injuries that did not allow them to fight too long. We now have so much more information which will allow us to train better and know what we need to work on! Terry is going to make me some armour and Kristy and I will train with the boys as well. Don't think I will authorise as a heavy (in Terry's words - no way) but it is possible I may end up as a combat archer ;-) We have come back revitalised and with so much more useful information.

You know you are in the SCA have been at an event all weekend, spent most of the day driving, come home and get all the stuff out of the car, are absolutely stuffed but pick up the boffers to play some more!!! LOL

Terry isn't sure if he is going to pursue becoming a heavy - his shoulders are that bad this morning he could hardly lift his arms. Will take it a bit at a time and see what happens......he does intend to stay a combat archer though!

Anyhow, gotta get something to eat and head back to work! I hope to put some photos up this evening if the internet decides to work at home!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Mixed news

It's been one of those weeks where it is a mixed bag of sorts. Here is a brief update:
* New job going well
* Waiting on insurance company for replacement of items (including computer)
* ATO software not working on borrowed computer and BAS is due today!
* Most of my sewing is done - just need to finish Wolfstanus' shirt (which I buggered twice yesterday so gave up and will continue tonight)
* Got the house clean with assistance of other half and kids (yay!!!)
* Started packing for Border War - OMG the stuff we have to take even though we are not camping and staying in a cabin!
* Armouring is pretty much complete
* Had many giggles Saturday night with Pete and T having a training session - then got to beat T up with a boffer after he had been tormenting me ;-)
* Slightly worrying and stressful week this week with Pete going with the RFS to fight the Victorian fires - he is on his way from Albury this morning to Yea and then Healsville. We meet up with him in Albury on Friday for Border War. Our thoughts are with all the firefighters as they continue to battle the blazes.
* Four more sleeps to Border War - yay!

Finishing my lunch now and then off to the gym!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ten more sleeps until Border War

The rain has continued and it is fantastic - we really needed it! At least the rain water tank is getting some fresh water in it!

I got offered a Project Officer position at work which I accepted and started on Monday. It's very exciting and quite an honour. It is until the 30 June 2009 when I go back to my substantive position.

The boys are going okay - Gryffen has had two falls but is okay, Wolfstanus had a tummy bug last week (and has tested positive to low iron and needs to go on tablets), Conrad and Pete now have the tummy bug! Terry's hand is much better (he burnt it last week) and Kristy and I have managed to stay out of trouble! LOL

We are all looking forward to Border War and are getting through our long list of things to do. I need to make a list of what I need to take so I don't forget anything!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Yay for rain and cool weather

it is a welcome change.

That is all - update hopefully on the weekend!

And huzzah for Border War in 2 weeks!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Saved by the septic!

There are not many people that can say that! Why did I say that? Well it's because we found where the lightning struck - fairly close to the house. We were so lucky it struck the iron bark tree that was growing where the septic empties - this means it was green and moist. The strike has killed off foliage and split one of the largest trees we have! You can also see where it travelled along the ground killing patches of green scrub. There were exploded bits of tree everywhere! Even bits almost in our front yard - no wonder it sounded like a bomb going off! It looks like the lighting has gone straight down the full length of the trunk - narrowly missing one of the bird nesting boxes. It is truly a miracle it did not start a fire - we have 20 acres or thereabouts of pine trees and it struck an iron bark. The chicken house is right next to it too - I am surprised none of them were killed either! The photos are a little dark due to the lighting - will try and get some better ones in the next few days. Through winter we plan on doing lots and lots of clearing of scrub and fire breaks - it is too dry to do now (the risk of starting a fire is too great). Between the lightning strike and what is happening in Victoria has really brought home the necessity to keep on top of these things! So next time the wind is blowing the wrong way and we get a hint of pong from the septic, we will be grateful it is there! LOL

Monday, February 09, 2009

Horrific tragedy

is about the only way I can think to describe what is happening to our neighbours in Victoria. Bushfires I think would have to be one of the scariest things around (I know it is something I am always paranoid about where we live). My heart goes out to all those affected, directly and indirectly - it is such a huge range of people! Obviously the worst affected are those directly involved, the firefighters, police, ambulance etc, those who have lost their homes or loved ones, even their pets. Then of course there are those who have paid the ultimate price with their lives. Not to mention friends, family, workmates, businesses and a whole range of other people where it has a knock on effect. In general though, I really don't think there is anyone it doesn't affect in some way or other - it can just be the feeling of overwhelming sadness one feels for their fellow human being, perhaps it brings back memories for others who have been through a similar harrowing experience. I know it makes me feel an overwhelming sense of sadness and I find it hard to talk about without welling up - I cannot even pretend to imagine what these people are going through.

I hope this tragedy is over soon and pray for the rain that is so desperately needed in those areas. Francesca and Patrick - I know you guys have family in Victoria although I have to admit I do not know what towns - I hope they are safe from the bottom of my heart. To all our fellow SCAers - I too hope you are safe and away from the worst of it although I think it will be a long time before anyone can put this behind them. I do not think any of us will ever forget this in our lifetime.

I have some updates to post but I think I will save that for another time - it really doesn't seem that important at the moment.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Lightning Strike

Well, we got one last night! Totally scary - we were in the shed and it hit very close! You know, the noise and light at the same time! We could smell burning on the air too (apparently it is the ionisation of the air that we could smell which means a strike within 20 metres). It took out one of our TVs and videos as well as our wireless broadband. The technician is coming out this afternoon to look at our broadband so only quick posts from work in breaks at the moment. The video is officially fried and we are awaiting news on the TV. We were all in the shed when it happened - I have never had one that loud before - it was like a bomb going off! We have had the 'window rattlers' before but nothing like this. It took me an hour and a half to calm Gryffen down. We had Terry and Pete do several laps of our block too to make sure there was no fire - thank goodness there wasn't! (We have 20 acres of pine trees.) Poor Pete went as white as anything (he has been hit by lightning before - in the top of the leg and out his foot) so it was not a pleasant sensation for him at all! Not an experience I would like to repeat!

On other news, Conrad is doing really well at school so far. I had a meeting with his teacher and I am feeling so much more positive about his new school and environment - I think it will work really well for him. It is up to him now what he makes of it, so far so good! Wolfstanus is doing well too - he is home today as it is the swimming carnival. With the temperatures the way they are, he can't swim in the races and the migraine he has had for the last few days, it was appropriate to let him stay home! He is disappointed though as he cannot play WoW as the internet connection is broken due to the lightning strike! Gryffen is okay today and happily off to school.

We are about to get temperatures of 40 plus for at least the next week so not looking forward to that! I won't be going to the gym in my lunch break - far too hot! I'll see how I go after work.....

Shadow was good this morning and slept until the alarm went off at 7am - much more civilised!

Anyhow, break over and back to work!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

5:30 is such an uncivilised time to get up

when you are not a morning person! But when this is the reason, it's kinda hard to get too cranky.

Had my first day back at work yesterday after 2 weeks off - it went so fast! The girl that filled in for me did a good job so there wasn't a whole heap of stuff for me to get through which was great! The kids are going okay at school, the animals are doing good too. Touch wood, we haven't lost any more chickens to the heat and the young ones are growing well. The cats are catching mice outside (and wanting to bring them in to play with!) and the dogs are all good. Shadow is growing well - I just need to stop him chewing my furniture! Whenever we catch him we tell him 'no' and give him 'Piggy' - so far so good.

Just need to get the boys up to get ready for school - they do not like to get up in the morning but we need to leave by 8:05 so they are just going to have too! LOL I am getting through my sewing list too which feels good!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gryffen and Shadow

watching the DVD Muppet Treasure Island (I love that movie).

Boys are back at school......

and things are nearly back into a routine. I timed the run to get the boys to their 3 different schools and me to work by 9am - we will need to leave home at 8:05am each morning. Conrad needs to wait for about 15 to 20 minutes for his ride home in the afternoon after the final bell goes. Can't be helped - he is old enough to wait though and just talks to his friends whilst he is waiting.

All three boys had a great first day back at school (Gryffen started yesterday and likes his new teacher) - Conrad likes his new school and his very small class which is awesome! He is even looking forward to doing English! (They are doing World War I poetry.) Wolfstanus was happy with most of his teachers - there is one in particular he dislikes immensely but only has him for one lesson a fortnight so he said he can deal with that ;-)

Although the boys were back at school I had a very hectic day taking care of jobs I had to do in town - tomorrow will not be much better! I need to get a pink slip for my car tomorrow too - should pass for rego! I think I will go to the gym after I drop the kids off to kill time before I get the rego check - once it is done I can do my other bits and pieces of shopping and then head home. Should just have enough time to have lunch and clean the bathrooms before having to pick the kids up from school! LOL

The chicks have moved out of my bathroom tonight and into our new hen house - for more details and pictures head over to Chickadee Chirpings ;-)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gryffen got his birthday present 7 sleeps early

And this is him - Gryffen called him 'Shadow' because he follows him around everywhere! Shadow is a purebred tri-colour border collie. We did a 200km round trip tonight to get him and got home about 11pm!

Some of my animals

Scooby Doo at the dam.

Rex has found a new use for my sewing basket!

Busy, busy week!

Why is it holidays always seem to be busier? I guess it's because there are so many things to do! Much of my time has been taken up with the usual domestic things such as cleaning, washing cooking etc and sewing! I've only managed to play WoW twice so far ;-) I've got through a whole lot of things on my to do list but there are still a number of things to go.

Gryffen went back to school today - he was fine about going until he got there and then the nerves kicked in. It's hard to believe he is in Year 5! Conrad and Wolfstanus go back tomorrow - three different schools this year! Timing will be interesting with drop off in the mornings!

I've still been going to the gym - it's slowly working and I feel so much better! We've also been swimming in our dam every afternoon. We bought inflatable boats and they are so much fun - brings back memories from when I was a kid ;-)

Anyhow, off to do some more!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Well and truly hooked.........

which is so funny and great at the same time! Pete and T have been out in armour nearly every night having a play - and when they are not playing they are armouring! It's really nice to see them get so much enjoyment out of it!

Update on the week so far:
* Got some shopping done
* Got Pete's gambesson pieces almost quilted (need to finish today as he is getting armour pinch at the moment)
* Took the boys to see 'Bolt' yesterday - was really good! Conrad opted to stay home though.
* Chicks are doing really well - need to build them an outdoor cage though so they can start going outside for little bits, when it isn't too hot
* The teachers strike for next week is off - yay! This means I will actually be able to take the boys their first day of school now like planned!
* Going uniform shopping tomorrow for the boys and will take them out for lunch
* Working on boffer boats for Border War

Lots to do so off to have morning tea and get sewing this gambeson! I need to have it done by tonight so Pete can use it - then just have Conrad's to sew (it's already cut out)!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy 50th wedding anniversary!

To my parents in law - not many people can say they reach that milestone. Went out for a lovely dinner with the family to celebrate at a local Chinese Restaurant - then had black forest cake for dessert ;-) It was a lovely evening and one worth celebrating! Congratulations and best wishes to you both!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Three hours and fifty one minutes to go

but I am not counting! Don't get me wrong, I really like my job! It's just that I am really looking forward to spending a couple of weeks at home with the boys catching up on stuff 'cause boy have I got some stuff to catch up on! (Stuff is the buzz word this week - I will have to find the link that relates to stuff that set this whole stuff business off ;-) Thanks Dad!)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Air Con is one of the best inventions ever!

Have I mentioned I hate summer? Summer is the worst time of the year - I hate the heat. However, the funny thing is in my office I need to keep a spare jacket because it can get freezing in here! The problem is, when you go outside, the heat feels much worse because the temperature difference is so great! (Like 15 degrees inside and 42 degrees outside.) And I have to go out in it in about an hour *sigh*.

Didn't feel like doing much last night - heat making me feel bleh. Did the handsewing on Wolfstanus' gambeson which took about ten minutes, watched TV, traced gauntlet pattern pieces onto steel for T to cut out, cooked dinner, rescued a bearded lizard (actually Wolfstanus rescued it from Cleopatra the Cat - it was bleeding so we put it in an empty fish tank with some water for it to drink) and had to rescue it a second time from Rex the Cat who sat on top of the fish tank to see what was in it. I thought the poor lizard was going to die of heart failure the way he was trying to get away! The lizard survived the night, the bleeding had stopped fairly quickly, and it has been released down the paddock and has run off into the distance.

Had to put the lid on the chicks box this morning - two had 'jumped' out through the night so I was greeted by them at 7am when I went to the bathroom. It was kinda cute to say 'Okay, where are you?' and have them come running over chirping ;-) I cannot believe they will be two weeks old tomorrow! (And yes, they had left little presents on the floor I had to clean up.)

Work has quietened down a bit today which is nice - I can catch up on a few things. I need to do hand over tomorrow with the lady that will be acting in this position until the substantive is back on 27 January. I am so looking forward to my two weeks away from work even though I know it will be very busy!

Anyhow, back to it............