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Monday, April 18, 2011

Is it possible to be unmotivated and excited at the same time?

When it is with regard to two different things I guess it is! I am just having a coffee break at work and realising how unmotivated I am to be here today - I keep thinking about Festival! I really wish I had of taken all of this week off now - oh well, too late! I will just have to wait the three more sleeps! LOL I only have 2 hours left today, then Tuesday and Wednesday before the mad dash begins. Wednesday evening have to do the final grocery shop and then pack the trailer, ready to head off by 8am on Thursday! At least all the meat is bought and in the freezer!

I can't remember when I have been so excited about an event - I hope I am not building myself up for disappointment :P We have an awesome camping spot, lots of activities on, good group of us going (including Wolfstanus' girlfriend who is just lovely), I am not on crutches (bonus) and I am going to have a good time if it kills me (or the other half) LOL

The only down side is that I will miss my animals for the 5 days we are away - no purring kitty cat on the bed putting me to sleep :-( The dogs, cats and chickens are so much apart of our lives that I really do miss them when we go away (not that we go away that much).

Most of my sewing is done - I just need to finish the camica (gathering at the neckline and sleeves). I cannot thank my mum enough for all her help with the mountains of hemming etc she has done for me - I certainly could not have done this much sewing without her help.

Anyhow, back to payment vouchers :P

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