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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sometimes life sux.........

Feeling a little sad and reflective at the moment - I have a mountain of work to do but just need a few moments to release.

Had a bit of shock this week - a very close friend of mine has been betrayed by her husband in the worst possible way. Needless to say, they are now seperated. What do you say to someone in that awful situation? There is nothing anyone can say to make the hurt go away - I hope it will lesson in time but I suspect it will leave a scar. I don't think you can go through something like that and not be changed by it. Once the storm has gone, no matter how long it takes, we will look for that elusive silver lining. Not possible at the moment.........

Babe, know that we love you and are here to support you in whatever way you need. If that means you want some quiet time to yourself, let us know, if it means you want some company or someone to go *blah* too, then let me know. This is about you and what your needs are. My heart goes out to you and in time I hope you can move on to better things.

Warm fuzzy hugs...........

I count my blessings that my other half and I have been able to work through our difficult times and move on, it hasn't always been easy but we have come a long way. I guess that is part of the reason I feel so sad for my friend - that things didn't work out the same way for her. I'm going to stop now before I need to go for the tissue box......

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Well, the bug of doom has set in - aches and pains, headaches, sinus and a sore throat. P - you are sooooo in trouble! I can't afford the time off work and the feast and tourney are this weekend. Man - I can really do without this at the moment! I'm feeling so blah today - really don't want to be here - want to be in bed!

Need to get things sorted for the weekend - I've made a list, just need to get it together. Wolfstanus is going to help me make some boards up for games either tomorrow night or Saturday morning. On an updside - K & P are now coming to the feast - it will be their first SCA event. Huzzah!

Get Rex the kitty this afternoon - looking forward to that! It will be interesting to see how the other 2 cats go with him. Cleopatra will be okay - she was fine with Sylvester when we got him. Sylvester is about 21 months old now so it will be interesting to see what he makes of his new play mate. We will slowly introduce Rex to the dogs - he will be staying inside until he is about 6 months old anyway. The dogs are pretty good with the cats. Scrappy often sleeps on the verandah with Cleopatra and they are all very good together. It's more what poor Rex will make of 6 dogs! I'm sure they will be fine as long as we do things a little at a time......

Need to call into the RSPCA on the weekend sometime too to drop in our volunteer forms. The three boys and I are going to help out one Saturday a month. May work it up to 2 Saturdays but we will see how things go.

Back to filing.........

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Middle of the week update......

Hmmm, where do I start?
* Getting a head cold which is annoying - it has been toying with me a bit (I've been waiting for it to clear so I can get my flu needle) but it has advanced ever so slightly (doesn't help that work mates and others living with us have the flu!)
* Conrad's authorisation got returned to me cause one of the Marshals forgot to sign the form so now I have to try and get a signature on it. Will try and email him tonight to get a postal address....
* Getting a new kitty tomorrow for Wolfstanus! We picked him out at the RSPCA on Sunday - just needs to get the vet stuff done tomorrow and I will pick him up from the vet. Will have to post a picture of course!
* Still need to do the lacing holes on my yellow cotehardie before Saturday! If I don't get it done I'll just wear one of the others .
* Need to get Gryffen's device drawn up and submitted to Aminah.
* Need to practice play for Saturday night!
* Meeting with Aminah and her dad at lunch time today to sort out final stuff for feast on the weekend.
* Need to find CDs before the weekend!
* Now a level 51 hunter on WoW . Couldn't play last night though cause T and I were cleaning the house.
* Foot is okay - need to wear cam boot still but have thrown the crutches away! Huzzah! Next check up is 2 May. I've been walking around without the boot for a few hours at a time but it still gets very very painful and swells up. I moved it the wrong way last night with it just being strapped and my oh my, the pain was excrutiating. Guess I have a ways to go before it gets back to *normal*. Could be worse though!
* Really looking forward to the weekend to do some SCA stuff locally and catch up with friends.
* Need to get the Newsletter sorted out for May/June (seeing as I forgot about the March/April one).
* Started organising/planning for war weekend. I'd like to get a project plan and timeline sorted out in the next few weeks.
* Lots of SCA projects I want to do but event organising and life seems to take over!
* Need to complete my next shorthand assignment!
* Need to pick up Dylan's glasses this afternoon
* My new glasses should be ready in the next week I hope!

That should be enough for now..........

Friday, April 11, 2008

Eating sunflower seeds...

I am trying to eat a bit healthier (not that my diet is toooo bad)and I am trying sunflower seeds to avoid the temptation of chocolate and crisps at work. They are surprisingly tasty and I am enjoying them very much! I have eaten them 'in' things before but not on their own. I think they could become a habit! I am also trying to drink two bottles of water a day (600ml) on top of my normal supply of diet mineral water and a couple of cups of cinamon coffee (low fat of course). I am half way through my first bottle of water.........looking forward to being able to do some exercise again (i.e. going for a walk around our property) but I think that will still be some way off [sigh]. I'm still walking around in the cam boot and my ankle is still quite painful (I overbalanced yesterday when I didn't have the cam boot on and it swelled up a bit again), for the most part now I don't use the crutches anymore. I can drive again though which is definately a huge plus!
Went to the optometrist yesterday - expensive trip as usual! LOL Gryffen needs new lenses but for a good reason - his script is now too strong as his eyes have improved. He may even grow out of needing glasses which is great news! Wolfstanus does not need glasses however he does have a stigmatism developing, probably from knuckle-rubbing the eye due to allergies. I got to see the polops under his eye lid! OMG! My eyes have deteriorated slightly which means I need slightly stronger lenses - I opted for new frames this time too as I can't go for ten days without them (means I have a spare pair) and the frames are about 4 years old. I have gone for a purply colour which the boys helped me pick out. It was rather funny! I'd put a pair on and they would tell me either yes or no - the consensus was unanimous with the pair I ended up with! LOL Conrad wears glasses too but he had his visit last year. The three of us also had the photos taken of the back of our eyes to check the health of them too. We all have healthy eyes although not much pigmentation (which is the protection from light and burning) - means sunglasses and hats at all times when outdoors! The boys are good at wearing hats, but need to be better with sunglasses! They started today which is good. I can't go outside without sunnies as I have light sensitive eyes so I already wear mine all the time (including if I am a passenger at night - oncoming headlights kill me! This is why I avoid driving at night.)
The feast is only 8 days away so trying to get organised for that. Wolfstanus and I have started learning the play and getting props organised. I still need to finish lacing holes! Maybe on the weekend.....
Wolfstanus' cat went missing a couple of months ago - we hope to get him a kitty from the RSPCA this weekend.......

Monday, April 07, 2008

Can someone let me off the merry go round for a bit please?

Well, I guess today is just one of those days where everything goes wrong. In addition to the stuff that happened this morning, my niece (who lives with us) broke her leg this morning (so there are now two of us on crutches in the house), apparently she also broke the seat in my car (not sure how or what exactly) and I have just been told by the ankle specialist I can expect at least another 3 months of recovery time for my ankle, could be longer. He also feels I over did it on the weekend and I need to gradually stop using the crutches and cam boot and not go cold turkey (gobble, gobble). [sigh] Such is life - apparently there was a lot more bruising of the bones in my ankle than I was initially told. He also said the fracture although healing, won't be healed yet. At least one thing is he doesn't feel I need immediate surgery as it won't speed up the healing process - a plus I think. I'm so over it - nice glass of bourbon tonight methinks.......still, things could be worse! Nothing a good dose of laughter won't fix!

I hate Monday........

It's just been one of those days! T woke up to a flat tyre and a flat battery on the ute - not a great way to get up. (I had already left by this time for an 8 o'clock appointment with the physio.) Luckily my niece had my car to take the boys to school so T could get a lift into town to get a new battery. By this time, I found out I needed to go back onto my crutches so at least T could pick them up from home for me and get me a box of panadol.
So, recap..........went to work without my cam boot on Friday. It went okay but was a little tender by the evening. I didn't walk around much though. Have been doing my physio exercises (non weight bearing ones).
Saturday went without my cam boot - did the usual stuff, doing dishes, tidying up a little, washing, hanging washing out, supervised target archery and had a shoot myself. OMG - by 5 o'clock in a lot of pain. Put the cam boot back on, took panadeine forte and did not get much sleep that night. Had the cam boot on all day Sunday, still not much relief. Still not great today either. It has been 12 weeks today since I injured it [sigh]. The physio is trying to get me in to see the ankle specialist today (he only comes up from Sydney every 4 to 6 weeks) but it isn't looking good. If I can't get in to see him, I will see an Ortho on Thursday. I am sooooo over this! I know I just have to be patient and it will take time but it is so frustrating!
On other news, the Anniversary Feast has hardly any bookings and it is only 12 days away. I helped Aminah come up with a plan B so it will go ahead, even if it isn't in the original hoped for format. So many things contribute to this stuff - we are 400km away from our neighbouring groups, the price of fuel has skyrocketed compared to previous years, there is only a very tiny group here that participate, we live in a rural area where culturaly what we do is not cool - locals aren't really interested.....and the list goes on. Team that up with our event falls in between Festival and May Crown (which is in NZ this year) and you get the picture. Not only that, we need to keep in mind that people can't travel to our events for exactly the same reasons as we can't travel to theirs. Oh well, such is life.......we will still have fun. Haven't learned our play yet - not sure if we will. I suppose we should just in case....then there is also the war weekend which is only 4 months away! OMG - time to start organising!
Just a call from the hospital - I have an appointment with the ankle specialist in 45 minutes - I have been warned I could be there all day though!

Thursday, April 03, 2008


Supposed to be doing shorthand (4 assignments to go) but I am just SOOOOOO over it at the moment. I cannot get motivated at all. Did a few practice drills yesterday but can't get my head around it today. Work is reasonably busy. I hate getting up in the dark at the moment - it makes me feel so tired! Still don't know what is wrong with dad - the earliest he can get an ultrasound of his liver is on the 11th......too long (sigh).

Onto happier thoughts - organised target archery for this Saturday with an IKAC shoot. There will only be about half a dozen of us but that's okay. I cannot shoot though as I will be the only TAM there - oh well.

T has fixed the banner stands I broke just before Festival - you rock! Thanks! (And he hasn't killed me and is talking to me again so I guess that means I'm forgiven!)

Planning for the Radburne feast in a few weeks. Trying to organise something fun for people that will be there to participate in, something out of the ordinary singing and dancing. There have been some great suggestions on the list in response to my request for help - will go through them all this evening. I love the idea of the murder mystery though - that could be so much fun! Don't know that I have the time or skill to organise it though - we'll see.

Better do some more work!