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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Umm, another 6 months has gone by...

I tried to log in and post but couldn't remember my password :P Just goes to show you shouldn't leave it 6 months to post! LOL

Hmm, what has happened in the last 6 months:
* Number 3 son and I have continued riding lessons and now go twice a week - absolutely love it and we plan on getting our own horses (hopefully next year)
* I turned 40
* I completed a Statement of Attainment in Farm Planning (TAFE) which was really enjoyable
* The brand new chook house is completed and brilliant
* We got more chickens - Aracaunas, Dorkings and a couple of bantam Wyandottes
* I learned how to treat scaly leg mite (reminder to self - need to 'dip' the chickens again this weekend)
* Dogs and cats are doing well - just love them to pieces
* Number 2 son is now in Year 12 (OMG)
* Number 1 son is settling in to being an adult but still has to learn some things the hard way ;-)
* Parents are awesome and don't know what I would do without them!
* Had ups and downs, just like everyone else - is balanced though
* Love my job and appreciate the support of my boss and workmates
* Had to miss a couple of family birthdays due to illness and stuff - disappointing
* Stewarded Radburne War V - was great
* Stewarded November Crown - OMG - stressful, frustrating and very rewarding! LOL I think it will be a while before I consider doing anything like that again ;-)
* Was not planning on going to Festival next year but now having second thoughts :P Will decide by end of February.
* Not much left of SCA local group - still a few of us die hards around and a certain Noble Gnome who keeps the merriment and joy of the SCA alive :-)
* Number 3 son can authorise as banner bearer in February 2012 and husband wants me to get in armour too :P
* Going to have a very quiet Christmas again this year - just us and my parents I think. Will still be nice. Having a New Year's Eve party but don't think we will get any takers - still going to send out invites tho :P
* Despite the odd frustration that still crops up, have decided I am very content with my life :-)

Break over - back to work :-)

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