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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Only 2 more sleeps to go........

But who's counting? LOL

I have been more motivated today, especially now my wonderful manager has given me approval to have tomorrow as a rec day! Maybe I won't have anymore nightmares now about what goes wrong with pre-packing for Festival! LOL Me stressed, never! :P

Tidying up things at work this afternoon and then I have a whole week off - I am so looking forward to the break. I love camping and this Festival looks like it will be an exciting one. I have started lists of things to pack and a list for tomorrow. At least now we should get packed at a reasonable time as I will get the shopping done through the day and not after work ;-)

Young Gryffen has been a gem the last few days - he cleaned the house yesterday and has called this afternoon to see what he can do for me. It is so nice to have some help! Wolfstanus of course has spent this week socialising in town - can't say I blame him :P

Bought candles, citronella candles, cleaning gear, garbage bags and a big purple umbrella when I went for my walk today. A few more things to cross off the list!

Anyhow, back to work - lunch break is over. Better get a move on if I want to get away on time!

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